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Realu Guide to Identity Theft Real U

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Find out how to protect yourself from the number one crime in the US This guide includes excellent up to date advice about the newest identity scams and how to avoid them along with a step by step plan for coping with the mess if despite all precautions this nightmare crime happens to you Johanna Bodnyk has done her homework and come up with startling statistics that reveal just how prevalent. Extreme Pumpkins II reveal just how prevalent.

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Y happened to you · How and why identity thieves get away with it Although the facts are chilling the Real U Guide to Identity Theft is anything but cold In typical Real U style Bodnyk takes a wry look at the truth and spells out the facts in colorful magazine style spreads so that learning how to protect yourself from this crime is almost as much fun as catching one of the criminals would be.

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Identity theft has become Among the facts she has uncovered perhaps the most alarming is this 49% of all victims have no idea how their identity was stolen and they never find out The guide does answer many key uestions however including · How to protect your personal information at the office at home and online · How to decipher your credit report · How to find out if this crime has alread.