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  • Die Geschichte eines Hochverräters
  • Ernst Röhm
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  • 06 September 2018
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    Please give my review a helpful vote it offers a snapshot of the state of the movement before National Socialism made its great advance and became the movement of destiny As a result we get to see what members of the movement thought was important which conseuently magnifies what we may think is unimportant and minimizes what we might think is importantFor example General Ludendorff plays a far important role in Rohm's memoirs than one might have thought based on usual history texts Normally Ludendorff gots trotted on stage in time for the Beerhall Putsch and then promptly disappears Rohm depicts Ludendorff as a leader euivalent to Hitler; Hitler is the Fuhrer but Ludendorff is the War Leader Rohm was very deferential to Ludendorff Ludendorff managed the Volkisch parties while Hitler was in prison according to Rohm Ludendorff gets mentions in this text than HitlerI did not know any of thatOn the other hand correspondingly there is not a lot on Hitler in this text Hitler does get mentioned and Rohm is complementary to him but we don't get much information on his involvement in the Volkisch movementIt is also interesting that Rohm's version of the Putsch had the Bavarian leadership deeply involved Rohm's opinion was that the Putsch had a substantial chance of success but for the betrayal of the Bavarian political leadersApart from that though and a certain flavor of the period there is a lot of name dropping in this text Rohm was also an inveterate memo writer and had no reluctance in uoting from his store of memos when necessaryThis is not particularly engrossing reading but it is primary historical material from an odd moment in history

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    Strange and unsettling paradoxes here Rohm writes with obvious intelligence and yet also reveals his thuggish violence He claims to be and often is open and honest about what he sees as the faults committed by himself and others in the nascent National Socialist movement and yet he is silent on what I think is the most interesting thing about him how he could reconcile his extreme right wing views with his homosexuality There is one brief passage which talks about youth rejecting old fashioned bourgeois moral values where we think oh yes Ernst we know what you are talking about but the passage is so guarded and obliue that if you didn't know he liked to share his bed with strapping young stormtroopers you'd never have guessed it from this This failure of nerve on Rohm's part is one of the two big disappointments about these memoirs The other is that they are just too boring and too wrapped up in the minutiae of German interwar politics to be of any real interest except perhaps to the niche historian to whom Pen and Sword publishers have as so often done a good service with this handsomely produced and illustrated volume

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Die Geschichte eines Hochverräters

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28 entitled A Traitor's Story the year he both resumed working for the Nazis and left to serve in the Bolivian army for two years Rohm proved to be an elouent writer and he was candid about his experiences and his relationship with the Fuhrer He wrote 'Hitler and were linked by ties of sincere friendship' Little did Rohm know where that 'friendship' would en


It has been stated that the rise to power of both Hitler and the Nazi Party would not have happened without Rohm's organizational skill authority and influence He took part in the Beer hall putsch in 1923 but was sufficiently disillusioned by 1925 with the prospects for Nazism that he stood for the Reichtag instead Rohm wrote and published his memoirs in 19

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Ernst Rohm was one of the key architects behind the rise of the Nazi Party From 1919 until 1923 following the defeat of Germany in the First World War Rohm served in the Freikorps and then NSDAP the Nazi Party He served as the party's patron promoter and watchdog and helped found the SA the thuggish workforce behind Nazi political activity leading up to 1933

About the Author: Ernst Röhm

German officer in the Bavarian Army and later an early Nazi leader He was a co founder of the Sturmabteilung the Nazi Party militia and later was its commander In 1934 as part of the Night of the Long Knives he was executed on Hitler's orders as a potential rival