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Beyond the Arrow Mountains where winds blow bitter chill across the Arrow Ocean lies a town called Arrowville where every pointed person had a pointed point of view and every point in Arrowville was always just askew In Arrowville the arrows argue all d. What I like about this bookarrows and targets bull eye are paired together The artwork is strange but interestingBUTI couldn't wait for this book to be over It is a turuoise and fire engine red which are not pleasing to my eyes The story was strangeBUT the lesson that can be learned even though we are polar opposites we can all get alongPS is Geefwee Boedoe are real name

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Ay long except for an agreeable girl named Barb When Barb runs away from home she encounters a family of targets vacationing in Arrowville The Targets become the target of mistrust leading to a clamorous climax of chaos and confusion but in the end Barb. I don't know if it was the rhyming text of which I am admittedly not a fan but to me this story was disjointed and flat I think the art is clever but the color palate is provocative than I'm used to seeing in a children's book Maybe a few rereads would reveal the importance of the dichotomy between the targets and the arrows but it was not clear to me

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And the Targets convince the town that there are certain ideas upon which everyone can agreeAnimator and first time author Geefwee Boedoe makes his debut with a sly and delicious comedy of errors featuring lollypops and something even sweeter friendshi. Barb a little girl unites targets and arrows in a uniue truce