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Fire Kissed Shadow Kissed #1

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Fire Kissed Shadow Kissed couk Erin Buy Fire Kissed Shadow Kissed by Erin Kellison ISBN from 's Book Store Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders Erin Kellison Books Fire Kissed ErinKellisoncom Fire Kissed Book one in the Shadow Kissed series Fae Fire It is Kaye Brand's power to wield But outcast from her kind she's been selling herself to the highest bidder money for her survival in exchange for a magic glimpse into the flames of the future Angel Ice One of the angelic Order Jack Bastian has no use for a female like Kaye as provocative and unexpected as her blazing beauty Fire Kissed The Shadow Kissed Series By Fire Kissed The Shadow Kissed Series By author Erin Kellison published on July Erin Kellison Books ca Fire Kissed uotes by Erin Kellison Goodreads uote from Fire Kissed Shadow Kissed ‘The trouble with being an angel on Earth was that he was still a man He got hungry He thirsted His lung Fire Kissed Shadow Kissed by Erin Kellison | Click to read about Fire Kissed Shadow Kissed by Erin Kellison LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers Fire Kissed Erin Kellison romrevtodaycom FIRE KISSED – Erin Kellison Shadow Kissed Series Book Zebra ISBN ISBN July Paranormal Romance Las Vegas Nevada and Washington DC – Present Day Fifteen year old Kaye Brand is promised in marriage to a powerful old man Ferro Grey Because she cannot call up fire she is not of value to her father and the shadow mages When she hears that kindle fire | specification | reviews | Fire Fire Kissed Shadow Kissed Erin Kellison on com FREE super saver shipping on ualifying offers Fire It is Kaye Brand's power to wield But outcast from Fire Kissed Shadow Kissed book by Erin Kellison Fire Kissed Shadow Kissed book by Erin Kellison book cover description publication his Kaye Brand is a mage with a dark past At age fifteen she was to mar Dom na Zanzibarze year old Kaye Brand is promised in marriage to a powerful old man Ferro Grey Because she cannot call up fire she is not of value to her father and the shadow mages When she hears that kindle fire | specification | reviews | Fire Fire Kissed Shadow Kissed Erin Kellison on com FREE super saver shipping on ualifying offers Fire It is Kaye Brand's power to wield But outcast from Fire Kissed Shadow Kissed book by Erin Kellison Fire Kissed Shadow Kissed book by Erin Kellison book cover description publication his Kaye Brand is a mage with a dark past At age fifteen she was to mar

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Adow Kissed book reviews author details and at in Free delivery on ualified orders Mina's Bookshelf FIRE KISSED Shadow by Erin FIRE KISSED Shadow by Erin Kellison Mass Market Paperback pages Published July rd by Zebra Genre urban fantasy Rating stars Angels otherworldly beings placed on Earth by The Order to guard and preserve the humankind and Mages soulless creatures endowed with magical powers are arch enemies The Angels began hunting down the Mages when they realized that some of the Fire Kissed Erin Kellison • BookLikes Wrong email address or username Back Send New to BookLikes Sign up PDF Download ☆ Fire Kissed | by ☆ Erin Kellison Fire Kissed It is Kaye Brand s power to wield But outcast from her kind she s been selling herself to the higest bidder money for her survival in exchange for a magic glimpse into the flames of the future Fire Kissed Erin Kellison Primary Menu Search for Fire Kissed Fire Kissed Sep PM Erin Kellison Fire Kissed It is Kaye Brand s power to wield But outcast from her kind Shadow | Girl kissed by fire Girl kissed by fire le blog d'une rouuine passionne de lecture de films de sries de cr et de tout un tas de choses farfelues Accder au contenu principal Un peu de tout un peu sur moi Prsentation Contactez moi; Ma Vie de libraire Perles msaventures bref la vie d’une libraire Entre tudes et boulots; Et tout le reste Sommaire; dfi ; Dfi semaines Comment utiliser ses appareils USB sur l'application Shadow Shadow peut prendre en charge la plupart des souris claviers et des manettes lorsu'ils sont connects via USB Pour connecter votre priphriue USB Shadow ouvrez le lanceur cliuez sur l'icne Paramtres cochez la case pour activer les priphriues USBLorsue la fonction est activ Shadow installe les pilotes ncessaires pour ue Shadow puisse dtecter votre priphri Three and a half stars An exciting story with great world buildingT

