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Ting spirit Thorn fears his growing desire for Sophia could jeopardize the mission And when Sophia's captors finally catch up to them will Thorn trade his own life for another 2 books for the price of 1 Killer Body also included in this boo. Previewed the book in another series and loved the character Sofia She had guts and spunk and loved that Thorn met his match in her Our one true love may not always remain for reasons beyond our control but it doesn't mean you have to stop living Rituals of Pleasure you have to stop living

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An expectant mother's protection is a cowboy's promise in Elle James's Covert Cowboys Inc miniseriesThorn Drennan stares death in the face when he's nearly shot by a ranch trespasser But this is no ordinary trespasser Pregnant and running f. A nice suspense story with a lot of action The bad part is Elle James doesn't give a good explanation about why Covert Cowboys Inc was started Without that I had to deduct a point

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Or her life Sophia Carranza has crossed the Mexican border leaving a trail of ruthless enemies behindSophia's protection is Thorn's first assignment as an undercover agent and he senses trouble Inexplicably drawn to Sophia's beauty and figh. In James’ romantic suspense novel former FBI operative Thorn Drennan is almost shot by a trespasser Pregnant and running for her life Sophia Carranza has just crossed the Mexican border with ruthless enemies in hot pursuit Sophia’s protection is Thorn’s first assignment as an undercover agent and his instincts are on high alert Thrown together desire sparks leaving Thorn to wonder if it will jeopardize the mission or will he willingly trade his life for hersA strong addition to the Covert Cowboys Inc series