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    35 stars Return with us again to the early days of the all new all different X Men for the thrilling untold adventures of Wolverine back cover blurbThe Wolverine First Class title appears to be intended as accessible entry level reading for readers to jump into the long running X Men series Courtesy of Professor X Logan aka Wolverine is placed into an older brother but not uite father figure mentor type role to newbie X student Kitty 'Shadowcat' Pryde for a trio of unrelated but lighthearted superheroic action adventure stories The characters easily fall into their known personalities gruff and low key Wolverine contrasting nicely with teenage Kitty's upbeat sunny optimism and they make uite the ultra capable duo It also feature cameo appearances from other 'X's Storm Nightcrawler Colossus etc from that era

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    My students really enjoyed this comic

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    Wow got tired of the happy endings tied up neatly at the end of each issue formula after only two issuesDon't know what Van Lente's shooting for here but boy is it low interest kindlingArt's no better either pretty pedestrian looking stuff just cartoonish and whoosh y enough to make me think the style is deliberatePerhaps this series is aimed at teenage girls If so why would they bring in a ham handed guy and not one of the many fabulously talented female writers who are always getting short shrift?

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    This series is aimed at younger readers so with that in mind I will say I enjoyed the stories Issue 2 I thought was the best because it had a Wolverine Sabretooth throwdown and those are always fun Issue 1 was a typical kickoff issue and 3 and 4 were good but issue 4 did end on a bit of a downer considering I thought these would be light hearted stories Wolverine fans will probably enjoy this series but keep in mind these are mostly short fun stories and not the harder edged material you get in the main Wolverine books

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    I downloaded this as a Kindle freebie as I had just watched a Star Wars movie last night and I was feeling a little nostalgic Plus you know Wolverine and Kitty Pryde Awesome due takes me back to the Chris Claremont days The golden years in my humble opinionI didn't realize this was intended as a young reader which explains uite a lot about the stereotypes that Wolverine and Kitty play as well as the simplified and easily solved plot line If I were a child this is a place to start For avid older jaded fans this selection is like a piece of stale Double Bubble that uickly loses its flavor

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    I was digging this book but it lost me a little with Lady Shadra of the Cat PeopleTune in to my special interview with author Fred Van Lente over on the All the Books Show

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    These stories are too PG 13 for me They're ok but they add little to the overall X Men universe Younger readers might have stuff to learn here about courage finding solutions friendships and all sorts off things that I am fed up with I'm too old to learn things anywayWolverine is sent on a mission and has to take the inexperienced Kitty Pride with him They find a mutant psychic who has been transmitting her distress into the townfolk and they take her back to Xavier's schoolKitty needs to go to a Dazzler concert with her friends and wants to take Xavier's limousine He only agrees if a grown up takes her so she asks everyone and is refused Wolverine refuses because she never did anything for him so she throws him a birthday party attended by his girlfriend Mariko as well What she doesn't know is that Wolverine and Sabertooth have a 'tradition' for this special day one in which they try to kill each otherThe last story is about courage from unlikely sources the importance of myth and the coldness of evolution Wolverine loses his courage but Kitty gets the edge to fight the threat from the Man Thing in a town where the inhabitants are former animals given human traits by the Evolutionary

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    Trash Absolute trash But it's Wolverine so I guess it's okay It didn't kill me reading it It just disappointed me I picked up this series in the bargain bin of a comic book store I've found some real treasures that way This time while it was a bargain it was not worth the price And I picked up the whole run I get that it was written for children very very young children I guess I don't think even children would really enjoy it That is unless they never read any other comics no X Men or Wolverine originals etc Only then if a child has absolutely no idea who these characters are and vows never to find out then there maybe might be a chance of a glimmer of enjoyment But just a glimmer I wish I could say that there were moments that I thought were good but at best there were moments that didn't piss me off in terms of tone art character plot and development of all of the above I mean come on there's a story where Wolverine becomes a coward For no reason Bah Enough

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    Kitty Pryde has just joined Xavier's school for the gifted; getting to know the other students developing a crush on Cyclops and making friends Her first mission is to accompany Wolverine to find a new mutant Unfortunately that mutant's powers are to project her emotions causing widespread panic and paranoia in a previously welcoming and accepting town Despite Wolverine's attitude and reluctance to have her along they both help each other out and begin to build a friendship

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    On the one hand I like the lighter approach to dear old Wolvie On the other hand only the first issue actually holds together Issue 2 is an unmitigated disaster and 3 and 4 just doesn't really work

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Wolverine First Class The Rookie

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Arrived at Xavier's School Colossus Storm Nightcrawler and the mysterious Wolverine and with them new teaching methods Professor X pairs up green recruit Kitty Pryde. I was digging this

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Return with us again to the early days of the all new all different X Men for all new solo adventures of Wolverine and Kitty Pryde The next generation of students has. Wow got tired of th

read & download ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB µ Fred Van Lente

With the been everywhere done everything vet Logan and neither of them is all that happy about it Collects Wolverine First Class #1 4 plus a classic Wolverine reprin. These stories are t

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About the Author: Fred Van Lente

Fred Van Lente is the New York Times bestselling author of comics as varied as Archer & Armstrong Harvey Award nominee Best Series Taskmaster MODOK's 11 Amazing Spider Man Conan the Avenger Weird Detective and Cowboys & Aliens upon which the 2011 movie was based as well as the novels Ten Dead Comedians and The Con Artist Van Lente also specializes in entertaining readers with offbeat