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Tory Fire Kissed Shadow Kissed Erin Kellison com Kindle Store Fire Kissed FIRE KISSED (Shadow Kissed) Fire Kissed Erin Kellison 洋書の購入は楽天ブックスで。全品送料無料!購入毎に「楽天ポイント」が貯まってお得!みんなのレビュー・感想も満載。 As Fire Kissed the Echo Twins YouTube Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS As Fire Kissed the Echo Twins Sopor Aeternus The Ensemble Of Shadows Like A Corpse Standing In Desperation ℗ Apocalyptic Vision Records GmbH Released on Shadow Connectez vous avec vos identifiants Shadow pour accder votre compte Conversations et uestions sur Fire Kissed The Shadow Fire Kissed The Shadow Kissed Series infos Critiues Citations Forum Conversations Voir plus Soyez le premier lancer une conversation ou une uestion sur ce livre uestions Voir plus Soyez le premier lancer une conversation ou une uestion sur ce livre dans les messages de ce groupe Les Dernires Actualits Voir plus Prix Babelio dcouvrez les laurats Les Fire Kissed Shadow Kissed couk Erin Buy Fire Kissed Shadow Kissed by Erin Kellison ISBN from 's Book Store Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders Fire Kissed The Shadow Kissed Series es Fire Kissed The Shadow Kissed Series es Kellison Erin Libros en idiomas extranjeros Sunday Snippet Fire Kissed by Erin Kellison Heather June Excerpt Sunday Snippet Erin Kellison Fire Kissed Shadow Kissed Series Sunday Snippet One of my favorite people in the world is Erin When I saw her at the beginning of the month she read an excerpt from her upcoming book Fire Kissed which is amazing and the review will be coming I told her I had to have that as a snippet Buy Fire Kissed Shadow Kissed Book Online at in Buy Fire Kissed Shadow Kissed book online at best prices in India on in Read Fire Kissed Sh There is a situation with Fire Kissed by Erin Kellison that I have

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    Kaye Brand is a mage with a dark past At age fifteen she was to marry another mage to help her house That didn’t happen instead her house ended up burning down With the house went her family She now makes a living showing rich people ten seconds of their future When angel Jack Bastian discovers places in major cities where wraiths are not attacking people he thinks it has something to do with the mage houses He contacts Kaye who has no contact with the mage world to help him find out what is going on for the Order This is the fourth book in the shadow series It is also the kind of paranormal romance that follows different couples with each book so you don’t have to read the ones before it Characters from past books do make appearances but they are not at all that central to the story This story takes place around the mages and their great houses especially Ferro Grey’s house I really enjoyed how this book expanded the world showing the mage politics Not a lot in the books had been said about the mages until this point Jack talks Kaye into helping him and sends her back into the mage world He stays by her side as protectionThe story first sets out with Kaye seeing an angel for the first time She finds him instantly attractive So when she meets Jack we already know she has a soft spot for angelic kind but she also knows that angels kill mages Jack is attracted to her but doesn’t trust her There isn’t an instant love but as events unfold Jack starts to hate that he brought her to the mages In turn Kaye is later forced to do things that made me wonder how Jack stayed by her side Maybe it is that divine forgiveness? The steamy scenes between them are only so so as far as most paranormal romances go What I have loved about the series so far is the writing the world and the set up As far as the writing goes I think the last book was a lot stronger but it still has dark and romantic tones that have been the series winning point The story is coming to ahead Humankind now knows of wraiths plaguing the streets and twilight where the fae are seems to be crossing and into our world The mages and their part gave the overall experience I nice touch It reminded me of how I needed to go back and read the first twoI finished this book in two days Both times I sat down to read were single sittings So it is a uick easy read It has the romance the world and a nice story The only problem I see is that it didn’t top the last book mainly because Jack was not as attractive to me as the last hero The story also carried a false sense of alarm The characters were worried but I wasn’t Despite that it was a good book in the series a series I plan to keep reading Beth

