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I ll have it in within a month Maybe notThe news peg will go stale Jared whinedSo what A short piece in your news section will do for now If I m going to do this I m going to do it right Those are the conditions take em or leave emAnybody but you I d tell em to get shoved Patterson replied But hell why not We go way back You got it SandyMy agent will call and get everything in writingHey Jared said After all we been through you want things in writing How many times did I bail you out of jail How many times did we share a joint Lots Sandy said Only they were always my joints as I recall Jared seven years ago you gave me three hours notice and bus fare in lieu of severance pay So this time we ll get a written contract My agent will call He hung up before Patterson had a chance to argue turned on the answering machine to catch any attempted call backs and leaned back in his chair with his hands behind his head and a faintly bemused smile on his face He wondered just what the hell he was getting himself into this timeSharon wasn t going to like this he thought His agent wasn t going to like it either But he liked it somehow No doubt running off to Maine to muck around in a murder was a silly thing to do therational side of Sandy Blair knew that knew that his deadlines and mortgage obligations ought to come first that he could hardly afford the time he d have to expend on this for the relative pittance that Hedgehog would pay Still he d been restless and moody lately and he had to get away from that damned page thirty seven for a while and it had been entirely too long since he had done anything silly anything spontaneous or new or even a tad adventurous In the old days he d been just wild enough to drive Jared crazy Sandy missed the old days He remembered the time that he and Maggie had driven to Philly at two in the morning because he wanted a cheese steak And the time Lark and Bambi and he had gone to Cuba to harvest sugarcane And his attempt to join the French Foreign Legion and Froggy s search for the ultimate pizza and the week they d spent exploring the sewers The marches the rallies the concerts the rock stars and underground heroes and dopesters he knew all the off the wall stories that had fattened his clipbook and broadened his horizons He missed all that He d had good days and bad days but it was all a lotexciting than sitting in his office and rereading page thirty seven over and over againSandy began to rummage through the lower drawers of his desk Way in the back he kept souvenirs things he had no earthly use for but couldn t bear to throw awayhandbills he d written snapshots he d never gotten around to sticking in a photo album his collection of old campaign buttons Underneath it all he found the box with his old business cards He snapped off the rubber band and extracted a fewThere were two different kinds One printed in deep black ink on crisp white cardboard identified him as Sander Blair accredited correspondent of the National Metropolitan News Network Inc It was legit too that was the real name of the corporation that published Hedgehog or at least it had been until Jared sold out to the chain Sandy had come up with the corporate name himself reasoninguite accurately as hindsight demonstratedthat there would be occasions when a reporter for the National Metropolitan News Network Inc would have a much easier time getting press credentials than a reporter for something called Hedgehog Ce texte fait r f rence l dition BrochThe best novel concerning the American pop music culture of the sixties Ive ever readStephen King From New York Times bestselling author George R R Martin comes the ultimate novel of revolution rock n roll and apocalyptic murdera stunning work of fiction that portrays not just the end of an era but the end of the world as we know itOnetime underground journalist Sandy Blair has come a long way from his radical roots in the suntil something unexpectedly draws him back the bizarre and brutal murder of a rock promoter who made millions with a band called the Nazgl Now as Sandy sets out to investigate the crime he finds himself drawn back into his own pasta magical mystery tour of the pent up passions of his generation For a new messiah has resurrected the Nazgl and the mad new rhythm may bethan anyone bargained fora reuiem of demonism mind control and death whose apocalyptic tune only Sandy may be able to change in timebefore everyone follows the beat The wilder aspects of the sroar back to life in this hallucinatory story by a master of chilling suspense Publishers Weekly What a story full of nostalgia and endless excitement Its taut tense and moves like lightningTony Hillerman Daringa knowing wistful appraisal ofa crucial American generation Chicago Sun Times Movingcomiceeriereally and truly a walk down memory lane The Washington Post Ce texte fait r f rence l dition Broch.

