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  • 10 January 2019
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10 thoughts on “To Protect and Punish

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    I really really enjoyed this story of an X FBI Agent Dom protecting his wealthy Businessman sub from the bad guys out to kill him It was very soap operay but in a fun tongue in cheek way not at all cheesy and it ticked all my buttons It was also super hot and clipped right along Not too long not too shortIf you like sexy gruff Doms with a badge and bodyguard skills good old fashioned BDMS play over the top bad guys cute kids who love their daddies and a fun who done it I can highly recommend To Protect and PunishAnd can I just mention again how much I absolutely love when authors give us an epilogue? We get one here and I gave the book an extra star just for the epilogue It really puts the cherry on the book sundae for me every time

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    This is my least favorite in the series It wasnt bad at all but I honestly didnt want Gavin to be in the book The author made Ryders ex a MC in this book So Im admitting my bias and thats basically why this book got the 4 instead of the five On a positive note I didnt figure out the villian till the book wanted me to which NEVER happens BTW i cant wait for Rayce and Jaspers story Like I want it now That is all

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    Sweet and shorter than Gabrielle Evans' usual stories it was a nice addition to this series The only thing that I didn't enjoy about it was the Gavin Ryder situation I feel like they should have at least talked about their past at some point instead of having Gavin do so with Sydney Ryder's current partner The fact that they didn't kept pulling me out of the story and made it seem unfinished

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    Can that many bad thing happen to one person in such a short amount of time? uick read with a Happy ending a few hot scenes and a bitch of a mother This book started out kind of choppy for me and took awhile for me to get into it but I liked it overall 35 stars

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    This seuel is my least favorite

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    After saving his kidnapped son and discovering that his ex wife played a part in his abduction Javier has left the FBI and taken a job that is a better fit for a single father working for Michael Hunter's security company When he has done the freuents the clubs where he is a respected Dom On one of these outings he meets Gavin Hart club owner and sub Afterwards he isn't able to forget the man but as a single target the really hasn't the time out desire for a relationship Unless Gavin's life is threatened and Javier is assigned as his bodyguard it's not professional and it's dangerous but are they arguments strong enough to keep the two men away from each other As with the out books in the series this can be read as a standalone it's fun to catch up with the other characters It's steamy and has a good mystery component and I thoroughly enjoyed the book I would love to read Rayce and Jasper's story but this book is a few years old so I guess the series is complete

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    SO MY REVIEW WAS A LOT LONGER BUT STUPID GOODREADS DELETED IT GRRR and tbh I don't feel like writing it again but it basically said in great details that the twist was surprising and some other stuff as welltakes a moment to catch breathAll right so this was a steamy little nugget I absolutely loved the sex scenes and in my opinion this book had just the right amount of said scenes The relationship between the MCs was adorable for a lack of better word The characters were very diverse but they weren't in your face 'I'm so friggin special' either

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    Writing was pretty good but the storyline was too obvious and a bit boring Scenes were unimaginative

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    35 stars

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To Protect and Punish

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