Totkv MocvseNew Fire Creek Folktales review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB

Totkv MocvseNew Fire Creek Folktales

summary Totkv MocvseNew Fire Creek Folktales

Major American Indian tribeIn 1915 Earnest Gouge was encouraged by ethnographer John Reed Swanton to record Creek legends and myths Gouge's manuscript lay in the National Anthropolog

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Ical Archives for eighty five years until two Creek speaking sisters Margaret McKane Mauldin and Juanita McGirt and linguist Jack B Martin began translating and editing the document I

Earnest Gouge ☆ 3 summary

Totkv MocvseNew Fire presents the work of Earnest Gouge an important early Creek Muskogee author and makes available for the first time in Creek and English the myths and legends of a

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