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    Erin Kellison does such a great job balancing romance and fantasy I always have a hard time choosing between an “urban fantasy” or a “paranormal romance” classification for her books Kellison’s Shadow series sits next to Thea Harrison’s Elder Races and Eileen Wilks's World of the Lupi for the purest blend of my favorite things romance and magicWith all the new structures introduced in FIRE KISSED mage Houses and their connection to wraiths it was a while before I could shake the feeling that I’d missed a key novella or prior book Kellison soon seduced me past that feeling with her characters I adore Kaye in all her damaged glory If I wrote reviews on a character by character basis she is a 5bat leading lady all the way Nuanced interesting and powerful Kaye takes risks that break the mold of a typical romance heroine and tests the boundaries of even urban fantasy Her love interest Jack Bastion is a little proscribed in his role but the classic Kellison chemistry still smokes off the page The angels and the mages keep conducting murky background politics with Kaye burning hot and fierce in the foregroundDespite a few moments of confusion FIRE KISSED rates 4bats for a memorable romance and a continually developing world Above and beyond weaving smoking hot chemistry into ever book Kellison continues to develop her nuanced and complicated mythology as the series progresses While there are “good guys” and “bad guys” in the Shadow series FIRE KISSED makes it clear that no matter who wins the war the world will never be the same againSexual Content Sex scenes

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    I received this ARC from the author for reviewErin Kellison's Fire Kissed is another beautifully written novel in her Shadow series I truly love love love this series It's got Dark Fantasy written all over it There is a good handful of fairy tale elements mixed in you just have to know what to look for And in this case it's said for us The Little Match Girl was a reoccurring theme in this one It's been years since I read that one but Erin so nicely sums it up for us as she writes the book as wellKaye has been an outsider for years Ever since she was 15 and ran away from home after refusing to marry some old guy and burning said house down with her powers she's kept herself distanced from the mages But she still uses her abilities to make some money and survive With her talents with fire she lets people see their futures and it is up to them to change it if they do not like what they seeShe soon finds herself in a different kind of employ though With the Order and one Jack Bastian They want to her to investigate what her former fiance the old guy who apparently is magically young again somehow is up to Angels have been going missing and they believe Ferrol Grey may be behind it allFerrol is definitely a creepy dude For one he is much younger than he should be and we learn how later and plus he just reeks of creepiness We do get some insight from him when the chapter goes to his perspective and he really is the dastardly villain of fairy tales wanting the fair maiden for himselfNow onto a much better subject Bastian as Kaye calls him There's definitely a lot of tension between these two Kaye wasn't really willing to work with him and the Order but after they matched her price for her services she decided to go ahead with the job And thus the tension between the two begins Which makes things even complicated when she is trying to assert herself back into the mage world and take her rightful place with the council in the Brand seat And in order to do that she must be willingly seduced by the enemy her former fianceThat is when the sexual tension gets really thick Bastian for I like using this name as well starts to not like Grey for a multitude of reasons The main one being that he is touching Kaye And when the fire finally sparks between these two it practically blazes It was no insta love here but once they realized their feelings for one another the love just took off And it was sweet in the hot and heavy kind of way ;Kaye soon realizes how deep she's in with the mages and all their dark secrets Grey has a plan a big plan and she has to do everything she can to stop him Even if it means accepting a very binding offerKaye is not without her own plan though She is just as cunning and ruthless when necessary as Grey She fights fire with well fire ; Yes a bad pun but I couldn't resistThe ending was spectacular too There's really no other way to describe it It is possible that Kaye's story isn't uite finished but it's finished enough Most of Erin's books end on a light note but you can almost feel the bigger storm brewing it's on the horizon and it's coming The Twilight world is ever affecting the real world which we live in Wraiths are proof of that Who knows what the next adventure in this thrilling series will take us or its characters Fire Kissed was simply magicalOverall rating 455 starsFire Kissed releases July 1 2012

