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The Art of Deceit

Read & Download  E-book, or Kindle E-pub ٠Fabiola Joseph

Of even her latest victim being Hip Hop’s newest sensation Tay’von Too Fine Miller Tay’von is told by his record label that he needs a better looking woman on his arm because the public will deem his plus size girlfriend unbefitting for a rising star So he pulls Tangie into his world hoping to use her for her looks only to get rid of her when he is done But he has highly underestimated her Her charm is hypnotic that of a snake charmer and as strong as the magic from a voodoo priest Once she has cast her spell she is sure to bring any man or woman down to their knees She rules with a blackened heart a. The Art Of Deceit

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Sex drugs lies and video tape all dwell in the shadows of hip hop A world that is glamorous and alluring can blind its participants to certain truths This euphoric illusion which is full of money women and power can also be deceiving You start to believe that the fame will last forever That the people around you are really your friends and that the scandalous woman at your side really loves you for the person that you are Stardom can become dangerous for the naïve souls who rise to success without armor Tangie who has mastered The Art Of Deceit slithers her way into the heart of many and into the wallets. Snake PitTangie i

Read & Download  E-book, or Kindle E-pub ٠Fabiola Joseph

Nd shows no mercy to people like Shamika the spiteful girlfriend of eually talented but not as successful rapper Black Dialect Tangie will stop at nothing to secure her lifestyle even if that means shaking hands with a record label owner who Tay’von has proclaimed a sworn enemy Carmello wants Tay’von to sign to his record label and Tangie wants revenge Together they hatch a plan that will give them both what they want What will happen when Tay’von his bodyguard the sexy RB tour mate Amira and Carmello all fall under Tangie’s spell Death Debauchery and Deceit now if only everything would go as plann. Fabiola Joseph br

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  • The Art of Deceit
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  • 06 May 2019
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