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Olto in una serie di omicidi il cui marchio è uello inconfondibile dei Ninja Cercare di sconfiggerli diventa una uestione di vita o di morte I remember my older brother bought The Ninja by Eric Van Lustbader in the mid ‘80s and I pestered him to let me have it When he finally did let me read it I was blown away The titular subject may have become a bit of a cliché since with everything even turtles adopting it but I still think with the story’s broad international sweep and large cast of characters it is an exemplar of a particular kind of thriller When it was written international travel was nowhere near as accessible and this added to the glamour of the book for the reader Nearly all of Van Lustbader’s books of that period such as Shan Jian and Blackheart followed the pattern of having two interlinked stories from different time periods where Lustbader brought the reader back and forth between the two Later books in the Nicholas Linnear series featured overt fantasy like elements than Ninja but in that first book Nicholas Linnear was easily the eual of Jason Bourne Nicholai Hel from Shibumi and recently the likes Jack Reacher in terms of how lethal he was and how much of an enigma he presented I actually think The Ninja has aged better than virtually all of its contemporaries

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Nel Giappone medievale i Ninja erano una setta di killer spietati esperti di arti marziali e di pratiche di magia A loro venivano affidate mi I decided to read this book for two reasons The title grabbed my interest and I recognized the author as the guy who took over the Bourne franchise after Robert Ludlum's deathIt starts out promisingly with an intriguing assassination but from there switches gears to protagonist Nicholas Linnear who has just uit his job as an advertising executive watching a drowned corpse being pulled from the ocean near his house where he literally runs into his neighbor Justine The next scene they share together ends with this sentenceShe licked at his neck as he used his hands on her all over increasing her pleasure riding high within her and at the end when she found the tension almost unbearable when the sweat and the saliva ran down her arms and between her breasts pooling in her navel when his frictioning against her was so intense that it took on a kind of third dimension she used her inner muscles once twice heard him gasp felt herself balancing on the brink the thudding of their hearts heavy in her inner ear whispering to him Come darling come ohhh gasped out as she felt his probing finger slick with their mingled juices at the opening of her anus and lost all control filled with fire all the way up to her throatLet's set aside that this unwieldy chunk of text is one sentence that contains twenty commas Let's also make it clear that I am not a prude and have no problems with sex in literature But considering how little either of these characters are fleshed out at this juncture of the book why should I be emotionally invested in one of them shoving their finger up the other's asshole This book which I thought would appeal to my love of thrillers and Asian culture may appeal to females in my life that last read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy Wait never mind This book has archaic gender stereotypes as well as evidenced by this later interaction between Nick and JustineWithout thinking he slapped her The blow was hard enough so that she reeled backward against the wall Immediately his heart broke and he said her name softly and she came into his arms her open lips against the tendons of his neck her hot tears scalding his flesh; she stroked the back of his headHe picked her up and carried her to the rumpled bed and they made violent love for a very long timeI wonder if at some later juncture his hyper masculinity causes her to swoon But I'll never know as I can't bring myself to read any further than the 11% mark I am currently stuck at It's a shame because there could be a great thriller hiding in that other 89% but this story was ruined for me by this meaninglessly over sexualized beginningFull disclosure I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a review

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Ssioni e delitti incompatibili con il codice d'onore Nicholas Linnear metà inglese e metà orientale trasferitosi negli Stati Uniti è coinv This book right here is not for anyone born after 1975 It's wrong in so many ways it's 1980s through and through from Reagan America to our obsession with everything Japan Lustbader took that ShogunBushidoNinja obsession and ran with it on this Nicholas Linnear series and some of the other Asian based series that he wrote during this fertile period Having said all that I enjoyed this book

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