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The Power of Seventy

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Ime it had proven wise to hide the goods in the jungle Because of the chronic and current financial predicament of 2 of them they plan the recovery of these spoils of war A modern treasure hunt ensues de.

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Scribing how the unlikely treasure hunting trio embark on the adventure of a lifetime to find this valuable cargo and then contrive to transport it by river land and sea using two amphibious gyro copters.

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When 3 old friends enjoy a rare re union they find that one of them was involved in the discovery of a large amount of precious stones and metal in a war torn Central African country decades ago At the t. Loving Lilly they find The Complete Idiot's Guide to Quinoa Cookbook that one of Christmas Eve on Sesame Street them was involved in An Atheist Defends Religion the discovery of a large amount of precious stones and metal in a war Asian Bites: A feast of flavors from Turkey to India to Japan torn Central African country decades ago At An Atheist Defends Religion the The Flintstones Stone Age Nursery Rhymes t.

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    An African story in the style of some of the older ones Two seventy year olds a lot of diamonds and how to get out of the central Congo with said diamonds and without having to give them up to allegedly corrupt authorities The writing style is light in accord with tradition and but for some thoughts about Jessica would be ideal for young adult The writing gives a clear picture of the Central African jungle and while I have never been there at least it seems convincing The adventures of these two are to my feeling a little implausible but only because I do not think two men aged over seventy could keep going the way these two do especially given the amount of drink they seem to consume when given a chance Liver failure would be likely The one advantage the elderly have is experience but in one scene it does not look like these two would make it You have a boat you are going down a massive river you see a storm coming you beach them to get on dry land so what next? Even on my first fishing trip there was one thing obvious secure the boat Nope – sorry but that is a slightly cheap source of tension Leaving that aside the plot is plausible and the author is to be congratulated for keeping the problems to what nature could reasonably throw against them and every little adventure is survived plausibly The five stars is because Colenbrander managed to tell an exciting story plausibly and with one small exception refrained from generating some additional problems that should have killed the expedition except as some authors manage by adding silly heroics Well done

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    The Power of 70 is a roller coaster adventure novel set in the former Belgian Congo This book will leave the reader intrigued between the balance of fact and fiction in the story Written in a concise and open style the life experiences of the author's own travels into central Africa are brought to lifeA great literary debut by the author

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