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The Master Mind of Mars Barsoom #6

Summary The Master Mind of Mars Barsoom #6

R's ghoulish trade in living bodies drove him to rebellion Then to save the body o “The Master Mind of Mars” by Edgar Rice Burroughs is the sixth book in the Barsoom series Burroughs moves further away from John Carter by introducing a new hero Ulysses Paxton who uses his Martian name Vad Varo for most of the book Ulysses is a much different hero than John Carter or for that matter Cathoris or Thuvia from “Thuvia Maid of Mars” or Gahan of Gathol or Tara of Helium from “The Chessmen of Mars” Ulysses’s connection with John Carter is that when on Earth he read the stories of John Carter and believed them to be real The difference is that unlike those who came before UlyssesVlad does not have the skill in hand to hand combat that they possessed This was a very smart move by Burroughs for what would be the point of making yet another great warrior to repeat the epic adventures which already exist in the series Instead the story has a much different feel smaller in scope and yet just as absorbingUlysses is a soldier in World War I and when he becomes wounded and stranded on the battlefield he uses the force of his mind to transport himself to Mars Not surprisingly though severely wounded as Ulysses on Earth Vad finds his body whole and healthy on Mars The first person Vad meets on Mars is Ras Thavas aka “The Master Mind” When circumstances result in Vad’s saving Ras he is taken on as a trusted servant and bodyguard Ras shows Vad medical techniues far in advanced of those which exist on Earth and Vad learns uickly One key difference though is that Ras has no moral conscience though he often does very good things he is just as willing to do horrible things and when one of the horrible things is to give the body of Valla Dia to the evil Xaxa Vad realizes that he needs to do somethingThrough the course of the adventure Vad gains allies to work with and he is resolved to capture Xaxa and force the return of Valla Dia’s body Because of the help he has provided them in escaping from the sleeping storage of Ras’ lab his allies are willing to help and of course Vad is keen to help them achieve their goals as well Unlike the previous adventures there is no great evil in this story though Xaxa is fairly close to it Vad is not trying to kill those who oppose him but rather set things right with the woman he has fallen in love with as well as help his allies regain their lives John Carter is referred to in the letter which opens the story and he shows up in the last chapter so Burroughs maintains the connection to the rest of the series wellThis book ranks fairly high in the series for me I would consider “The Chessmen of Mars” which comes right before it to be superior but this one would rank very close to “A Princess of Mars” which opens the series Because of the key role “A Princess of Mars” plays in the series I would rank that one above “The Master Mind of Mars” as well but only slightly and I feel that this story is better than the rest While “The Gods of Mars” and “The Warlord of Mars” are good they do become a bit repetitious and neither one of them are complete in and of themselves “The Master Mind of Mars” does not have that problem as it can stand on its own as long as you are familiar with the setting of the series as a whole

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Former Earthman Ulysses Paxton served Barsoom's greatest scientist until his maste Ulysses Paxton fighting in World War I finds himself transported to Mars with no reason than John Carter though this goes briskly than in Princess He finds himself in the lair of Ras Thavas a slightly mad scientist who transplants organs including brains and can often revive the dead He has room after room of bodies suspended as if time did not passHe trains Paxton thinking that a man with nowhere to go is the most trustworthy he can find and knowing he needs someone to transplant his ownBut Paxton finds him aiding both the injured and the corrupt in particular selling the body of a stunning young woman to a ugly old jeddaka in stunning indifference to cruelty kindness money and anything else but knowledge When Paxton revives the ugly old jeddaka with the young woman's mind she can cope with the change observing that her beauty had its upside and its downside and even refuses transplantation into a body that is younger and healther because Ras Thavas might sell it But when Paxton demands as a price of operating on him that he restore her if Paxton brings back her original body he finds that Ras Thavas ordered her death and he restores her to suspensionBut he has his task before him The rest of the tale involves launching an unmanned flyer a young man assassinated so that a court favorite could woo his love a jeddak's popular nephew an apparent white ape that can talk and read an empty idol a promise technically fulfilled someone who aids him while believing his plan mad and much

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F the woman he loved he had to attack mighty Phundahl and its evil beautiful ruler This book introduces a new hero Ulysses Paxton a young soldier who finds himself on Mars after having his legs blown off in the trenches of WWI Ulysses finds himself working for a scientist in the business of buying beautiful bodies and performing brain transplants for the discontented rich Ulysses falls in love with a beautiful young girl whose body has unfortunately been sold to an evil ugly Empress and so he sets out to recover it for her and swap the two brains back into their rightful bodies He revives and enlists as allies other 3 victims for strategy a daring assassin with a heart of gold; for inside knowledge a warrior whose body has been assumed by the Empress's best friend and for muscle the body of a 4 armed great white ape with half a human brain Together they escape from the laboratory and have plenty of adventures together which end happily for everyone as well as giving Edgar Rice Burroughs another opportunity to explore the mind body relationship as he did in The Chessman of Mars and for his usual religion bashingEntertaining if a bit ghoulish

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Edgar Rice Burroughs was an American author best known for his creation of the jungle hero Tarzan and the heroic John Carter although he produced works in many genres

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