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Know you ve been doing well How many novels have you published Four Three Sandy corrected Hedgehog s run reviews on every one of them too You oughtta be grateful Firing you was the best thing I could have done for you You were always a better writer than you were an editorOh thank you massa thank you I s ever so thankful I owes it all to youYou could at least be civil Jared said Look you don t need us and we don t need you but I thought it would be nice to work together again just for old time s sake Admit it it d be a kick to have your byline in the old Hog again wouldn t it And we pay better than we used toI m not hurting for moneyWho said you were I know all about you Three novels and a brownstone and a sports car What is it a Porsche or something A Mazda RX Sandy said curtlyYeah and you live with a realtor so don t lecture me about selling out Sandy old boyWhat do you want Jared Sandy said stung I m getting tired of sparringWe ve got a story that would be perfect for you We want to play it up big too and I thought maybe you d be interested It s a murderWhat are you doing now trying to turn the Hog into True Detective Forget it Jared I don t do crime shitJamie Lynch was the guy that got himself murderedThe name of the victim brought Sandy up short and a wisecrack died in his mouth The promoter None otherSandy sat back took a swig of beer and mulled on that Lynch had been out of the news for years a has been even before Sandy was fired from the Hog but in his day he had been an important man in the rock subculture It could be an interesting story Lynch had always been surrounded by controversy He d worn two hats promoter and manager As a promoter he d organized some of the biggest tours and concerts of his day He d ensured their success by booking in the bands he controlled as manager and by denying those bands to rival concerts With hot talent like American Taco the Fevre River Packet Company and the Nazgl under his thumb he d been a man to reckon with At least up until when the disaster at West Mesa the breakup of the Nazgl and a couple of drug busts started him on the long slide down What happened to him Sandy askedIt s pretty kinky Jared said Somebody busted into his place up in Maine dragged him into his office and offed him there They tied him to his desk and like sacrificed him Cut his heart out He had one after all Remember the old jokes Ah never mind Anyhow the whole scene was kind of grotesue Mansonesue y know Well that made me think of the series you did back around the time that Sharon Tate got offed you know that investigation ofwhat did you call it The dark side of the counterculture Sandy said dryly We won awards for that series JaredYeah right I remembered it was good So I thought of you This is right up your alley Real Sixties y know What we re thinking of is a long meaty piece like those in depth things you used to go for We ll use the murder as a news peg see and you could investigate it a bit see maybe if you could kick up something the police miss y know but mostly use it as a springboard for a sort of retrospective on Jamie Lynch and his promotions all his groups and his concerts and his times and like that Maybe you could look up some of the guys from his old groups the Fevre River gang and the Nazgl and all interview em and work in some where are they now kind of stuff It would be sort of a nostalgia piece I figureYour readership thinks the Beatles were the band Paul McCartney was with before he got Wings Sandy said They won t even know who Jamie Lynch was for ChrissakesThat s where you re wrong We still have lots of our old readers The kind of feature I see on this Lynch business will be real popular Now can you write it or not Of course I can write it The uestion is why should I We ll pay expenses and our top rate That ain t nothing to sneeze at either You won t have to sell the paper on street corners afterward We re beyond thatTerrific Sandy said He wanted to tell Jared to go get stuffed but much as he hated to admit it the assignment had a certain perverse attractiveness It would be nice to be in the Hog again The paper was his baby after all it had turned into a pretty wayward and superficial kid but it was his nonetheless and still had a lingering hold on his loyalties Besides if he did this Lynch piece it would help restore some of the old Hog uality if only for an instant If he passed someone else would write the article and it would betrash I tell you what Sandy said You guarantee me that I ll get cover billing with this and you put it in writing that the piece will be printed just the way I write it not one word changed no cuts nothing and maybe I ll consider itSandy you want it you got it I wouldn t think of messing around with your stuff Can you have the piece in by Tuesday Sandy laughed raucously Shit no In depth you said I want as much time as I need on this Maybe.

