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  • Fever Author Elaine Overton
  • Elaine Overton
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  • 04 March 2018
  • 9781583147900

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Fever Author Elaine Overton

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Most powerful boss on the stripWhen the hottest pair of legs Ike had ever seen strolled into the Desert Rose and proceeded to cheat the night away Ike knew he was in trouble He sensed that

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Roxanne Sanchez was out to even the score with the Las Vegas casino owner who had duped her parents To do so she had to get past Ike Bancroft the sexy and ruthless head of security for the

Characters Fever Author Elaine Overton

Roxanne wasn't a pro so what was she doing there When he finally confronted her about her uick earnings she confessed But what she told him about his godfather turned Ike's world upside dow