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The Art of the Hustle

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E When Trevor Morrison graduated high school he was desperate to find his purpose in life With a lack of money and viable options at his disposal he eagerly took advantage of the first opportunity to come his wayThe harsh realitie. This book had me h

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Self made billionaire Trevor Morrison recounts his life from being a poor kid from a small town to creating one of the largest companies in the world all before his 30th birthdayA true underdog tale is told in The Art of the Hustl. I knew that this b

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S of the world were soon revealed as people who he thought he could trust betrayed him The only thing that he could count on was his hustle – namely his wits and his insatiable desire to forge ahead despite a multitude of setbac. Edward Mullen is o Let God Guide You Daily revealed as people who he thought he could trust betrayed him The only thing that he could count on was his hustle – namely his wits and his insatiable desire to forge ahead despite a multitude of setbac. Edward Mullen is o

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    Am a bit confused with this book It's supposed to be a novel but doesn't read like one It came across like a typical rags to riches autobiography There are some basic pointers on how to achieve success but the hustle wasn't much of a revelation Still it was an easy enough read

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    Read this on Wattpad It's not the most inspirational dramatic romantic or even simply the most realistic and heart wrenching book I have ever read but it certainly was the most honest I have ever come across completely innocent but still intelligent writing with a good plot and characters I appreciate it

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    I knew that this book would be a 5 star Its very very very very good Before I knew ebooks I only use wattpad and I cannot finish some stories because they were terrible But it's only this book that made me want to read it again and again Love this book

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    Very well written book really enjoyed itgreat storyline recommend it

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    I love Edward Mullen's style He doesn't drag his sentences on for too long they are well planned and each of them are important threads which weave together to produce the fabric of the book He includes interesting details which make the book very immersive and the storyline is fresh and original I found this book to be a real page turner The main character Trevor is very admirable and it feels as if you are following him throughout his life watching his failures and successes Although it's a fictional book I felt as if I learnt alot from it I can safely say that it is one of my favourite fictional books so far

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    This book had me hooked from the beginning and it did not disappoint It was unpredictable and refreshing Each paragraph was either a shock or a pleasant surprise Most importantly it was highly inspiring It is inspiring because it almost feels like a real account which makes us believe that anything is possible Trevor might as well be a real person I am glad I came across this novel

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    Edward Mullen is one of the few authors whose works you simply cannot get enough of I stumbled upon this book by mistake and am very very happy to have found it The Art of the Hustle is a true masterpiece as are all the other books I have had the opportunity to read His works have inspired me to let my own stories be told whether through written text or spoken word and so I thank him Mr Mullen you have inspired and motivated a 14 year old girl and so thank you I can't wait for the Art of the Hustle 2 and Prodigy 3

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    The Art of the Hustle is among my favorite books I have ever read It is written in a first person perspective of a young kid who doesnt appear to have anything special about him but turns his misfortune into fortune I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in business entreprenuership hustle or needs motivation There are many great lessons throughout even though this is a fictional story It definitely inspired me to hustle

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    This was the first book I read from this author and it make a huge impact on my life I read it at the right time and it helped me get through some things so for that I thank you I've since read everything by this author and would love to read an art of the hustle seuel

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    I really had a wonderful experience with this novel It was just amazing

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