The Bride's Bodyguard Free download Ô 104

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 352
  • The Bride's Bodyguard
  • Elizabeth Thornton
  • English
  • 25 September 2019
  • 9780553589238

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The Bride's Bodyguard

Elizabeth Thornton ´ 4 Free download

K to discover Trevenan's true purpose hired to escort her out of Paris and back to England he had sworn that he'd do anything to keep her safe even if he had to marry her to do it  Now finding herself a bride to a devastatingly attr. Four stars are only for male protagonist I read this book a considerable number of times just for him ReallyVery very strong and beautiful man I like it so muchHe knows what he wants knows how to get it that wants to know how things go Apparent calm fire and iceBeautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful I adore the granfather's Tess too He aunderstand all in 4 minutes Great old man

Summary å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Elizabeth Thornton

With his striking good looks Ross Trevenan was one of the most attractive men Tessa Lorimer had ever seen  But five minutes in his company convinced her he was the most arrogant infuriating man alive  That's why it was such a shoc. I liked the mystery parts of this book better than the romance The basic plot behind the romance is a murder mystery 4 girls go swimming one night one drowns supposedly accidentally but the girls have all died in 'accidents' that the parents do not acceptRoss Trevanan is helping his friend investigate one of the girls had been his wife Tessa Lorimer was supposed to be a witness but she has blanked it from her mind and has no recollection of the eventFearing that Tessa is in danger her dying grandfather places Tessa in Ross's care and the romance follows from thatI didn't see the chemistry between the pair really but then I didn't like Tessa very much so that's probably whyShe doesn't think things through acts too impulsively and annoyed me by her constant aggravation whatever Ross said she immediately accused him of lying and wouldn't trust him at allThe villain of the piece is a little obvious or at least was to me as soon as he was introduced I knew he'd turn out the bad guy and I was rightThe ending is dramatic and fast paced but doesn't make up for the rest so it's another one for eBay

Free download The Bride's Bodyguard

Active bodyguard seems hazardous than any other situation she could possibly encounter  Yet Tessa doesn't know that she holds the key to a mystery that Trevenan would sell his soul to solveand that a vicious murderer will kill to ke. Have re read The mystery is better than the romance

About the Author: Elizabeth Thornton

Mary Forrest George née Baxter was born and educated in Aberdeen Scotland where she taught school for a number of years before establishing her own nursery school St Swithin Street Nursery School an institution that is still going strong todayShe and her husband then emigrated to Canada with their three young sons She taught kindergarten and Grade One for a number of years in Winnipeg Man