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Gs Alex also finds time to service his petite aunt Penelope who regularly yields up her body to her domineering brother Jason when she isn't herself playing mistress to her submissive niece Sandra who in turn has seductive designs on her mothe.

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R that's Alison again in case you've lost track Join this wildly imaginative romp through the entangled lives of a multi megaton nuclear family where the forbidden and the taboo are happily embraced; where anything can happen and probably will.

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Welcome to the Chambers household where familial relationships are warm and loving and joyfully steamy When her husband is away on business trips buxom housewife Alison turns to her virile teenage son Alex for relief from her insatiable cravin.

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    A wonderful mix of sexual situations that build slowly to a climactic ending The level of detail in the writing is amazing and the mix of situations kept me reading until the last page The only thing I found disappointing was the final sex scene between the daughter and her daddy The fact that he climaxed just before putting it in her left me unfulfilled Still it was a good read and I would suggest it to anyone who enjoys those kinds of kinks

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