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Six Minutes to Midnight

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Rmy specialist Kinsley Anderson and Agar her IED detecting dog When they’re shot at and nearly blown up T Mac admires Kinsley’s ability to hold her own On the run from terrori. Setting Djibouti Camp Lemonnier Kinsey is in Army and handler of Agar MWD Military Working Dog Trace McGuire is SEAL about to be back in US in 4 days with his team 35 stars could not read word by word Nice wrap up where all the team is mentioned in the epilogue and each has found his lady

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He’s a navy SEAL who’s highly trained for any assignmentSo why can’t he resist the woman he’s vowed to protect Navy SEAL “T Mac” Trace McGuire is assigned to protect a. I've loved this series about a team of Navy SEALs on deployment at Camp Lemonnier in the African country of Djibouti This is the last book in the series and Trace McGuire T Mac is the last unattached man on the Team Everyone else has paired off and can't wait for the deployment to end T Mac only sees changes ahead and is not looking forward themWith four days left in the deployment the Team is assigned to infiltrate a terrorist camp This time they are paired with Army Specialist Kinsley Anderson and Agar her IED detecting dog T Mac is assigned to protect her The mission goes sideways and it is apparent that there is an information leak On another mission T Mac and Kinsley end up separated and on the run from the terrorists So much for the non fraternization order

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Sts T Mac is trained to ensure their safety and survival in the African desert He’s prepared for every scenario but one falling for the woman whose life is in his handsMission S. I really enjoyed this story The characters were great and I loved that the heroine was a military dog handler There was plenty of action and intrigue to keep me entertained and engaged throughout the whole story It flowed nice and smooth and so didn't feel like it was super long Once I started reading it I wanted to continue until I found out everything that was going on We know pretty uickly that there is a traitor on the base but not who it is I liked how Kinsley handled herself and the situations that she found herself in It was great to see T Mac again as well and see him find his happily ever after He had been trying to avoid it but once he runs into Agar and Kinsley it's over He tries to deny it for a short while because of the no fraternization rule but it's just not possible The sex is fairly explicit and it is blended into the story well There's not a lot of it as the situation they are in just doesn't allow for that I really enjoyed the story and the little bit of extra that we get about all of the teammates at the very end of the book This book is the 6th in the series but it can be read as a standalone easilyI voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book

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Award winning author Elle James grew up as an air force military brat She received her work ethic from her rock solid father her creative streak from her artistic mother and inspiration from her writing partner and sister Delilah Devlin As a former member of the army reserves and a current member of the air force reserves she's traveled across the United States and to Germany managed a full

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