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  • Paperback
  • 254
  • A Small Sacrifice A Jane Lawless Mystery
  • Ellen Hart
  • English
  • 11 February 2019
  • 9780345391131

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A Small Sacrifice A Jane Lawless Mystery

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Ed chase As in all of Hart's well written fast paced novels motives abound clues appear and disappear and suspects seem alternately harmless and menacing A SMALL SACRIFICE is another entertaining addition to Hart's collection Lambda Book ReportHart tells the story of this fateful reunion with deep compassion strong psychological insight bravura wit and a clever plot Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazin. Ellen Hart is an AWESOME author and the Jane Lawless mysteries are fabulous reads one by one I hate that in the bookstores these are pigeonholed under GLBT they really need to be in the mystery section so mystery booklovers can discover these stories Jane Lawless is a pretty awesome protagonist and the dramatic Cordelia the funniest and most formidable sidekick EVER Highly recommend


A SMART AND SHOCKING THRILLER The Minnesota DailyWhen Cordelia Thorn ventures to Summer Green Wisconsin for a reunion with some old college friends she finds trouble in paradise Twenty plus years have definitely changed things Soap opera star Diana has become an alcoholic Curt and Annie's marriage is falling apart Orson is hostile and surly And Theo the most passionate of them all suddenly dies of. This volume was focused on Cordelia and her former college friendsI found the change of POV interestingThe mystery was okay the resolution of the suspense better than the other volumes but Anyway4 stars

REVIEW A Small Sacrifice A Jane Lawless Mystery

An apparent heart attackAlarmed Cordelia sends for her old friend Jane Lawless to do some uiet snooping Together they follow their hunches into the not so carefree past and back to the troubled present where they find a single match could blow up all their lives Cordelia and Jane are at their wise cracking risk taking best as they tail suspects stake out a sleazy motel and burn rubber in a high spe. #5 Jane Lawless mystery featuring the lesbian restaurateur from Minneapolis In this book Jane's friend Cordelia figures heavily as it involves a group of theatre friends Cordelia has known since college days The first part of the book takes place in 1972 to provide the backstory and then moves to 1994 when the book was written at a reunion of the group Diana the member who made it the biggest has bought an old church in a small town in Wisconsin and rehabilitated it into a theatre The problem is Diana needs a bit of rehab herself her lifelong love of alcohol has fried her liver and her physician has given her only a year to live if she doesn't reform Orson another of the group contacts all the former members and proposes that they do an intervention with the help of a trained psychiatrist and get her into a rehab programCordelia agrees somewhat reluctantly to participate putting her own rehearsal schedule in her assistant's hands for a few days to attend the grand opening of the theatre after which the intervention is to occur When another of the group Theo ends up dead before that can happen Cordelia calls Jane who knows most of the group members if only slightly and given her past sleuthing history asks her to come up and poke her nose in it's being called a heart attack but seems very suspicious I was a little puzzled by the relationship between these group members they are touted as the best of friends but almost all of the relationships within them as well as the group dynamic itself was very negative and stormy with a lot prickliness and aggravation than friendship displayed I can't imagine wanting to willingly be part of such a group Of course a group that made nice and was happy and without conflict wouldn't have made much of a story and there wouldn't be a reason for murder I guess but all that tension got hard to read about after awhile The mystery itself couldn't really be figured out until later in the book when the clues started dropping although I did make some fairly reasonable guesses early on I like these characters but this wasn't my favorite in the series hope that Jane is back at the forefront in the next book B

About the Author: Ellen Hart

Ellen Hart is the author of twenty eight crime novels in two different series She is a five time winner of the Lambda Literary Award for Best Lesbian Mystery a three time winner of the Minnesota Book Award for Best Popular Fiction a three time winner of the Golden Crown Literary Award in several categories a recipient of the Alice B Medal and was made an official GLBT Literary Saint at the Sa