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Astation of miscarriage in an effort to help women grieve and in time to think theologically about pregnancy loss Barrett also offers some much neede I picked this

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United Methodist pastor Elise Erikson Barrett draws on her own painful experiences as well as on interviews with others who have gone through the dev I'm not sure

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D practical advice about breaking the news to others coping with insensitive comments and grieving what is often a private loss unmarked by the world I found this

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    This book focuses specifically on miscarriage rather than miscarriage and other pregnancy losses The author Elise Barrett is a United Methodist pastor who has experienced multiple early pregnancy losses She combines her personal story with research and testimonies from others Barrett offers solid theology as well as practical advice for how to grieve and heal She also addresses some of the inappropriate things people say in response to a miscarriage ie It was just part of God's plan or You can have and how a person might politely respond There is one chapter on God and the church that would probably be most interesting to clergy or very involved Methodists but other than that this is an excellent resource The introduction was written by Phyllis Tickle who suffered multiple miscarriages of her own

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    A beautiful read—balm for the soul

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    I'm not sure I agree with everything theologically but I thought it was a good book that I could relate to on a personal level I liked how it had reflection uestions at the end and thought it was healthy to really think those through I feel like even those who have not had miscarriages should read the last few chapters at least to know how to respond in a meaningful way to someone in their life who has had a miscarriage

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    The first book I read on miscarriage from a christian perspective Meaningful and purposeful this book was a gift to me in a very difficult season of life

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    Highly recommend for miscarriage grief and support I loved the reflection uestions and exercises It was also the only book I read that had ideas for memorial actsservices for the baby

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    I picked this up because two friends have miscarried in the last month and I hoped there might be something here that would help me help themsomehow if only to buy them the book I think the book is very well done Barrett writes movingly of her own miscarriage and of struggling with her grief and the bone headed yet well meaning comments from her fellow seminarians In addition to interviews with other women she provides information about the emotional spiritual and physical changes that occur throughout and a host of resources for yet information Each chapter ends with some reflection uestions which she suggests for journalling if you're the sort of person who finds journalling to be helpful Throughout the book her tone is one of gentle respect for whatever a woman and her family's experience has been without pretending to hold all the answers or judge anyone else's experience She doesn't shy away from uestions such as Why God? even when she can't answer the uestionNot rated five stars only because this isn't an experience I've had so I don't feel ualified to judge the helpfulness of the book

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    Beautifully written This book explores the grief and pain both physical emotional of miscarriage through multiple viewpoints of different women as each experience is uniue And reminds us gently that even in the worst of it all God is with us and we are not alone Highly recommend this book to women who have experienced a miscarriage and to those who love them want to gain an understanding

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    I was worried when my cousin gave me this book that it would be too religious for me Yes I believe in God but was feeling lost in my grief and honestly I was uestioning my faith in God after our loss Though I didn't relate to everything in this book I related to than I originally thought I would when I finally started to read it and answer the reflection uestions I've also begun to say a prayer shared in the resources chapter at night to help with my healing

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    I found this book extremely helpful and comforting I would recommend it to anyone who has experienced a miscarriage or anyone who wants to better understand how to help a friend who has gone through this

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    a critical book for well for everyone whether you know it or not you know someone who has suffered a miscarriage this book presented a compassionate perspective for those who have lost their unborn children and it also helps those who haven't develop genuine compassion for those who have