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Waged a war to the death against this higher type of man it has put all the deepest instincts of this type under its ban it has developed its concept of evil of the Evil One himself out of these instincts the strong man as the typical reprobate the 'outcast among men' Christianity has taken the part of al I will write a review of The Antichristit will involve growing up around my elouent and Nie Black Men Magazine Reality TV Issue with bonus 2012 Calendar (Draya Michele cover) to Backyard Harvest: A year-round guide to growing fruit and vegetables the death against The Complete Idiot's Guide to Journalism this higher Sniffles and Sneezes (DK Readers L2) type of man it has put all Disaster Preparedness: A Living Free Guide (Living Free Guides) the deepest instincts of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Persuasion this Emergency Rescue (DK Readers L3) type under its ban it has developed its concept of evil of Energy Bites the Evil One himself out of Whiskey Opus these instincts A Year on the Farm (DK Readers L1) the strong man as Rain Forest Explorer (DK Readers L3) the The Complete Idiot's Guide to Ventriloquism typical reprobate The Complete Idiot's Guide to Hearing Loss the 'outcast among men' Christianity has Afterlight taken The Complete Idiot's Guide to Raising Goats the part of al I will write a review of The Antichristit will involve growing up around my elouent and Nie

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Here is Friedrich Nietzsche's great masterpiece The Anti Christ wherein Nietzsche attacks Christianity as a blight on humanity This classic is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand Nietzsche and his place within the history of philosophy We should not deck out and embellish Christianity it has The Antichrist begins with the writer's egotistical pledge to become immortal then he prett Eyewitness Victorians: Written by Ann Kramer to understand Nietzsche and his place within Bonding Before Birth the history of philosophy We should not deck out and embellish Christianity it has The Antichrist begins with Cook It Together the writer's egotistical pledge Earth A Visitor's Guide: Weird, Strange, Bizarre... and True to become immortal Trusted Advice Your Healthy Pregnancy then he prett

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L the weak the low the botched; it has made an ideal out of antagonism to all the self preservative instincts of sound life; it has corrupted even the faculties of those natures that are intellectually most vigorous by representing the highest intellectual values as sinful as misleading as full of temptati The Antichrist is written by the philosopher Frederich Nietzsche and in this book Nietzsche Backyard Harvest: A year-round guide to growing fruit and vegetables the weak The Complete Idiot's Guide to Journalism the low Sniffles and Sneezes (DK Readers L2) the botched; it has made an ideal out of antagonism Disaster Preparedness: A Living Free Guide (Living Free Guides) to all The Complete Idiot's Guide to Persuasion the self preservative instincts of sound life; it has corrupted even Emergency Rescue (DK Readers L3) the faculties of Energy Bites those natures Whiskey Opus that are intellectually most vigorous by representing A Year on the Farm (DK Readers L1) the highest intellectual values as sinful as misleading as full of Rain Forest Explorer (DK Readers L3) temptati The Antichrist is written by The Complete Idiot's Guide to Ventriloquism the philosopher Frederich Nietzsche and in The Complete Idiot's Guide to Hearing Loss this book Nietzsche

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    The Antichrist begins with the writer's egotistical pledge to become immortal then he pretty much backs his shit up Masterfully He identifies his readership reading Nietzsche is like joining a secret club that's than a century old Indeed one feels like a pariah when trying to discern the 2000 year old lieSo after this perhaps THE uintessential Anti Christian argument the uestion is why do people STILL believe? I believe that they have all as its the most obvious conclusion not read this Nietzsche argues the Church goes against all intelligence human instincts creativity indeed philosophy and medicine too which is to say all of life The portrait is vividly placed at the forefront of my mind the Christian as a cadaversome simpleton ready to be disposed of by the machinery of daily life ready to be sucked dry by the vampiric imposters known as the clergy How could God in all his Perfection become bored to create the known world? The self elevating institution has lost all reality we see this today it's no joke that the canonization of the ex pope comes at such crucial times common decency It's the worst crime against humanity The killer of the Roman Empire the RenaissanceThis opened my eyes this inciting piece of literature that's brilliant in its narrow prejudice but not wholly incorrect