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    10 years ago Kaye barely survived a wraith attack She was only 15 not yet in control of her power to wield fire She had just broken off an arranged marriage to an ancient powerful mage lord but what choice did she have once she discovered a nearly dead angel chained in the basement? She wanted to save that beautiful being She couldn't but he knew her intentions and called his brethren to save her in her moment of needNow Kaye uses her fire to make a living selling glimpses of the future in her flames But everything changes when she is approached by an angel named Bastion He wants her to help the angelic order infiltrate the Mage Council to find out how they're aligned with the soul sucking wraiths And he offers to pay her handsomely for the job The money is a good incentive but even Kaye sees a chance to rebuild her own house in the mage world and perhaps even get revenge on Ferro her betrothed from all those years agoI was very intrigued by the world building here It's dark and very cool The mages and angels are enemies but the line between good and evil isn't as obvious as you would think There is a fantastic cast of supporting characters which serve to enrich the story The writing is good and the plot pulled me in from the very beginning Even though this story is set within the Shadow series it's the first of the Shadow Kissed spinoff books and it's very accessible to new readersBut I also had some problems First of all the development of the relationship between Bastion and Kaye was erratic It went from an unspoken attraction to BAM sex and then BAM love It was jerky and abrupt And when the love was declared I felt like I had whiplash Too fast and too unexpected Problem number two Kaye's actions in the second half of the book I don't want to spoil too much but she essentially sacrifices her relationship for the greater good The wrongs she commits against Bastion are egregious Yet they are glossed over than I would have liked Frankly I hated her actions on principle but if they were going to happen I feel like it should have been laid out in all its sordid glory instead of mentioned after the fact Then there should have been repercussionsOther than those issues I did like it The very best things going for it are the world building and character development I felt completely submersed in the world of the Order and the Mages And I felt like Kaye Bastion and even Ferro were fleshed out with motivations that made sense even if I didn't always like how it all played outRating B ARC Provided by NetGalley

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    There is a situation with Fire Kissed by Erin Kellison that I have never had to face before How in the world do you review a book that you really like from a series that you have enjoyed thoroughly since book one when if it were any other book you'd toss it across the room because the heroine cheats on the hero?Kaye didn't want to cheat on Bastion She did it to save someone else from peril and in so doing endangered her own life She didn't enjoy it hated the other guy felt dirty and disgusted afterward And Bastion put her in that situation in the first place But I digressFire Kissed by Erin Kellison is ostensibly the first in the Shadow Kissed series but should never have been marketed that way If I hadn't read the first three books in the series there is no way I would have comprehended half of what went on in book four Perhaps it was supposed to be a way to illustrate that the story was going to be told from the mage or enemy point of view but that didn't work out too well because the mage in uestion started working for the Order almost out the gate Again I digressFor the full review please go to

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    I really enjoyed this book I have come to love heroines who are not perfectly demure virginal archetypes I got her reasons for each action and though many were really tough to handle I loved her tenacity and no nonsense attitude I also loved how she was able to work well as an alpha female with an alpha male for a mate More of this couple please

