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Flight Club is a call to rebel reinvent and thrive The book shares the journey of women who leaned out of corporate to launch their dream business Felena Hanson founder of Hera Hub shares her personal story and rise to entrepreneurship The book also features the journeys of and advice from six courageous female entrepreneurs Debb.


Ceive three months free access This book is for you if You are tired of building someone else's dream You want to pursue your passion as a career You are over the corporate politics You want control of your time and life You don't want to build your dream business alone Learn at wwwFlightClubBookcom and wwwFacebookcomFlightClubBo.

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Y Eubank Linda O'Keefe Lorin Beller Sara Clark Williams Deirdre Maloney and MaryCay Durrant Each shares an exercises to help you craft your flight path The final section of the book includes access to an online platform wwwStepsToStartupcom which walks you through 17 foundational steps of launching a business Book buyers will re.

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    There were some great inspirational stories about overcoming life challenges to push through with hard work and ultimately finding success The author’s own was very touching and made me committed to finishing The tips didn’t feel like they were that uniue I did like how this was a book written for women by women but generally the advice could apply to anyone Overall this was a uick and easy read with some good inspirational tips

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    Exercises to entrepreneurshipThe author wrote with the idea to encourage people to start a business She gives practical advice The women who share their stories of flight are voices of authenticity and inspiration The exercises provided can be used by all to define their passions I would read this book even if owning your own business is not your plan Even the employee and volunteer will find this an interesting and useful book of ideas

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