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Three Part Harmony

G Peter Chriske Ï 5 review

Ith fear and disappointment Although the same in many ways they are also different Norris is privileged but ignored Jon seeks escape from his dysfunctional family while Joey blissfully floats through life one day at a time Soon the outside world intrudes The death of Joey's brother leads him into the ua

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Gmire of Vietnam Jon escapes to create a world of his own and Norris follows his rock and roll fantasy to California in the Summer of Love Years pass and the friendships wane Invitations to a forty five year high school reunion pull the three men back to Chaffee Creek where they again intersect Although

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Norris Jon and Joey meet as little kids in Chaffee Creek and form an immediate friendship they thought nothing could change Their midwestern community is safe secure and isolated from the outside world giving the boys plenty of time for adventure and misadventure as they grow cultivate dreams and deal w

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