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  • 11 August 2019
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Catch My Fall Catch #1

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Mia Reeves faith trust and sense of security were all taken away in the blink of an eye In need of a fresh start she settles into a new town and begins to make a new life Tristan Chamberlain. DNFH has sex with OW after meeting and being attracted to h

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Has always kept girls at arm's length and he has no intention of changing He’s caring smart handsome but he’s also dealing with a lifetime of guilt that’s slowly but surely destroying. Get it onARC received in exchange for an honest reviewBlog Tour Oct 15 Oct 23Catch My Fall is a story of redefining yourself making life choices and the unuenchable need of love trust and frienshipThe story not only breaks your heart a little but makes you wonder about the conseuences our choices bring even the smallest onesMia and Tristan are both college students with somewhat harsh experiencesThey manage to go through everyday life with two totally different attitudes but as it goes with differences they bring people togetherAlone we can do so little; together we can do so much Hellen KellerLove does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction Antoine de Saint Exupery I'd recommend this book to all fans of Beatiful Disaster or Fear of FallingTeaser The two of us huddled together over the table as we turned all of the pieces right side up and separated out all of the border pieces From time to time our arms brush together something that was I enjoying far too much He smelled amazing so good that it made me ache to touch a lot than just his arm Our heads were close together in our position over the table and it was making me a little okay a lot crazy to be so close to him I wasn’t focusing on the puzzle at all and my hands had stopped trying to assemble the border Turning his head to me he opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out We were eye to eye staring at each other the silence trapped between usI saw him leaning closer as his hands came up to cup my face and I didn’t pull away or try to stop him For the first time in my entire life I really really wanted to be kissed It’s not like I’ve never been kissed before; clearly I have But when you’re the child of someone who got pregnant in high school you get a lot of safety lectures Add to that the fact that my father has never missed an opportunity to espouse what a selfish and manipulative person my mother is for ‘trapping’ him and what a ‘burden’ her ‘tricks’ had been for him and I think it’s clear to see why I steered away from intimacy in high school like it was my jobTristan’s lips covered mine gently as he started softly before deepening the kiss When we turned to face each other fully I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and ran my fingers through his hair He tasted better than I could ever have imagined and he kissed me like he had a cheat sheet for what would make me feel the best I’ve never been kissed so passionately or held as if I really matter to someone Tristan cradled me in his arms like I was precious to himWe pulled apart at the same time a few minutes later and because he didn’t let me go I didn’t let him go either We stared at each other in silence for a few moments and I smiled shyly at him even as I felt a blush steal across from my faceHe smiled back at me as he continued to stare at me with a look of confusion as the seconds passed before he spoke “Holy Hell Mia You make me feel I don’t even know Different”That’s like the pot calling the kettle black The way I feel around Tristan is entirely new “Right back at you” I said uietlyShort PlaylistBlack Eyed PlaceboThe Fitted Shirt SpoonRight As Rain AdeleCold Shoulder Adele

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HimSometimes what you run from is the one thing that will save youSeparately they’re both free falling Together they’re about to find that love can create the strongest safety net of al. 35 4 stars Arc provided by author in exchange for an honest review I really enjoyed Mia MiMi and Tristan's Stan story Mia escapes a traumatic experience a neglectful bastard of a father and a terrible stepbrother and begins her new life in a new town attending college It is where she meets a very handsome sexy Tristan who holds secrets in his past as well Their love story is sweet despite all the sadness that has tainted both of their lives I felt heartbroken and tearful they both experienced great pain so early in life I loved the way they conuered their unfortunate circumstances and proved the love does mend the heartI wanted to see interaction between these two love birds The love scenes were delicious but I craved of the getting to know you part of the story Although the story is dark there were times that these two make to laugh I am looking forward to reading the next installment in this series

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