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    The Society of Secretkeepers Field Guide is a fun and entertaining training manual made especially for those who vow to protect and honor the traditions truths and values for generations to comeThis training manual was created for those who discover that the seasonal magic such as Santa and the Easter Bunny are made possible due to the kindness of others Through activities and stories children who outgrow their belief in seasonal characters learn how to keep the secret and carry on the tradition for othersPictureThis is such a wonderful kit for children especially those who have younger siblings The field guide is a fun way for older children to help carry on the tradition while engaging them in a cool secret society The kit includes a field guide society token bookmark agent in training letter and carrying bag I highly recommend picking up The Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers Field Guide Kit

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The Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers

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E clandestine world of seasonal secretkeeping becoming an Agent for this age old secret society First new Agents are inducted into the Secret Society encouraged to embrace their new role Then they.

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Explore their own family traditions and beliefs in the Book of Ancient Secrets Agents then go through Agent Training a series of fun upbeat activities before finally completing five secret missions.

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The Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers is a field guide to usher children through the rite of passage of learning the truth about Santa Claus the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy The child enters th.