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Chapter OneThose were the days my friend We thought they d never endIt was not one of Sandy Blair s all time great days His agent had picked up the lunch tab to be sure but that only partially made up for the way he d gotten on Sandy s case about the novel deadline The subway was full of yahoos and it seemed to take forever to get him back to Brooklyn The three block walk to the brownstone he called home seemed longer and colder than usual He felt in dire need of a beer by the time he got there He pulled one from the fridge opened it and ascended wearily to his third floor office to face the stack of blank paper he was supposedly turning into a book Once again the elves had failed to knock off any chapters in his absence page thirty seven was still in his typewriter You just couldn t get good elves any Sandy thought morosely He stared at the words with distaste took a swig from the bottle in his hand and looked around for a distractionThat was when he noticed the red light on his message machine and found that Jared Patterson had phonedActually it had been Jared s secretary who made the call which Sandy found amusing even after seven years and everything that had happened Patterson was still a bit nervous about him Jared Patterson would like Mister Blair to contact him as soon as possible in connection with an assignment said the pleasant professional voice Sandy listened to her twice before erasing the tape Jared Patterson he said to himself bemused The name evoked a hell of a lot of memoriesSandy knew that he really ought to ignore Patterson s message The sonofabitch deserved noThat was hopeless though he was already too curious He picked up the phone and dialed mildly astonished to discover that he still remembered the number after seven years A secretary picked up Hedgehog she said Mister Patterson s officeThis is Sander Blair Sandy said Jared phoned me Tell the poltroon that I m returning his callYes Mister Blair Mister Patterson left instructions to put you through at once Please holdA moment later Patterson s familiar mock hearty voice was ringing in Sandy s ear Sandy It s great to hear ya really it is Long time old man How s it hanging Cut the shit Jared Sandy said sharply You re no happier to hear from me than I was to hear from you What the hell you want And keep it short I m a busy manPatterson chuckled Is that any way to talk to an old friend Still no social graces I see All right then however you want it I wantcha to do a story for Hedgehog how s that for straight Go suck a lemon Sandy said Why the hell should I write for you You fired me you assholeBitter bitter Jared chided That was seven years ago Sandy I hardly remember it nowThat s funny I remember it real well I d lost it you said I was out of touch with what was happening you said I was too old to edit for the youth audience you said I was taking the Hog down the tubes you said Like shit I was the one who made that paper and you damn well know itNever denied it Jared Patterson said breezily But times changed and you didn t If I d kept you on we d have gone down with the Freep and the Barb and all the rest All that counterculture stuff had to go I mean who needed it All that politics reviewers who hated the hot new trends in music the drug storiesit just didn t cut it y know He sighed Look I didn t call to hash over ancient history I was hoping you d haveperspective by now Hell Sandy firing you hurt methan it did youOh sure Sandy said You sold out to a chain and got a nice cushy salaried job as publisher while you were firing three uarters of your staff You must be in such pain He snorted Jared you re still an asshole We built that paper together as a communal sort of thing It wasn t yours to sellHey communes were all well and good back when we were young but you seem to forget that it was my money kept the whole show afloatYour money and our talentGod you haven t changed a bit have you Jared said Well think what you like but our circulation is three times what it was when you were editor and our ad revenues are out of sight Hedgehog has class now We get nominated for real journalism awards Have you seen us lately Sure said Sandy Great stuff Restaurant reviews Profiles of movie stars Suzanne Somers on the cover for God s sake Consumer reports on video games A dating service for lonely singles What is it you call yourself now The Newspaper of Alternative Lifestyles We changed that dropped the alternative part It s just Lifestyles now Between the two H s in the logoJesus Sandy said Your music editor has green hair He s got a real deep understanding of pop music Jared said defensively And stop shouting at me You re always shouting at me I m starting to regret calling you y know Do you want to talk about this assignment or not Frankly my dear I don t give a damn Why do you think I need your assignment No one said you did I m not out of it I.

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