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Hades Lord of the Dead

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Nothing ever changes in the land of the dead Deep in this hidden Kingdom beneath the earth co. George O'Connor creates another stellar installment in hi

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One day the Lord of the Dead takes a wife Or tries to anyway And then all Hades breaks loose. This is the fourth book in the graphic series The Olympia

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Untless spirits await the end of time Hades the lord of this dire realm Waits with them until. Readers are first introduced to the Underworld and the or Kitty Princess and the Newspaper Dress realm Waits with them until. Readers are first introduced to the Underworld and the or

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    I love this series This is titled Hades and he has little to do with this book really It is about Demeter and Persephone or her original name Kore The book starts out talking about what happens when you die and Hades makes his appearance Then we see him abducting Kore while no one is looking At first she is pissed and then she realizes she could be important as the ueen of the underworld and her mother Demeter is grating her nerves Demeter stops letting the earth bare fruit and searches for her daughter Once found Persephone has to spend 6 months in Hades with Hades and 6 months in Olympus with her mom She is happy with thisThe art is great and when Demeter realizes Zeus is behind this her wraith jumps off the page It is so well done I hope he does all the stories of the gods over the years These are fantastic Hades is actually shown to be than a monster If you like mythology and graphic novels you have to read this

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    Reviewed at In O'Connor's fourth installment of the Olympians graphic novel series starts with the journey into the Underworld after death but reveals itself to be about the myth of Persephone's abduction and the conseuences that follow such This graphic novel is not only about Hades but about Demeter and Persephone as well What I Think Persephone's myth is one of my favorites I love how clever the Greeks were to have such an elaborate tale to account for the seasons that we all experience And saying that this graphic novel is by far my favorite version of the story I am such a fan of George O'Connor's style of art and his storytelling capabilities as I've loved the two other Olympian graphic novels that I've read and I love this one as well The way that O'Connor takes the myth stays true to it but adds his own interpretation of aspects is what makes his graphic novels uniue For example the thought that went into why he made Persephone a little dark in this story is so thought provoking Also as I've said in my reviews of Zeus and Athena I love the Greek notes drawings bibliography recommended readings discussion uestions and author's notes at the end of all of his graphic novels they make them accessible for not only children teens but teachers to use in their classroom Thank you Netgalley and First Second for access to this title

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    George O'Connor creates another stellar installment in his Olympians graphic novel series with Hades Lord of the Dead Opening with a description of what you might find as you enter the Underworld the story shifts into a dramatic retelling of my favorite Greek myth the Abduction of Persephone While his work is based on research from classic and contemporary texts I like that O'Connor feels confident in re interpreting the myths and adding clever references to other stories and popular culture for example Hermes returns Persephone to Olympus with the announcement Special Delivery a nod to his appearance as the FTD symbol with Persephone the Goddess of Spring as his floral package One of my favorite parts was the panel recap in the back that explains the research and his thought processes for many panelsHow long until the next one?

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    this was about persephone than hades but that’s okay love them love this my first 5 star read of 2019 💕

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    This was an advanced copy that I got from Netgalley I thought it was a well done and well researched graphic novel on the underworld Hades Persephone and Demeter The story shows what happens to a person when they die according to Greek mythology and then continues with the myth about Persephone originally called Kore and how she ended up as ueen of the Underworld after she was abducted by Hades I liked that the author used multiple viewpoints of all three characters especially Persephone and not just that of the men in the story as myths have a tendency to do I liked that it would appeal to both boys and girls For me it was the little things in this graphic novel that made it great It was the way the author describes the punishments of certain Greeks in Tartaros the fact that he includes Hercules mortal half of his soul is in the underworld while his immortal part is in Olympus the way Kore and her mother Demeter argue like they would nowadays which makes the myth modern and easier for kidsteens to understand how Hades created violets especially for Kore and how Kore decided that being the ueen of the Underworld isn't such a bad gig and changes her name and reinvents herself I had no idea that Zeus had sanctioned Hades to take Kore I enjoyed the interaction between Hermes and Hekate and didn't know that in some stories they were married I liked the profiles of the gods and goddesses and the Greek notes at the end of the book as well as the recommended reading lists Now I can't wait to read the other graphic novels in the author's Olympian series Recommended for ages 10

