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Ff balance and even determined not to take no for an answer Either for that interview or another chance to find out if he always goes commandoOne minute Becker is making it plain his answer is no The next he s using the only weapon at hand to calm her confined space panic attack a kiss And caving in to a fierce unexpected need that wasn t even on his radar Long term Hell no not after the divorce that just sp. TOTAL hotness I just gobbled this one up It's only 60 pages or so but somehow it felt longer in a good way I swear Elle Kennedy does better with these novellas rather than a full length book she adds just enough backstory plot and character development to go with all the sizzling sex scenes and things move fast fast fast And OMG her heroes are masters of the dirty talk whewThis one is #4 in her Out Of Uniform series which features Navy SEALs based in San Diego The plot of this story revolves around 32 year old Lieutenant Thomas Becker the new leader of legendary SEAL Team Fifteen Becker as unfortunately he is calledI had trouble getting the image of Ted Danson out of my head is new to the team and to California having moved west for his ambitious model wife Alice's career six months ago Two months after the move the marriage finally came apart after 14 years together Becker realized they didn't want the same things Becker was ready to settle down with a stay at home wife and a couple of kids Alice was all about doing anything to advance her career Becker vows the next woman he gets involved with will be the total opposite of the self absorbed AliceBecker is recently back from a mission where he and his team rescued a famous female photographer being held hostage by some Colombian rebels Now the woman's sister 28 year old curvy red head Jane Harrison who's a journalist would like an interview with Becker to include in a feature story about her sister's rescue Becker turns her down flat he likes to keep a low profile but is verry attracted to the voluptuous beauty with her blunt talk and sassy waysnot to mention her obvious physical attributes But she's a carreer gal like Alice so what's the point of starting something that will go nowhereWhen Jane first lays eyes on Beckershe can't help but drool He may have average attractive features but it's his ripped body that makes her heart flutter When he refuses her interview reuest she's irked but decides to respect his wishes Then they end up on the same elevator together which breaks downand Jane is claustrophobicand Becker must do something to distract the panicking Janeso they kissand the kiss leads to some hot sex in the elevatorwhich stuns both of them Jane is ready to see where this could lead but Becker is still reluctant After all Jane is just another Alice right And he's not ready to have another relationship yet But he sure did enjoy JaneHmmJane's only going to be in town for one week and she's very willing to spend her time under the sheets with the sexy Becker what can it hurt if they keep this casual Unlessthey happen to fall in loveThis was one steamy read If you like heroes who excel at dirty talk and deeds you'll love this one The outgoing Jane and the reservedloner Becker were total opposites yet somehow they worked And their sex life was off the charts The only thing they had to overcome was Becker's insistence on comparingeuating Jane to his ex wife It took Becker a while to open up his eyes and see that Jane was the perfect compliment to him but once he did you knew this couple was going to have one passion filled life ahead of themI ended up liking both Jane and Becker It was a bit unusual that Jane was the dominant of the two she was bold and outspoken and not afraid to make the first move and Becker happily followed And of course he had no problem taking control once they were in the bedroomA well done addition to EK's SEALs series it was extra spicy hot with some likable characters appearancesupdates of past characters in the series and a mostly believable storyline If you've read and enjoyed the first three in the series you're sure to enjoy this one too This one might be my favorite of the bunch so far it certainly lives up to its title 5 stars Warning This book contains explicit sex oral and anal; an imagined ménage; and lots and lots of dirty talk Not for the faint of heart

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It him out But a fling with the redheaded reporter with a brutally honest mouth and a body made for sin Abso effing lutelyTrouble is when the week is over she isn t even close to being out of his system Warning Contents under pressure Hot elevator sex a redhead who knows exactly what she wants and a Navy SEAL who can t help but give it to her May cause spontaneous combustion Be sure to fan yourself freuently. I really really want to give this book than 3 stars because Elle Kennedy's writing is simply divine As always But when the plot is already strong the characters are not so much I'm so mad at Beck I mean seriously He's a big bad soldier yet he's afraid of taking chances Sure he was scarred but I just dislike his cowardliness And Jane's attitude is a wee bit confusing She's the black sheep of the family so is she Distant with her family Or not The lack of details made me not really connected with this book But overall I enjoyed this book and I look forward to read from Elle Kennedy

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Letting her into his life is not an option Letting her go impossibleOut of Uniform Book 4One look at Thomas Becker s seriously ripped body and Jane Harrison is having trouble remembering why she tracked down the Navy SEAL Oh yes that hot scoop for her magazine Instead they get trapped in an elevator together and she gets sizzling hot sexAfter the delicious encounter is over Becker s out of there she s left o. Lieutenant Thomas Becker the new leader of legendary SEAL Team Fifteen Is not a very social beingrather he keeps to himselfyou know those loner and silent types But wowwho would have guessed that under that hot ripped sexy body oohan intense and passionate manJane Harrison is a woman I totally identify with She’s gorgeousof coursesexy smart career orientated and bold and totally up frontAbsolute total opposites right Would one ever think that these two would connect Here’s a guy who has just divorced his very career minded wife and a woman who just happens to be totally into her career as a journalistwhy would he want to meet up with the same type of woman that he has just escaped fromAllright she’s a gorgeous and intelligent and sexy woman who happens to turn him on the first time they meet and okay he can’t resist the intense and hot encounter whilst stranded with her in an elevatorwhat a luck that they were the only ones insideyou see opportunity knocks when you lesst expect it No definitely noyes that’s exactly what he tells Jane when she propositions himno I did not get it wrongthey had the passionate “moment”he said NOafter that Jane does not believe in NO See why she’s such a fab woman She perseveres and does not give up on this gorgeous specimen Naturally she gets into his head and into other placesso okay he will just have some fun with her get her out of his system and have some wild and hot sex and then move on to finding his “right” kind of woman The dialogue is witty and sparkles and you can’t help having a smile on your face as you follow these two lovable characters on their little “trip” of discovery In the end Jane might be that strong and dominant one but does Becker show her who the master is in the bedroom Raw hot and so sexy And how great to see of the characters from the previous storiesthe guys are still giving advice to their teammates and their women have also now become members of the advice giving groupCarson and Holly have experience so why not share some good tipsSo why were you stir crazy Did you get in a fight with that sexy as sin redhead you were with the other dayNot really He gave a noncommittal shrugThen why the hell aren't you with herHolly suddenly poked her head into the living room With who she said looking super interestedAre you gossiping If so I want to know everythingI'm giving the Lieutenant love advice babe Mind your own businessOh God she said with a groan Thomas don't listen to him He's terrible at giving adviceBecker found himself grinning as Holly bounced back into the room her green eyes flashing with curiosity She flopped down on the armchair across from the couch leaned forward and narrowed her eyes at Becker Okay tell me everything I'm much better at this kind of thing Who is sheI am truly immersed into this series and this is one great book

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A New York Times USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Elle Kennedy grew up in the suburbs of Toronto Ontario and holds a BA in English from York University From an early age she knew she wanted to be a writer and actively began pursuing that dream when she was a teenagerElle currently writes for various publishers She loves strong heroines and sexy alpha heroes and just

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