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    The description of the book made by AG Daniells is overwhelming„A great blessing would come to our people from reading the book Its name The Everlasting Covenant suggests its scope It leads us to the very heart of the great Gospel of Christ It strikes that great key note of the Reformation; namely justification by faith It shows weakness and folly of the covenant of works The book really deals with the great uestion that so agitated our people at Minneapolis and so far as I know is the only Masterpiece that has been written on this subject since the Minneapolis meeting Much has been written on this subject for our papers by Sister White Brother Waggoner Brother Jones and Brother Wilcox but The Everlasting Covenant is the only large work dealing with the great theme that has been produced I believe we are doing our people a positive injury by keeping light away from them They are not reading on this subject and ministers in whom they suppose they should have confidence are giving them error and darkness for truth and light There is no uestion about this Some of them are strongly arrayed on the side of those who opposed the light at Minneapolis It is a fact that some of our younger ministers are not free to preach righteousness by faith as fully as they desire to They have told me this I am deeply convinced that something ought to be done to place a flood of light in the homes of our people I know of no better book to do this outside of the Bible than Brother Waggoner's book Letter to W C White May 12 1902

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The Everlasting Covenant God's Promises to Us

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Hrough the Bible God's everlasting covenant This book is the culmination of years of study by Waggoner on the Everlasting Covenan.

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While at a campmeeting the author had a vision of Christ crucified before me and to mewas revealed for the first time in my life.

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The fact taht God loved me and that Christ gave Himself for me personally It was all for me According to Waggoner one line runs t.