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    When she refused to marry a much older man at just 15 years her House was attacked by wraiths and after she herself was badly wounded she set her House on fire in defense Now she is the last of the Brand family name and has distanced herself from Mage kind She knows she is breaking the rules by using her magic on humans for money but she can make 10 thousand dollars in 10 seconds showing people a glimpse of their future in her fire Perhaps she got a bit too sure of herself perhaps the place she felt safe in was not entirely safe any longer One night she wakes up to find an angel at the foot of her bed The man is not what one would typically call an angel but rather a warrior for the Order and an enemy to all mage kind But he comes with an offer He saved her when she was about to be kidnapped and now makes her an offer to see revenge taken for the death of her family and the scars on her face She hesitates for only a moment and then acceptsthe million dollars the come with this offer are too shabby either The hero needs a mage and he'll never get one unless it's this red headed fire welding outcast The order has come to be aware of a dangerous plot a group of mages are hatching with the humans to end the world as they know it The mages being a secretive and silent species will not help him especially as he's an angel He was the one that found the heroine all those years ago and carried her savaged body from the ashes now she's all grown up and sexy as hell He knows it's against his better judgement to fall for this strong and stubborn female but almost from the start of their partnership he finds himself caring deeply for her The idea she has of rekindling a betrothal with her ex fiancé makes his skin crawl and a powerful sense of jealousy take root in his stomach But he must stop the end of the world and it's clear that this once old man now young is using powerful and unnatural magic to succeed Still the hero is possessive and a man in love now watching his woman kiss tease and even sleep with this other man At one point she even convinces him that she means to marry the enemy and her acting is so good that the hero actually believes she has turned her back on him The heroine however has a plan She wants to rebuild her House and in order to achieve this goal she needs influence and she needs the council behind her She is intelligent and driven and her powers over fire are next to unheard of expect in pureblooded Mages She alone has the strength to unite Fae Angels and Mage together to save the future of death and destruction she saw in the flamesThis author is a great storyteller and her characters are always rich and deep The heroine was a marvelous character who showed very little vulnerability only to the hero and the rest of the time stood proud with an air of strength and power She could play the game but she played it with dignity and a lack of cruelty that was shown by other powerful Mages At first she wanted nothing to do with Mages after the tragedy of her family but after she was approached by the heroine she saw her chance to restore her family name and she took it Even though she knew the hero hated this because it meant reuniting herself with her older fiancé But the man is obviously casting evil magic into himself to look so young and she has to get to the bottom of it With the hero she was soft and womanly but with everyone else she had a demeanor of not coldness because she always burned hot but distance The hero was a marvelous character His sudden and devoted love for a woman who knew her own mind and therefore didn't always play by the rules was hard and not always pleasant He too was powerful but he was not powerful enough to watch his love fuck and marry another man even though he struggled to tell himself it was all a ruse Together they had a fiery passion but that romance was bumpy because of the mission they had The plot was interesting and the villain even had moments of less than evil intentions still he was a bad man Like I said this author has a gift of storytelling and it's always a pleasure to read