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    Readers are first introduced to the Underworld and the order of operations upon death After a fierce argument between Kore and her mother Demeter she is kidnapped and taken to the Underworld to be Hades' bride She is resistant at first but eventually takes an active role in her fate and embraces her new position as the ueen to be Meanwhile Demeter roams the earth consumed with grief and searches for answers concerning her daughter's disappearance Upon learning her daughter has been taken to the Underworld she sends Hermes to retrieve herHermes recognizes the sadness in Kore's now Persephone's eyes and pointedly asks if she consumed any food while in the Underworld for if she had she would be fated to return there She replies that she ate 6 pomegranate seeds which means she will spend 6 months of every year in the Underworld Upon her return to the Underworld she uickly seals her fate by eating 6 seeds At story's close Persephone is busy making some necessary changes in the Underworld and fully embracing her place on the throne beside Hades Hands down a fantastic graphic novel I loved how the story brought the reader in almost like a choose your own adventure story where the introduction to the Underworld reads like a 2nd person narrative The pacing and action was spot on which makes this a top notch recommendation especially to reluctant readers There were plenty of resources following the story as well including an author's note fact files on the major characters featured in this volume discussion uestions bibliography and recommended reading Recommended for grades 3 5 boys and girls alike

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    This is the fourth book in the graphic series The Olympians by George O’Connor This is an amazing retelling of the story of Hades and Persephone I was just captivated by the beauty of the drawings and the passion of the characters With tons of research into the myths George O’Connor has created a story that weaves together all the bits and pieces This telling of the Hades myth is not only touching but opens up a humanity in the Greek Gods that I believe was often missing in the serious versions Hades is portrayed as a man who has been given a job to do He is shrouded in darkness but he is not evilPersephone has personality in George O’Connor’s story than she has been given before Here is a young woman smothered by her overprotective mother Though Hades took her against her will he is willing to give her freedom than she ever had before and a chance to become the woman she wants to beThen there is Demeter Persephone’s mother who nearly destroys the world with her grief at the loss of her daughter Through a connection with Hecate she is able to find her daughterIn the end this is a powerful story that can be enjoyed by girl or boy It’s dark but romantic and I can’t wait to pick up

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    This is the fourth title in the Olympian series and it certainly does not disappoint The creator sticks closely to the original story of Demeter Hades and Persephone describing how Hades kidnaps Persephone once called Kore on Earth and shows her around his kingdom While she is gone Demeter allows the crops to fail as she searches for her daughter But the twist that this updated story contains involves Persephone coming into her own while in the Underworld Out from under the control of her mother she flourishes and although she is glad to be reunited with her mother she is also relieved to return to Hades enough so that she lies about having consumed any foods while in Hades the first time around This is an empowered version of Persephone a character who always seemed to be the unwilling pawn in a game being played by her mother and Hades in the past This different perspective is refreshing and allows Persephone to make her own mark on how things are done in her new kingdom One of my favorite illustrations is the last one which shows the two rulers on their thrones Hades with just the slightest smile on his lips Fans of mythology will relish this moody version of the classic story

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    This graphic novel brings a fresh look to the myth of Hades and Persephone Much of the dialogue is almost lyrical in a way that I can easily imagine ancient Greek gods would speak The artwork is also very nice and Persephone's physical appearance design was different she looks like a Goth girl instead of a Goddess of Spring but that was cool Her relationship with Hades is also eual he treats her with respect I would have liked for this graphic novel to be longer but overall it still is a great book In the back you have information and factoids about Hades Persephone and Demeter as well as research notes and author's commentary Really a nice package

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    There were two reasons why I picked up this book First of all I now know that I like some graphic novels And this one got great reviews Second I had just finished reading The Goddess Test which had Hades aka Henry as a main character and I thought it would be fun to brush up on my Greek mythology This is the story of Hades and Persephone and Demeter It takes the spin that Hades loved Persephone and eventually Persephone loved Hades And Persephone chose to eat six pomegranate seeds because she liked being with Hades The book also has a lot of fun extras with nods to other myths in the various panels In fact I actually loved reading some of the Greek Notes as much as reading the actual graphic novel I just might have to read all the other Olympians graphic novels by this author

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