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They Walk Among Us

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Astonishing and compelling evidence that spirits can be made to appear in physical form and that everything supernatural can be explained by physics Putting forward the best evidence yet of life after death this book challenges the accepted ideas of exactly what humans are and what .

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Ing the incredible cases revealed here may provide conclusive proof of an afterlife Written in an accessible style this book takes the field of psychic study into the 21st century and will appeal to anyone with an open mind and an interest in alternative views of what occurs after deat.

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We become the moment after taking our final breaths Drawing on scientific research from the author's colleagues as well as her own recordings and eyewitness accounts and highlighting the phenomenon of materialization mediumship or spirits manifesting in solid forms in a séance sett.

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    After reading a couple of other reviews I waited for this book's arrival with keen anticipation only to find it truly awful Why? Well one hardly knows where to start but I'll try The book's author apparently has a PhD in religious experience but the utterly poor standard of scholarship demonstrated within beggars belief it's repetitious banal and full of `waffle' She devotes a 'whole 4 pages' to debunking Einstein's General Theory of Relativity primarily by invoking the work of a retired university lecturer in engineering called Ronald Pearson An example of the author's method of argument can be found at the end of Chapter 4 where she concludes that `the biggest argument that I can offer you in favour of there being an afterlife is that no scientist has yet proved that the afterlife does not exist' Well I can't recall any scientist proving that creatures called clangers don't live on a far away planet living happily on blue string soup fed to them by a soup dragon but it doesn't mean that they doThe whole thing has the feel of an offering from a well intentioned 16 year old trying to get good marks for her GCSE coursework How on Earth this ever got to be published is the real mystery the book certainly appears not to have been edited whole sections should have been excised not to mention the fact that it's also full of misspellings and gaps where words should have been in order for it to make at least some sort of sense To sum up it's tripe and does neither its author's cause nor the people whose work she claims to 'champion' any favours at all

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    Very interesting read and well researched