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Jane Cable


S for the Graustark series he hated the characterization of being a Romantic and preferred to be identified with his playwriting His works include Castle Craneycrow 1902 The Sherrods 1903 The Day of the Dog 1904 Beverly of Graustark 1904 The Purple Parasol 1905.

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George Barr McCutcheon 1866 1928 was an American popular novelist and playwright His best known works include a series of novels set in Graustark a fictional East European country Brewster's Millions 1902 a play and several films Although McCutcheon became famou.

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Jane Cable 1905 Nedra 1905 Cowardice Court 1906 The Flyers 1907 The Daughter of Anderson Crow 1907 The Husbands of Edith 1908 The Man from Brodney's 1908 Brood House 1910 Mary Midthorne 1911 Anderson Crow Detective 1920 Viola Gwyn 1922 and Kindling and Ashes 192.

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    Set predominantly in Chicago the basic plot revolves around a woman adopting a foundling after first speaking to a ruthless lawyer for advice as she doesn’t want her husband to know the baby girl isn’t theirs Twenty years later in 1898 the woman’s husband has become rich and the lawyer reappears leading to blackmail and other unpleasantness Having enjoyed several works of fiction by George Barr McCutcheon I was expecting something as good with “Jane Cable” Sadly this was a huge disappointment It was almost as though I was reading a book written by a different author The dull third person narrative read like a poor emulation of one of Charles Dickens’s weakest efforts Also like Dickens this tome features a plethora of adverbs and too many characters several of which seem superfluous to the story as do certain scenesRegarding the characters there wasn’t one that drew me to them in any way good or bad None of them even rose up to be a strong hero or heroine of the piece The title character remains in the background for the most part The author’s earlier books feature engaging characters and entertaining dialogue both of which are absent here Only the odd interesting scene kept me reading and from rating this just 1 starHad this been the first book I’d read by George Barr McCutcheon I wouldn’t have bothered with any of his works but knowing what he is capable of means I’m assuming this is just a bad apple and that his other novels will be of the same calibre as the likes of “The Sherrods” and “Castle Craneycrow”

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    I am so glad I discovered this author His writing is such a delight to read I step back in time with each novel He has enough twists and turns to keep it exciting His characters are usually among the upper class and rich yet they are humble and good This one had a war with which I was unfamiliar so I also learned some history

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    This was a bestseller when it was published in 1906 and it is very much of its time The story relies heavily on lingering Victorian melodrama Jane's dilemma feels very similar to Mary's in Trollope's Dr Thorne but it also tries to promote the radical notion that the child should not be punished for the sins of the father with the implication that family name and heritage is less important than one's own happiness It's a wonderful time capsule of a change in social attitudes with some interesting albeit racist scenes set during the Pacific campaign of the Spanish American War Unless you're a fan of melodrama I can't say this is a fun read but if you have an academic interest in social history this should not be overlooked

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