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How to Be an Existentialist or How to Get Real Get a Grip and Stop Making Excuses

Summary How to Be an Existentialist or How to Get Real Get a Grip and Stop Making Excuses

S to empower the reader with a sharp sense that we are each the master of our own destiny Cox makes fun of the reputation existentialism has for being gloomy and pessimistic exposing it for what it really is an honest uplifting and potentially life changing philosophy It would be proper to title this work How to Be Sartean or How to Be a Sartean Existentialist There are different schools of thought within existentialism eg Kierkegaardian Christian existentialism Merleau Ponty's existential thought et cetera This book deals primarily with Sartre's version which is of course the most influential of them allRegardless the first section goes over some fundamental concepts that prevail in the majority of all 20th century existentialist schools of thought And this is by far the best feature of the book In order to properly understand existentialism one must understand phenomenological ontology specifically existential phenomenology These concepts include temporality being for others freedom responsibility and anxiety among many others In my opinion the book explains these seemingly difficult concepts uite well and very accessibly to the general non philosophical audienceAfterwards the author goes over Sartre's notion of bad faith and what it means to fall into bad faith Bad faith according to the author is the major problem keeping people away from living authentic livesIn the third section the author explains what it is to live authentically he is specifically addressing what that means for Sartre At the end of the section he explains what it means to live authentically for other existentialists other than Sartre specifically Nietzsche and Heidegger And then the book ends with a short but interesting section on existential counseling which I had no idea even existed until I had read about itOverall the book gives a good general overview of the fundamental concepts of existential phenomenology as well as what it is to live an existentially authentic life and the common pitfalls which keep us from that I would give the book 55 stars but the author is very opinionated at times He makes it clear that he is on the political left and despises any sort of religious thought That's what the Huffington Post is for I bought the book for existentialism so stick to that please

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R great existentialist philosophers An attack on contemporary excuse culture the book urges us to face the hard existential truths of the human condition By revealing that we are all inescapably free and responsible ‘condemned to be free' as Sartre says the book aim This little book blew me away for two reasons Firstly I had expected to be done with it in maybe 2 hours Secondly I expected it to be a silly jokey read on the basis of its silly jokey title I was wrong on both counts The book is a short and dense treatise on existentialism written in as jargon free a language as possible and still maintaining something of a 'the world is meaningless get off your ass and do something about it' vibe that is kind of inspiring without being mawkish The author's speciality is obviously Sartre and most of the concepts are enunciated from Sartre's writings on the topic at hand This is alright but even with the author's efforts at attempting to be jargon free the going does get a little tough especially when the author is discussing abstract concepts such as 'nothingness of consciousness' and 'bad faith' where it seems impossible to avoid high level philosophical terms even though these things are very real and practical This is definitely a very worthy read and it is the kind of book that you would gift to friends The only possible drawback The author's flood of adolescent jokes that I suspect was included at the behest of the publisher And when I say adolescent I mean adolescent Lines like If you thought existentialism and Buddhism had nothing in common Zen think again are unforgivable

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How to Be an Existentialist is a witty and entertaining book about the philosophy of existentialism It is also a genuine self help book offering clear advice on how to live according to the principles of existentialism formulated by Nietzsche Sartre Camus and the othe During my first phenomenology course at the University of Heidelberg I almost gave up the idea to continue my studies of philosophy I did not understand a single word as the professor started to talk about the two heavy weights Edmund Husserl and Martin Heidegger and their concepts of ‘Dasein’ German for ‘being there’ “The term refers to a person’s uniue spatial and temporal situated ness in this world” I remember him saying I was too scared to ask what the heck this was supposed to mean Most of the other students however clicking their tongues due to this epiphanic realization seemed to get it immediately I only developed the concept of “not being there” in this uniue spatial and temporal classroomWhy did this handsome post graduate writing his PhD on Satre tell me a clueless undergraduate after a couple glasses of red wine that if i really want to dive into Satre’s world I have to understand his predecessors For me existentialism so far only meant to wear black dresses drinking tons of coffee and or wine and smoking in cafés while writing smart things on tissue papers And I was uite happy with that concept – existential philosophy as a vivid practical and hip lifestyle; a way of ‘being’ I could easily relate to Why change something that is already as good as it isWell because after a few days of drinking too much black coffee and smoking too many heavy cigarettes my body seriously complained Hence I started studying reading up whatever I could get into my hands to understand and also impress the PhD guy at the next discussion round Long and lonely nights in the library were following Me vs Satre Everyone who has been busily engaged in studying philosophy knows that kind of feeling I really wanted to crack the nut Because I figured out that the ideas behind existentialism can be uite explosive Sentences like “We are all free and can’t stop being free” or “Existentialists recognize that life is ultimately absurd and full of terrible inescapable truths” shook me up But – to tell you the truth – if Gary Cox’s book ‘How to Be an Existentialist’ would have been out there already it would have enlightened my mind – and hence saved precious life time‘How to Be an Existentialist’ is a concise and clearly entertaining introduction into the philosophy of existentialism nicely explaining much worried about notions such as “authenticity” or “bad faith” The long and well written chapters on “What is existentialism” and “How not be an existentialist” accompany the curious reader through concepts including true to life examples The following chapter “How to be authentic” focuses on the acceptance of how things really are “Authenticity involves a person confronting reality and facing up the hard truth that he is at all times a free being” This is where Cox makes fun of the reputation existentialism has for being gloomy and pessimistic exposing it for what it really is – an honest uplifting and potentially life changing philosophyWith the publication of ‘How to Be an Existentialist’ Gary Cox ualified as Britain’s new ‘pop philospher’ as the book has a slightly light but definitely witty touch On the other hand Cox’s aim is to jolt the I blame everyone but myself society where it became fashionable and so easy for all of us to not take over responsibility for our own and freely chosen actions Hence he chose to bridge the gap between the academic ivory tower research and the worldly needs of an interested but theoretically untrained reader “In an age where philosophy is simply regarded as an academic subject alongside other academic subjects the claim that profound personal enlightenment can result from the study of philosophy sounds grandiose According to the Ancient Greek founders of Western philosophy however achieving personal enlightenment is precisely the point of studying philosophy The trouble with too many philosophy students and teachers is that they think the point of studying philosophy is to get a degree – and to hell with enlightenment” page 94Branding his work as self help literature surely helps to catch some of the lost souls roaming around in book stores searching for alternatives to “How to life my lifefor Dummies” And Cox is not be blamed for it – such a substantial and entertaining introduction to existentialism which also makes you chuckle and that’s uite rare in philosophy believe me deserves a place even in your library

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Gary Cox is a British philosopher and biographer and the author of several books on Jean Paul Sartre existentialism general philosophy ethics and philosophy of sport

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