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Ife himself would ever uncover the truth Afire with the passion of youth Nick Stanton had lain with Mary Winters Now scarred by warfare in mind and body. Mary Winters an

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MARY WINTERS HARBORED A SECRET DEEP WITHIN HER HEARTShe'd borne the duke of Vail a child and was determined that no one not even the noble love of her l. Not sure if I'm

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He feared he'd be no fit husband to his beloved or father to the son now claimed by another man a man whose one desire was to wreak vengeance on them a. I actually disl Vania claimed by another man a man whose one desire was to wreak vengeance on them a. I actually disl

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    Highly recommendThis story is packed with emotional kick Bitter regret mistrust never forgotten love dark secrets who could ask for ? I really enjoyed Gayle Wilson's style and different approach to her HEA The heroine went to the father of her love when she needed help like he told her to but the help never came She was forced to become a governess to the son of a nasty tempered merchant and his ailing wife At least she had a roof over her head She tried to hate the hero but deep in her heart she knew she would always love him even if she could never trust him again Little did she know the person she shouldn't trust was her employerThe hero returns from Waterloo grievously injured his family tragically killed Once recovered he searches for the woman he left behind to go into battle She has disappeared then years later he hears her name mentioned in connection with a crime The poor governess has no family no protection Well she would now but would she accept it?

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    Not sure if I'm still suffering from the aftershocks of the book I read 'Stormfire' prior to this 1 but it seems to me HSD took 4ever beyond to get going This is only my 3rd GW Unfortunately I had to slog thru' this 1 the story progresses in such a dilatory manner that I was also watching E Reality shows THS in between LOL The super thin plot gets stretched w repetitive phrases over descriptive inner dialogues facial expressions struggle in hunting down the missing child It doesn't feel like a true romance it's like a 'Without a trace' episode w not so thrilling end results For a hero who's portrayed as a courageous brilliant legendary highly regarded war tactician vet a Colonel no less he doesn't seem to have what it takes 'cuz he's always 1 or 2 steps behind the disgusting oily cunning villain Nick's overconfident hence initially he underestimates his opponent not anticipating that the villain has a trump card up his sleeve His empty threats to ruin the villain force him to release the custody of the child backfire on him He keeps making unfulfilled promises to heroine that the child will be returned He gets shot in the chest while rescuing the TSTL heroine barging in literally the last 2nd on the near rape scene His interminable near death experience convalescence the villain's home are unnecessary fillers When he goes after the runaway villain the 2nd time he gets whacked in the arm while clinging precariously to the boat almost gets his arm broken The big secret of why he was not able to come to heroine when she needed him the most is deferred again again Reading Make him tell U the truth after the umpteenth time gets tired I get it His gigantic ball of secret won't be painstakingly unfurled 'till my eyelids start to droop Not too endearing either that he keeps referring to Richard as 'Your son' not 'Our son' He's 1 of the blandest tortured heroes I've ever encountered in my misfortune I didn't witness any hidden depths allThe dim bulb heroine is another pill to swallow She's embittered by what she perceived as hero's betrayal when she was preggers ungrateful impatient incomprehensible to me She's willing to barter herself for Richard her kid wout telling the hero what her intentions are She goes back to the villain the same 1 who tried to rape prosecute her w filthy lies which put her in jail for 3 months on grounds of attempted murder Did she learn her valuable lesson ? Nope she irrationally deduces that if she sells her body to the villain the kid will be returned safe sound to the hero Get real She's in such denial that she runs to the boy's room instead of outta the villain's house therefore getting herself cornered we're treated to a stomach churning scene where the villain can only get himself excited by inflicting pain the heroine had prior knowledge of the villain's perversity after MANY years of caring for the villain's much abused late wife She's the epitome of 'the light is there but there's noone home' ^D Instead of consulting the hero on what steps to take in retrieving their son she digs her own grave not even euipped w a catapult by bargaining w the revenge driven creep This chick has major trust issues due to hero's abandonment yrs ago Gag me plzI thought the reunited luvbirds was a promising premise Li'l did I know that the luv story would unfold a snail's pace What a downer it's a done deal that they've been in luv thru' long years of separation after 1 hasty coupling before rejoining the war Sadly their mission impossible overshadows the romance Their screen time dialogue are so limited When the hero is felled again by the villain in their final combat I was like geez what a wimpy limpy hero the poor bloke just can't catch a break the creep gets his comeuppance from a 4 legged animal BTW Methinks the TSTL HH deserve 1 another

