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  • Paperback
  • 256
  • An Ideal Wife
  • Gemma Townley
  • English
  • 06 May 2019
  • 9780345499844

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An Ideal Wife

Gemma Townley × 0 review

How to ruin a perfectly good marriage become an Ideal Wife Married to the man she loves sweet sexy Max Jessica Wild Wainwright is blissfully happy except for one tiny little problem She never confessed to an almost tryst with Max’s biggest rival right before their wedding Eaten up with guilt and facing down threats of exposure Jessica decides to give Max what he clearly stil. An Ideal Wife by Gemma Townley is the third book in the hilarious Jessica Wild series Jessica Wild is insanely in love with her husband Max and Max is just as enad with her However Jessica has a secret A secret she knows she needs to confess to Max but she doesn’t want to because Max believes that Jessica is the “perfect wife”So Jessica goes on a mission to discover what it means to be a perfect wife She begins volunteering at a homeless shelter takes a cooking class and attempts to be romantic to keep Max happy But all the while she is still struggling with her secret Just when she plans on filling Max in he ends up in the hospital with broken bones leaving Jessica to take care of his ad agency during a stressful economic time Jessica is overwhelmed by her new responsibilitiesHonestly it was a bit hard to write a summary for this book because nothing much happened I loved the first two books in the Jessica Wild series but I think it could have ended with the nice happy ending in book number two This third installment didn’t really add anything to the series and in fact made me look at it in a different lightJessica the main character who before was uirky clumsy and adorable came across as straight up annoying in this book All of her charm was goneIt’s time to put this series to bed; I loved the first two and I’m happy to say that I still think Gemma Townley is a great writer but I’m ready to say goodbye to Jessica

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L lacks the Ideal Wife With the help of her friends she will become perfect in every way doting devoted domestic everything Max deservesHowever the path to perfection is fraught with peril from culinary chaos to a boudoir disaster that puts Max in the hospital with a broken leg and a sexy nurse who is certainly Ideal in every way that Jessica is not When Jessica rallies to run. As per usual I LOVE Jessica Wild and Max Wainwright I wish we could have known about them and the baby but it's always of an open ending when it comes to them two I know they'd be fantastic parents The only thing I don't like when it comes to Jessica however is how uickly she jumps to conclusions As she did when she thought Max was cheating on her In this book it's that she isn't the Ideal Wife that Max is disinterested all that blabber She also seems to think that Max would leave her if she said anything about Hugh when a it was just a kiss b it happened before they were married and c HUGH IS GAY Seriously But other than that I thoroughly enjoyed the novel

Summary An Ideal Wife

Max’s company and is met with overt hostility by an obsessive co worker and by an auditor determined to uncover everyone’s secrets things become decidedly less than Ideal Toss in a semiretired Russian stripper turned stay at home mom and strange men watching her apartment and Jessica fears Project Ideal Wife has backfired miserably Can a less than perfect wife save the da. Jesse tells how she wants to be the perfect wife for boss husband Max makes lists Crazy circle includes newfound engaged mum new mum ex stripper comittment phobe gal gay guy Predictable Typo 36 she said IS you said