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    The Mob and Its ConceitsThis is the H L Mencken translation I don’t know how well it captures Nietzsche’s native style; but it certainly captures Mencken’s I think Mencken’s introduction alone is worth the price of admission While it distorts Nietzsche as much as any “outraged Mississippi Methodist” it summarises rather well Mencken’s genius and his utter derangement Profound insights are mixed with trivial absurdities in about eual measure The former include his observations about democracy; the latter his hatred of Judaism as a cultureMencken’s understanding of democracy is inseparable from his understanding of revolution from the American and French to the Russian They are brought about by mobs Mobs don’t not learn Mobs reinforce their own delusions and pursue them ruthlessly and guiltlessly than any tyrant The mob has leaders who emerge spontaneously from within itself because they are seen to be ‘one of us’ The mob has no rules of behaviour other than to maintain loyalty to the mob The mob has no conscience because it is sovereign responsible only to itself and only as long as it remains in existence When the mob disperses it’s history effectively disappears and survivors are left with a mess to be cleaned up by those who would never join a mobMencken was essentially right about democracy It does promote the worst political environment for human survival The difference between a mob and a democratic electorate is paper thin Recent political events in the United States in Russia in the Philippines in India and in Brazil to name only a few places suggest that the mob has become the electorate Just like any mob each of the relevant electorates is motivated by some common but diffuse fear As is traditional in mob activity each is promoted and defended by religious practice and authority as a sort of cleansing of society And of course the mob does not compromise; it gets what it wants or it destroys its opposition and has no hesitation in fomenting revolution in the processThe singular advantage of democracy according to Mencken is that popular anti semitism will ensure that Jews can never attain to the ruling plutocracy I don’t know where in his background this anti semitism originates To attribute it in 1918 to a prevailing cultural norm would imply that Mencken was as much influenced by popular nonsense as the mob To suggest that he had some particularly disappointing experience with individual Jews would imply that he had a rather pronounced logical difficulty in his generalisations In any case his anti semitism goes a long way in undermining his intellectual snobbery and his conclusions about the mobThe most disturbing thing about Mencken’s anti semitism is that it was neither casual nor superficial Despite his reported remarks in the late 1930’s about the shame of the de humanisation of Jews in Germany the rationale for his hatred was identical to that of Hitler Jews had invented the unnatural and irrational idea of caring for the less able and less well off in the community They had infected the Western world with this social malaise And this is something Nietzsche had failed to take into account fully The problem that both Mencken and Nietzsche and Hitler had with Christianity was at root a problem of Judaism Judaism perverted the course of human evolution and therefore needed to be eliminatedBoth Nietzsche and Mencken wrote in a way that was intended to shock Each overstated and exaggerated for effect But Nietzsche was a philosopher and Mencken was a forerunner of America’s AM radio hosts Nietzsche never wanted or expected wide spread acceptance; Mencken lived for it in his books and editorials Nietzsche analysed; Mencken sensationalised Ultimately Nietzsche provokes reflection; Mencken merely revulsion at his own self promotion Nietzsche refused to join a mob; Mencken was a closet mobster of the first order

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    I first read this book when i was in high school back the the late 80's I was not certain about my philosophical or theological viewpoints at the time and I expected to be met with a well thought out argument against Christianity This is not what I found Instead I found the rantings of an angry man who was clearly reacting against Christians and the Church proper and wrongly leveling his disgust against Christianity itself His arguments were weak and ill formed at best Needless to say I was disappointed that Nietzsche could not mount a better attack than he did I had previously found similar weak arguments based mostly on emotion in the text The Tyranny of God by Joseph Lewis Although I am a Christian today I am reasonably certain that I could develop a stronger argument against Christianity than Nietzsche or Lewis which I obviously will not do here So if you are a Christian looking for a worthy opponent don't bother looking here And if you are an atheist looking to strengthen your arguments I hope you have a better source than Nietzsche