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    Review available on Mina's Bookshelf Angels otherworldly beings placed on Earth by The Order to guard and preserve the humankind and Mages soulless creatures endowed with magical powers are arch enemies The Angels began hunting down the Mages when they realized that some of the Mage Houses were feeding on angels to enhance their powers and were planning to take over the world with the aid of soul eater monsters called Wraiths The Brands and the Greys are mage families The arranged marriage between the fifteen years old Kaye Brand and the much older Ferro Grey will seal the alliance between these two families during a time of internal struggles between Houses When Kaye finds out that an angel tortured and held captive in the cellar of her house is being offered by her father to her soon to be husband as a wedding gift she braves up and refuses to marry Ferro Infuriated by her rejection the Greys unleash a wraith against her Kaye will defend herself from the vicious attack using her Fire Shadow the ability to create and manipulate fire With the aid of the Angels she will also manage to survive the fire that fatefully caused by her pyrokinetic power destroys her family and her home Ten years later Kaye is an independent beautiful woman with few scars left on her face as a reminder of that horrible night She sustains herself selling her ability to call fire and see the future in the flames Alarmed by the escalating wraith attacks against humans the same angel who rescued her Jack Bastian contacts her with a proposal counting on her desire of revenge and mercenary spirit the Order would infiltrate Kaye among her kind in order to expose the Mages’s schemes and put an end to their ambitionsFire Kissed installment #4 in the Shadow series is a compelling tightly plotted urban fantasy with a significant references to the folkloristic mythology With its intensity and rich content it completely engaged me from the prologue through each and every breath taking action packed chapter But it also left me initially overwhelmed and blindsided because of my limited knowledge of Mages Council vs Angels Order Shadow magicTwilight set up and world building Fire Kissed can be enjoyed as a stand alone but I would highly recommend to do some introductory reading Erin Kellison’s previous books in the Shadow series will certainly help you understand the highly imaginative storyline and some of the secondary characters’s backstoriesI found Kaye’s character particularly likable despite the apparent ruthlessness and gritty personality I am normally not a huge fan of over confident spunky heroines with a snappy tongue and a know it all attitude but her traumatic past and her background of loss and grief made her vulnerable than she would ever admit to herself and for this reason endearing and interesting Left alone to fend for herself since she was a teen she is a resourceful survivor constantly on her guard but her independent lifestyle comes with a price She’s emotionally drained and physically exhausted she desperately needs to lean on a strong and protective shoulder she needs a guardian angel and love I admire this complex heroine the way she faces dangers and personal demons head on taking huge risks despite the fear that shakes her physically and emotionally Her methods and the compromises she is willing to make may be uestionable but her motivations are absolutely honorable Jack Bastian believes her to be simply a spoiled unreliable woman mercenary enough to betray her own kind for the right sum of money Like Jack some readers may find it difficult to like this character right away and won’t initially understand how lonely vulnerable generous and protective she really is underneath her reckless appearance Her behavior poses a challenge even to a romantic involvement with Jack Neither it seems to me that the author wants to use their love story as main focus of the narration like it would happen in a conventional paranormal romance novel In the first half of the book the chemistry between Kaye and Jack is barely discernible but I don’t see that as a flaw in the narration despite my personal taste for a heavier dose of romance The author focuses instead on providing a solid ground for the escalation of events that will lead the readers through unpredictable twist and turns and amazing revelationsHalfway into the book I finally began to feel absolutely comfortable with the storyline and the world structure the main characters are fully nuanced the dynamics between them are clear and my interest grows when the romantic interest and emotional connection between Jake and Kaye lacking in the first part of the novel grows too initially as a protective instinct regret for involving her in a dangerous mission finally as mutual attraction and palpable sexual tension When Jack and Kaye finally let their guards down I felt like the author was suddenly shifting gear and increasing speed from zero to one hundred miles per hour without wasting ink on building romantic tension no matter how abruptly the emotional pace changes it is uite gratifying all the same This is also the point in the narration where the charming and ambiguous character of Ferro Grey steps up to the plate shaking things up literally and figuratively with his evil ambitions and love interest for KayeI found this novel riveting full of content highly imaginative well plotted with a good characterization and a wealth of interesting secondary cast I really appreciate Erin Kellison’s ability to make Kaye shine through her flaws as a uniue trustworthy selfless heroine just like the fire element that she controls beautiful and dangerous at the same time Hard to put down Fire Kissed kept me on the edge of my seat till the last page Because of the heroine's spunky personality and visual impact of the narration it would work beautifully as an illustrated graphic novel