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    I gave this one 35 stars This couple Nick and Mary went through various stages of love hate At times they engaged in too much angst IMO The author revealed their sweet son as sensitive wise beyond his years I especially liked the supporting cast both military vets Pierce the loyal yet blunt batman valet Bill Smithers an honest man who found a better job The baddie took up too much space in the story This made the love storyseem like Plan B My favorite scene? Mary accused of a crime knew she couldn't testify on her own behalf But someone spoke up for her

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    Mary Winters and the Duke of Vail loved each other as youth He fought in the Napoleonic Wars and was gravely wounded She's the daughter of a minister Before he left for the war they secretly took vows of marriage in a deserted church Several years later Mary is accused of attacking her employer She had become pregnant and gave her son to a childless couple in exchange for them allowing her to stay with them When the wife dies and the husband tries to rape her she knocks him out and is accused Nick comes and claims her as his wife unknowing of the child The merchant uses the boy as revenge Nick and Mary must reveal their secrets before all is well Good story

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    Mary Winters and Nick Stanton contract a secret marriage just before he leaves for Waterloo Seven years later we find Mary acting as governess to Nick's son having given him away when Nick doesn't come to find her after the war There's a LOT that happens before they reach their HEA no spoilersI was surprised at some of the reviews as I thought the hero and heroine behaved appropriately after their separation They had a lot to overcome and it took a while so I didn't think either was particularly out of character My biggest problem is that there were plenty of various events crammed into this story and it became a bit much for me There's smuggling kidnappings attempted rape attempted murder shootings and so on A small matter but I really didn't understand why everyone including Nick calls her Mary Winters even after their marriage It bugged me after a whileAll in all an okay and uick read

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    His Secret Duchess is such a uniue book plotwise The author has crammed a lot into this short story and I actually didn't mind that because it kept my attention throughout At times it was painful to read but I just kept going because I liked these characters so much and couldn't wait to see them happy Recommended

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    Sometimes I really dislike GR another review gone35 StarsI liked this book you have long lost lovers reuniting families becoming whole a mad man who get's off on hurting people revenge attempted murder Mary and Nick haven't seen each other since the afternoon Nick had to go off to battle They laid together for the first time the same afternoon privately vow themselves to each other in an old church the register signed in his blood With child and not hearing word from Nick Mary goes to a family offering her child she lives as the child governess Many years later Nick or should I say the Duke of Vail hears a story about a Mary Winters who is on trial and with out protection off he runs to save her There is plenty to be said between those two why there was no word and contact And that they have a child together A child Mary will do anything to get back from the mad man who has taken him to be his ownI had a longerbetter review wrote but I am grumpy now and I really didn't want write it all again As I can't recall how exactly how it all was

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    I actually dislike this book because I loved the beginning so much How the HH met and consummated their love was really romantic and cute but their older selves were a bit stupid I can understand the heroine's anger and bitterness towards the hero but I really feel that she should've given him a bit of forgiveness and a chance to redeem himself especially since she was a vicar's daughter Her young self was so full of promise and sweetand kind as a vicar's daughter should be Her older self before she meets the hero is still pretty decent and kind but the author makes the heroine into a horrible petty mean vengeful woman inconsistent with the character I began to like Also the hero should've explained things to her off the bat and not held on to any secrets That was frustrating And honestly I don't know why they didn't just steal their son back and she hadn't taken immediate steps to get her son away from an abusive cruel man 1 stars for the prologue of the book but that's about it

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    sigh I think she forgave him too easilyview spoilershe wed Nick Stanton secretly Nick went to war was seriously wounded when his father and elder brother went to take him home their ship sank and they died Nick became the Duke of Vail She had become pregnant gave the info to the old duke to give to Nick and went into hiding that info perished with the old duke Nick thought she no longer wanted him because he was wounded She thought he had second thoughts on their relationship it was only when she was framed for murder and her son kidnapped that he stepped up to claim them hide spoiler

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    Hero and heroine are desperately in love and pledge to each other in a secret ceremony just before the hero goes off to battle He returns injured and believes she no longer does or will love him—not knowing that she had his son and had to give him up to a couple He only finds out about her again when she’s accused of attempting to murder the man who has been raising their son There’s a lot of drama in this that is very page turning There is an attempted rape scene that I skimmed ahead to make sure it didn’t actually happenand to my relief it doesn’t but it went farther than I’d expected

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