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Dark Redemption The Darkness Chronicles #2

Summary Dark Redemption The Darkness Chronicles #2

Or control Kate wants nothing than to redeem herself of past transgressions and to build a life with the man she loves But the demon within her grows stronger everyday and she’s out for bloodWerewolf Dominic Ridolfi is an exiled traitor disavowed for his love of the vampire heiress Though hunted by vampires and werewolves alike Dominic and Kate carve out a life together on the run Dominic will stop at nothing to protect his mate from their world but remains powerless to protect her from the darkness within Will his love for the Caccia. This is Elle's best one yet This novel kept me on the edge of my chair wondering

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One woman torn between warring halves of a shattered psyche Two men determined to possess her An enmity so deep it has the power to destroy In a world of passion heartbreak and revenge boundaries will be crossed but one uestion remains How far will each go for redemption As prophesied heiress to the Cacciatori vampire dynasty Kate Murdock is destined to free her kind from the curse of darkness But Kate wants no part of her dark heritage Her resistance to the darkness within divides her consciousness the two halves of her mind battling f. I'm SO excited to share of Kate and Dominic's story with you Deathgame (Hardy Boys: Casefiles, you

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Tori heiress be enough to redeem their souls Or will darkness consume them bothCaptain of the vampire royal guard Alexander Ambrogio had the world at his feet and the Cacciatori heiress on his arm Until one misjudgment took it all away Renounced for his failure to protect his charge Alexander is offered a final chance for redemption return the missing heiress alive and all will be forgiven His resolve to restore Kate to her rightful place is surpassed only by his hunger for vengeance against the werewolf who stole her Redemption is comi. What a book just love Kate and Dominic even This book is so exciting and amazing

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