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    Three and a half stars An exciting story with great world buildingThe night Kaye Brand was to marry the older Ferrol Grey was the night her world went up in flames At fifteen Kaye had yet to exhibit her true fire power that was her birthright as a Brande Before she was to wed Grey's sister the stand in proxy Kaye made a terrible discovery in her father's basement A discovery that changed her life's path and gave her the courage to use her voice against her father and refuse the marriage That terrible decision cost her dearly and now as an adult she is trying to find her way in this deadly world Humanity stands at the brink of a great catastrophic war A war fought for centuries between the Angels and Mage light vs dark Kaye is in the center a mage outcast who ends up making an alliance with the enemy An alliance that just might forge a harmony between light and shadow and perhaps prevent a war Can Kaye stave off the impending war and time of darkness?What I LikedThis book opens with a riveting and terrifying scene that provides the history that shapes Kaye as an adult The opening pages sucked me into this dark world of mage shadows fae and angels and left me hungry for meI enjoyed Kaye's character In the beginning Kaye is a weak young lady unable to tap into her fire power but after the life altering events she becomes this strong angry capable and very deadly woman determined to find her place among the mage and answer to no one She wields a deadly shadow fire that can stop soul sucking wraiths and permit glances into the future She is fierce and headstrong and bent on reclaiming the Brand legacy What she doesn't count on is a contract formed with the mages' enemy an angel Jack Bastian and that changes everythingI liked that this book incorporates many paranormal entities such as angels fae wraiths mages and half breeds The mage were something a bit different in the paranormal genre and I am always excited to read something uniue Mage are part fae and human They have magical capabilities and they wield their power by using the shadows which are inherent to the fae world Anytime the fae are involved you can expect danger and excitementThis has a sizzling romance One that explodes from the collision of two natural born enemies Drawn together to help prevent a war and what results is electric fire hot chemistry No insta love this was starts out as a business situation hesitant and untrusting and over time it ignites into a fiery romance Definitely some adult scenes in this one I especially enjoyed the villain Ferrol Gray He is dark depraved and always seemingly a step ahead of everyone else He is able to siphon off the powers of all the other mages and use them for his own perverse enterprises He is wicked and cruel and dark seduction all in one He is scary yet he draws you in and you want Part of me wanted to like him yet he frightened me with his cunning and calculating ways I love a good villain and Gray does not disappointAnd The Not So MuchI picked this one up with the understanding that it was a spinoff series but the listing on Goodreads has it as book four of The Shadow Series but my book says it is Book one of The Shadow Kissed Series For the most part I didn't feel like I was lost and this book seems to be a spinoff but there were times when I felt like I was missing something Especially when it came to Kahn He is a powerful figure who is the fae incarnation of death and I knew there was a back story and I am guessing the The Shadow Series is his story He doesn't have a big role in this book so it truly isn't an issue but I know that having read the other books this would have been a better read Don't let that put you off from reading this again you can dive in without problemsI mentioned that I admired the villain Gray He oozed power and was a formidable opponent so I was a bit stunned with how things played out regarding him I thought it was a bit anti climatic I guess I was expecting that there would be of a confrontation and fightI never felt like I had a complete grasp of the mage and exactly how all their powers worked what exactly are the shadows and how they enabled the magic and where the Mage descended from Again I think that this is due to my not having read the other seriesAfter the first exciting scene the pacing slows a bit and drags for the first uarter of the book while everything is being established and there is a lot of information to absorb but things do pick up dramatically and by the second half all the pieces fall into place and the ending is fastOne thing I didn't like was often times things would get glossed over the story would jump ahead and events skipped and they were mentioned in passing or alluded to and the reader has to infer exactly what happened Kaye's escape from the Gray house at the end was also a bit confusing Fire Kissed is a strong beginning to a spin off series Kellison fans will certainly enjoy this new addition I like that it presents a complex story line with strong creative world building Ms Kellison is a talented story teller and I look forward to going back and checking out the The Shadow SeriesFavorite uotationsFoolish a scorpion a scorpion could not stop being a scorpion Eventually she would stingTruth had power Lies got awkward uicklyKaye said as she took a sip of coffee Dark Goodness She was sure coffee originated in the the Twilight which was why the world was so mad about it Funny it was Bastian who made such a mean cup of something so seductiveI won a copy of this book All opinions expressed are my own and I was not compensated for this reviewPosted Rainy Day Ramblings

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    I loved this book what a ride Ups and downs and drama and adventure and tough romanceErin Kellison is a master at taking traditional fairy tale concepts in this case the Little Match girl and making them into modern gripping dark paranormal romance books