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St time his extended family A family gifted with the power of magic real magic exiled from their native Russia they now hide in plain sight among the neon lights of the Casino All members of the family are powerful magicians but Nick is uniue Nick has the sightthe ability to see into the past His gift is the only way to unravel the mystery of the Eternal Hourglass a magic artifa. Nick's idea of summer is a skateboard a cheeseburger to sleep in and goof off Boy was he wrong On his thirteenth birthday he is kidnapped by well meaning relatives placed into an accelerated training in performing magic tricks sword fighting and becomes an opening act at the Theater in the Winter Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas In this first installment in the The Magickeepers series there are nice links between Russian history historical figures like Houdini and Rasputin and plenty of magic At first I thought I would be put off by the stories location Las Vegas but surprisingly it didn't seem to bother me in the least The characters are what really drive the story Nick is easy to relate to and Isabella is spunky with a magical talent of talking with animals A story filled with a nice mix of magic mystery and suspense

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Ct so strong it can even stop time But the family's enemies will stop at nothing to get it Nick knows that he is in for the adventure of a lifetime if he survives The one and only Harry Houdini was killed for it the most powerful magicians have battled for centuries to retrieve it and even the Ancient Pharoahs feared its power What would you do for an hourglass that stopped time. I really liked the incorporation of the historical characters That was very interesting and fun to read However the rest of the book as I remember it was not uite as intriguing Kokoro: de wegen van het hart uite as intriguing

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Nick Rostov's life is borderline embarrassing His dad is well known as the worst magician in Las Vegas Nick hasn't had a real friend in years And his report card is not good at all One F Two Cs One B minus And an A In Health But on Nick's thirteenth birthday his life changes forever Awaking on the top floor of the world famous Winter Palace Hotel and Casino he meets for the fi r. In short order young Nick Rostov discovers that he possesses heretofore unsuspected magical powers and that he as the most powerful sprig of an impressive magical family tree is in great danger from his family’s enemiesThis is familiar magical territory but some refreshing new territory is introduced To teach him to use his magic – and to protect him from the dreaded Shadowkeepers – Nick is brought to the luxurious compound of his large and eccentric magical family who are all of Russian descent and uite proud of it And where is this compound located In the heart of Las Vegas although I’m not entirely sure Las Vegas has a heart in a fabulous hotel where the family stages a magic show that is so spectacular precisely because real magic is employed not just tricks and sleight of handBeing spirited away from his dad to live with a bunch of weird relatives being forced to eat strange food caviar blinis and borscht learning Russian and dodging creepy oily Shadows isn’t Nick’s idea of a great way to celebrate turning 13 However he does figure out a way to turn the tables on Rasputin the ultimate Bad Guy by preventing him from stealing a magical hourglass that would have given Rasputin untold power to do evilAlthough the setting is colorful and there is lots of potential in the idea of a magical Russian family preventing powerful treasures from getting into the wrong hands neither the writing nor the plot live up to the promise My uestions began almost at once when I wondered why Nick had to change schools all the time Sure his dad a mediocre magician kept losing jobs and so had to work at one seedy Las Vegas hotel to another but why did they have to live in each of these hotels rather than in a cheap apartment or with Nick’s grandfather another Las Vegas denizen And even so why would Nick need to change schools if all the hotels were located in or around the StripThese kinds of niggling uestions kept popping up over and over as I got deeper into the story Was it really likely that Nick would know nothing of his heritage or this huge family living just blocks away And wouldn’t have Rasputin and his minions cottoned onto Nick’s existence long ago And how could Nick have all this innate magical power and never have accidentally discovered it I was ready to thoroughly enjoy Nick’s Russian relatives but unfortunately they never came fully alive for me Even Nick doesn’t demonstrate much spark or curiosity – his magical skills leave him rather cold he does very little experimenting and he seems to have no interest in the only other person his age in the compound a girl named Isabella What was her childhood like Why aren’t there children When did she start learning magic And why on earth is this powerful family leading this rather pointless and shallow existence performing for a Las Vegas hotel when they could be out using their magic for the good of humanityThe author weaves historical figures and events into the story in a compelling way but there is simply not enough depth or richness to the characters or the plot to make this fantasy rise above the many other fantasies for young readers

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