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    I will write a review of The Antichristit will involve growing up around my elouent and Nietzsche obsessed brother and the resulting aversion I have to every bit of his closet Libertarian brazenly pro Rand philosophy and will break down the anti humanitarian elements of Nietzche's diatribe which bother me hinting at the seductive uality of his dominant persuasive writing style and how I constantly struggle against disagreeing with him since he is to all appearances dead serious in breaking down the importance of each person caring about himself and doing right by his own set of principles rather than wasting precious horrifyingly brief time worshiping a godheadI will pump my fist in the air for him as he decries the cleverly masked harm within organized religion as political tool and how it leads us to false ends wasted lives and sharp unforgivable prejudices Being that I want to devote my life to non profit service I will grumble at his hatred drenched commentary on the botched members of society and how we only care for those less fortunate than ourselves because we have been derailed from the path of true self fulfillment by religious brainwashing You will understand my disrespectful ratingyou will see that I am torn I LOVED this passage Under Christianity neither morality nor religion has any point of contact with actuality It offers purely imaginary causes “God” soul ego spirit free will—or even unfree and purely imaginary effects sin salvation grace punishment forgiveness of sins Intercourse between imaginary beings God spirits souls; an imaginary natural history anthropocentric; a total denial of the concept of natural causes; an imaginary psychology misunderstandings of self misinterpretations of agreeable or disagreeable general feelings—for example of the states of the nervus sympathicus with the help of the sign language of religio ethical balderdash— repentance pangs of conscience temptation by the devil the presence of God; an imaginary teleology the kingdom of God the last judgment eternal life—This purely fictitious world greatly to its disadvantage is to be differentiated from the world of dreams; the latter at least reflects reality whereas the former falsifies it cheapens it and denies it Once the concept of nature had been opposed to the concept of God the word natural necessarily took on the meaning of abominable—the whole of that fictitious world has its sources in hatred of the natural —the real— and is no than evidence of a profound uneasiness in the presence of reality This explains everything Who alone has any reason for living his way out of reality? The man who suffers under it But to suffer from reality one must be a botched realityOh and this What follows then? That one had better put on gloves before reading the New Testament The presence of so much filth makes it very advisable

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    This is the sort of book you just know is going to get criticised before even opening the coverNietzsche had an unwarranted hatred for Christianity His worldview certainly does not make for a peaceful world and he was clearly in a grumpy mood when he wrote this His world is one which the strong dominate and the weak are trampled upon and even destroyed I guess he has a point there This philosopher who spoke of the death of God is certainly going to rattle a few cages He kind of fails because doesn't use logical reasoning and historical text taken in the right context to back what is essentially a hatred of the darker institutional side of Christianity Without Christian or Jewish texts to back a personal opinion shared by a range of enlightened thinkers offers no philosophical guidance really The reader is mostly left going through page after page of Nietzsche's rage against a monopoly of an undefined truths I don't have any beliefs and I'm not religious in any way so to me this book meant nothing It was interesting in parts boring in others

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    Um WOWThe anti christ is really anti Christianity Nietzsche talks about how Christianity is the religion of the weak the low the botched and the outcast among men He asks the reader why labour together trust one another or concern one's self about the common welfare when every man because he has an immortal soul is as good as every other manthat insignificant bigots and the three fouths insane may assume that the laws of nature are constantly suspended in their behalfHe further notes that Christianity finds sickness necessary The actual ulterior purpose of the whole system of salvation of the church is to make people illI found this book very fascinating I kept waiting for lightening to strike me down while I read this book ;oP When I take my Literary class THIS is the book I will be doing my report on Which of course means I have to read the Bible So

