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Rt and none other than the handsome new Earl of Dorset WILLIAM LACEY has inherited his father's title and his financial ruin Now the Earl must seek a wealthy heiress and restore. This book fits into an odd little sub genre that I'm uite willing to like in theory It combines elements of YA romance and historical in a way that I've not encountered before which predisposes me to like it But the reason I'm not raving is that it does them all fairly well but none of them so well that I'm bouncing in my seatThe historical is significantly present in this novel than in most YA fiction or YA romance In this book and its successors the author takes on not only the common plot elements such as Elizabeth I's reign which you know 80% of YA authors who write about don't do any research above and beyond reading 5 other YA authors who wrote handmaidens to Elizabeth and the nobility in the 16th century but far complex and darker issues such as the persecution of Catholics common social attitudes toward and mistreatment of ethnic minorities women's powerlessness social injustice the dark side of Manifest Destiny and mental illness I think that's admirable but Edwards does it just enough that the book ends up in a nether realm between pure romance because there's so much darkness and historical detail relative to other books that would casually be listed alongside it and Serious Historical fiction which makes it hard to identify a target readershipThen there's the romantic element which is very PG 13 That's fine by me but anyone who feels like it's just a fact that even teenagers have passionate affairs and that sexual content is desirable in a book depicting a great romance will be disappointed with the relative chastity of this book It's also just not the focus of the book even approaching a percentage of the time that Romance novels tend to achieve Ellie spends a lot of time dealing with her fiscally disastrous and arguably insane father and with the dangers of being branded anything from a witch to a Catholic either of which would end in torture or even death and Will spends a great deal of his time engaged to someone else because he has to marry for money to save his family from the ruin in which his father landed them by giving all his money to an alchemistAnd ultimately that's where the third genre ambiguity comes it this doesn't feel properly like YA because the characters don't perceive themselves as adolescent They are responsible for households engaged in politics and perceived by society as ready to marry and procreate not just date They may be technically teenagers but that meant something different in 1600 than it means now and by being historically accurate about 16 years olds Edwards has effectively NOT written a YA novelAll that said I enjoyed this book and would recommend it for a nice uiet afternoon read But I'm hard pressed to figure out whose favorite book it's going to be or who has to drop everything and read it NOW

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England 1582ELLIE Lady Eleanor Rodriguez of San Jaime is in possession of a gold seeking father a worthless title and a feisty spirit that captivates the elite of the ueen's cou. I cared for the subplots and minor characters than the supposed main thread of this narrative mostly because it just felt too cliché The scenario's been done in so many variants already transferring it back to the Elizabethan era doesn't really compensate for the fact that this offers no new or uniue perspective on a very well trodden time period The Other Countess definitely has its appeals that stunning cover for starters The ambience is charming the dialogue is superb and the brother dynamic is so endearing In short Eve Edwards has a lovely writing style However the structure and some of the context is a bit uestionable I was dubious when the phrase 'warts and all' was used just a bit shy of a century before it was coined by CromwellThe plot meanders and is ultimately circular By the end of the novel hardly anything has progressed and there's not the slightest whiff of any character development We all knew how it was going to end but the journey there was slow and at times painful This novel was a bit well pointless in that sense it never achieves anything The Other Countess can be termed loosely as a romance but a very lukewarm and syrupy romance The relationship had no foundations it just appeared out of nowhere The characters didn't seem to connect on any emotional level and had about as much chemistry as oil and water Above all the relationship was needlessly sexualized Well the whole thing has uite a generous offering of innuendo but it got tedious and cringey towards the endSpeaking of the end it had no closure It was like hitting a brick wall Despite the characters making a point of acknowledging their desires but compromising them for duty of course they went and indulged them Don't they always The impending issues were swept aside and forgotten the cast of characters left hanging Maybe the fact that this is the first in a trilogy might account for that but as a standalone it just doesn't workAn enjoyable light read but not nearly as good as I remember it Nevertheless if I come across the next instalments The ueen's Lady and The Rogue's Princess I think I will give them a try

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His family's fortuneBut Will's head has been turned by the gorgeous Ellie yet their union can never be Will is destined to marry a worthy Lady so the only uestion is which one. Well this wasn't anything new or unpredictable It definitely wasn't a bad story The uickWill is the Earl of Lacey now that his father has passed away He sends the alchemist and his daughter Ellie away and forbids them to return He feels they have drained his family of their wealth in their search to re create gold Ellie is young at the time but as the years progress she and her father go to the ueen's Court William is struck by her beauty he is charmed with her he just doesn't know who her Father is When he finds out it is an explosion He's in love with someone he is supposed to hate She is penniless he needs to marry someone wealthy Can their lovehate relationship ever turn into anything Like I said it was predictable The one truly original part that I adored was the friendship between Ellie and Jane Usually the two women are pitted against each other and it gets ugly These two become uite the pair of friends so refreshing to not have to deal with cat fights Also I feel like the author sort of rambled at times The book could have been a bit shorter and faster paced 35 starsrec for historical fiction fanssidenote This is 100% appropriate for Young Adults there is no sex scenes The word nipple is not in this book ;

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Eve Edwards has a doctorate from Oxford University and thinks researching a large part of the fun for writing historical fiction She has visited Tudor houses attended jousts and eaten Elizabethan banuets to get the sights sounds and tastes right for this book And yes she can testify that it is possible to eat neatly without the modern invention of the fork She lives in Oxford and is marrie

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