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Boogie Bones

Free read Boogie Bones

Boogie Bones loves to dance and he longs to show his stuff outside the graveyard gates One night the wind brings him a flyer that reads Dance Contest Saturday Come one come all to the Town Hall Boogie Bones a jaunty and high spirited skeleton longs to show off his smooth moves on the dance floor But will he have the guts pun intended to be true to himself and do what he loves This picture book has a nice message and is a non scary story so it’s perfect for children who enjoy Halloween elements but not the scary stuff A fun read with a great use of language; it’s written with idioms metaphors similes and some advanced vocabulary

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Ie is a dancer to watch When the band strikes up the music of the tango he sways he taps his toes he twitches his hips But what will happen when a skeleton dares to shake a leg on the dance flo I loved this story of acceptance trying new things and being who you are The illustrations were adorable as well For the advanced grade school reader Informal Work Talks and Teachings you are The illustrations were adorable as well For the advanced grade school reader

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Prizes Music Romance Even though no skeleton has ever left the graveyard before Boogie hatches a plan that will take him to the dance contest and win him the trophy Make no bones about it Boog This book is about a skeleton who loves to dance He wants to dance at a party with people around but he cannot So he wears a disguise and it ends up falling of He gets scared but his dance partner accepts him for his creepiness and rolls with it I think it is a great book to have in the class library around Halloween time