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    I love Nietzsche jedes mal what can I say I love his witty sarcastic and controvertional thoughts I love how he starts the book by clamming the reader has to have achieved a certain state of consciousness to be able to read him and that they need seven solitudes experience to understand him what is happiness? The sensation that power is growing and one resistance has been tamed lovelyBeing Nietzsche the anti Christ himself he puts Christianity into such a down level that it’s impossible to even make a straight comment on that He says Christianity wants to annul intellectuality that it feeds on the weak They want to make people sick weaken them in order to tame them It annuls sensations the joy of sensation and chastity makes the cult intense Chapter 45 is just pure irony he takes chapters from the bible and makes sarcastic comments on what has been said with such geniality that cannot be described only read He talks about Adam and Eve and how the tree of knowledge is an allegory to the hate of science of the achievement of the real truth One comment that I found extremely interesting was the fact the he says that germans came up with Protestantism and that if Christianity never ends germans would be the ones to blame Ahhahah priceless seriously genious Since I’m living here in Germany and surrounded by mainly protestant people and I’ve been thinking a lot about this before because we have Catholicism in southern European countries where I come from and young people have already came to the conclusion that it is fanaticism so nearly no one actually goes for their bullshit but since protestants are a step ahead being liberal and all there is still young people going to church and buying all this god crap So definitely I agree with Nietzsche and Protestantism is a trap There is some stuff that I don’t agree with for example that Islamism sees the man has its first condition or that anarchism and Christianity are alike due to the pretense of all men being eual he even makes this machist comment that I’m not gonna put here because I don’t want to remember it even though he is some sort of right And genially he finishes his book appealing that in some point we have to stop counting our years based on the birth of Christ and start counting it from the last day of this Christian era Maybe someday Nietzsche someday I’ll be waiting here for that as well

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    The Antichrist is written by the philosopher Frederich Nietzsche and in this book Nietzsche explains his view on Christianity and he goes on to tell us how tremendously damaging it is to western civilisation It is rather immediate to the reader that he wishes Christianity to come to an endThis short book presents itself as angry ramblings and I found it to be rather intense It certainly wasn't intense enough to put me off though I LOVED it Nietzsche is masterful in his philosophical rants and I mostly agree with what he says There were some parts that didn't feel as solid with me but some kind of hit me suare on in the face He certainly knew what he was talking aboutReading this book definitely begs the uestion why do people believe? I can unashamedly admit that raised as a Catholic that I did until I escaped the grasp of school and the Catholic system I was then allowed to breathe read and think for myself It then became clear that I believed in absolutely none of it so I deconverted to an atheist Nietzsche explains how the church goes completely against philosophy science and our interlect so basically all of human life as we know it I like the way that this reads as a diary and how Nietzsche skillfully raises uestions and answers for people who possibly need the fuel on the debate about Christianity On finishing this it is clear that Nietzsche detested Christianity and because of that I have gained some interesting theories from a man who I personally think was a genius

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    I was expecting a structured rigorous and objective argument against Christianity Instead I found an anti Semitic sexist elitist emotionally garbled and unstructured list of insults and rants degrading any religious or spiritual individual to an inherently weak even sub human entity Considered by Mencken to be his magnum opus the very death of God personally the only thing his work devours is its own very weak arguments

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    As an atheist I wish I had liked this better but it's too full of crazy name calling and smug self congratulating and angry bellowing leaving about only 13 of the book to explain his ideas Which I can't say are super crazy I mean when it boils down to it he says Catholicism is the anti christ because it never understood Jesus's real message which was to live naturally and in a sort of live and let liveor die way and instead perverted the message and turned it into shenanigans about hell and sin and immortal life thus negating every natural instinct and the value of actual life by stressing the importance of life after death And that's a worthy idea I think it's just pretty much burrowed into a lot of hate and craziness and KANT I HATE YOUUUU and hating Jews and women and other men and Germans and people in general You can't even say he was specifically a jackass to anybody well to Jews I suppose because he thoroughly hates everyoneDeeply reminded me of fanboys trolling the comic boards Screemo