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Ing but they pale against the challenges of adolescence The fourteen year old must cope with constant bullying from his cousin and has just been surprised with a dangerous traditional rite of passageTor doesn't need problems but a chance encounter by the edge of a steep cliff pits him against the force behind the disappearances Tor has a chance to save erdwon skywon and feshwon alike but first he needs to surviv. Many thanks to Eric for the free copy of his book I was a bit confused at the beginning as I feel the characters were introduced too fast and I couldn't remember who was who but I definitely knew who was who by the end of the book as the characters were all memorable and possessed their own uirks and ways of speaking Tor was definitely my favourite character and I seem to have a big soft spot for Kama I loved the use of imagery and spent a while learning to write numbers in the Erdwon way

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An asteroid almost destroys life on earth erasing technology overnight The few survivors must adapt to survive a harsh new world and they do As the planet heals over millions of years humanity's descendants evolve into three distinct speciesThe erdwons are plains people sprinters with cheetah like legs and long tails for counterbalance The skywons are flyers split into the feudal dayflyers and the reclusive nigh. I was kindly gifted 'Origins Rising' from the author in exchange for an honest review38This book is a very original fun interesting read It centers around the evolution of humans and the different races that form after an asteroid almost destroys all life on earth There are the Erdwons the Skywons and the Feshwons each with a different way of living Different culture different beliefs and religion The characters are great Each has a very uniue name and personality In the beginning it was hard to remember who was who because their names are very differentuncommon and there are uite a lot of characters but it didn't take too long to learn The writing is very nice sort of old timey I think which is always fun It's part of what drew me in all the time Andreas' writing style and amount of detail that went into each scene made it very easy to picture the world in my head The inserted pictures were a great bonus The overall plot of this book is great and one I hadn't really read before It moves along at a nice pace and keeps you interested throughout One thing I noticed was that I couldn't help but picture 'The Croods' as I read so with that in mind I also couldn't help but feel this novel would be suitable for a younger crowd maybe somewhere between the ages 10 and 15 but anyone who does read it young or old will definitely appreciate it for what it has to offerAll in all this is a great debut novel from Eric Andreas and I hope there will be a second instalment

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Tflyers As for the feshwons they returned to the waterThree separate human species each with its own culture religious beliefs and internal politics nonetheless maintain an uneasy long standing peaceA mysterious force however threatens erdwon feshwon and skywon alike Erdwon clans are disappearing leaving no trace of their passing Something is taking thembut whyFor Tor a young erdwon the disappearances are troubl. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review When I read the blurb for Origins Rising I thought that here was a book unlike one that I had read before The plot wasn't one that has been done a hundred times over Humans were gone Evolved And in their place were 3 new races Erdwons Skywons Feshwons I thought the world building was excellent You could imagine that you were walking the plains with Tor and his clan or encountering the wildlife of this new evolved world I will say that I uickly gave up trying to figure out what the creatures that Tor came across were The book was very readable and moved at a good pace There was action throughout the book Not just all bunched up like some books tend to be And the characters were very relatable and likeable Tor is a boy becoming a young man He wants to have responsibility but still willing to play with the others when he can Himmel is a little spoiled and bratty in her dealings with Tor and Beryl But since she is a Skywon princess you can understand that she doesn't do it to be mean She has a good heart The Feshwons that we meet are very likeable also It took me a minute to get used to their dialect but it was easy to understand after that There weren't any characters that I didn't like that you weren't supposed to There were bad guys and they were just what you expected All in all this is a great book that I would definitely recommend to others My only complaint is that I wish there was I would love to know what happens to our Erdwon Skywon and Feshwon friends next Is it too soon to ask for a seuel Mr Andreas

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