Summary é The Little Village School

  • Hardcover
  • 304
  • The Little Village School
  • Gervase Phinn
  • English
  • 10 February 2018
  • 9781444705577

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    Perhaps this book isn't to everyone's taste as it is very much in the mould of the Miss Read books which are now seen as old fashioned and rather whimsical However there are times when I just want a book that is familiar and cosy a book that doesn't challenge me and when I start to read it transports me to a time and place that only ever existed in imagination A perfect read for bedtime that will leave delightful images in your head as you drift off to sleep

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    35 Stars After a slow start I'm pleased to say I persisted because by the end I really got into the characters and wanted to know what happened to themElisabeth Devine was a headteacher of a good inner city school and comes to a failing countryside school which is under threat of closure No one can understand why One reason could be she likes a challenge and she really does have her work cut out The other reason is much personal and as that story develops I'm really interested in it Anyways a woman who wears red shoes with sliver heels to her interview is capable of anything isn't she? I also like how the relationship between her and Dr Stirling Michael develops Other characters I really enjoyed reading about were Oscar Danny and Les I can't wait to read the next book of the series

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    45 stars ideally is what I would like to give this book 0 Right from the very start I was pulled in this story probably because of the shocking red shoes haThe author does a great job of setting the rural scene and the characterisation is brilliant with names that seem to suit the personalities perfectlyI enjoyed the humour but also got very emotional with Dannys story and even felt sorry for Miss Sowerbutts at the very end so my emotions really went through the mill but sometimes you need a simple heart warming story to blub at The atmosphere of Yorkshire and the goings on in a small village and school is perfectly captured And you can tell the author draws upon his experiences as a teacher and inspector to detail how a failing school is turned aroundA wonderful engaging story I can't wait to read on in the series as I feel I've got to know all these characters and I need to see just what Gervase Phinn has in store for them next

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    The book was a bit slow to start with but once it got past the first chapter it was a lot of fun It was very much a traditional view of a Yorkshire village with the uirky characters and types of behaviours that are often associated with that county It was an easy read and had some strong characters that you grew to love and others who developed over the book

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    I loved this book I used to work in a school office but not in a village school but I was interested to read it and I wasn't disappointedIf you liked the Miss Read books then you will love this as it's just a up to date version of using on Elisabeth Devine the new headmistress in schoolYou have all the usual characters that you would find in a village book the gossip the doctor and opinionated farmer which makes it sound like a really predictable read which it probably was but Gervase transported me from my home in Kent to the wonderful Yorkshire DalesReally recommend this book

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    Looking for something different to read while enjoying a blog break my fingers clicked on this book What a lovely readThe village school in Barton on the Dale is looking for a new head teacher; among the varied applicants is Elisabeth Devine who by the way of her shoes finds herself the subject of village gossip Who ever heard of a school teacher wearing red shoes with silver heels? Surely she can't possibly be head teacher material?I'm not a great fan of tv soaps; I much prefer to find mine in a book or on the radio This is an absolute joy to read and a definite insight into the mind of a teacher who is in the right career Well constructed and deliciously enjoyable this is a perfect holiday read The characters are true to life and the author must have a keen eye to bring together such realistic and entertaining characters I have so many favourites in this novel that I really couldn't pick one to me they are all terrific The village is reminiscent of all small communities around the country with residents from all walks of life The only thing which could improve this book would be if it was part of a series so I'm delighted that there are to come Already on my wish list and I look forward to having the chance to slot them into my reading listIf you want an enjoyable easy read which you can sink into without having to keep track of who's who and what's going on then I would heartily recommend this one I am excited to have received a book of this uality for free on kindle from

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    I've read all of Gervase Phinn's other books for adults though those were autobiographical this is his first work of adult fiction I did enjoy this novel and found it very similar in style to his previous books warm funny and creating a lovely sense of community It's refreshing to read something like this for a change from cynical works A little bit predictable but that's fine I'm already looking forward to reading the next book in the series when it comes out to find out what happens next for the characters and the little school

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    Three stars is generous but I like Gervase Phinn's books about his years as a school inspector and he comes across as very warm kind and funny when he talks This book however is predictable to the extreme cliched and unimaginative The teachers and pupilsare cariactures and the whole story is like a Mills and Boon Could do better Mr Phinn

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    Loved this book It was amazing the setting of a small country village was so well thought of and made it really easy for the reader to imagine life The characters including their names were hilarious Having never read any of Phinn's books before I was surprised at how well I liked his writing style will definitely be reading the next book in the series

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    A lovely simple and charming story rather reminiscent of South Riding in its themes and very very influenced by Miss Read's books A gentle pace and uaint heartwarming characters made for a very moving read especially this close to Christmas I think his Dale series is a lot funnier hence the four stars but I look forward to reading the rest of the books

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The Little Village School

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Appearance of the new young and attractive head teacher and gossip is rife Gervase Phinn's novel is peopled with his usual cast of colorful characters comic situations and of course the delightful and sometimes taxing children. Three stars

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R of pupils and the poor state of the building for a start and then there are the disparaging former head teacher the gloomy caretaker and the amorous chair of governors to contend with Those in the village are intrigued by the. Looking for

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Elisabeth Devine is something of a mystery Why should a highly successful head teacher of an inner city primary school move to a small rural school in the Yorkshire Dales to face so many challenges There are the declining numbe.

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Gervase Phinn born 27 December 1946 Rotherham South Yorkshire England is an English author and educator After a career as a teacher he became a schools inspector He is now a freelance lecturer broadcaster and writer a consultant for the Open University Honorary Fellow of St John's College York Doctor of Letters DLitt of the University of Leicester Doctor of Letters DLitt of The