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D pick pockets• Brutal honesty about how you should never ever order a cappuccino after lunch or wear flip flops to a monument• And so much It’s time to experience authentic local Italy through the eyes of those who have lived there for yea Es un muy buen libro hecho por GigiMe gustan mucho todas las recomendaciones de todas las personas de distintos lugares de Italia y del mundoTe dan ganas de viajar leyendo este libroYo ahora voy por la página 256 con la descripción de Saverio Danubio un italiano de Pompeya sobre Pompeya NapoliMuy buen trabajo Gigi

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Arely sees a tourist• Lists of must try dishes for each town and region• Names of those off the beaten track towns with the best wineries in the region• Tips on how to spot authentic gelato make friends with the locals and avoid rip offs an If you are planning a trip to explore Italy this book is for youWritten by Gigi Griffis who travelled through Italy and interviewed 100 people who live there and full of inner secrets and advice on where to go what to do and how to behave in over 14 districts from north to south including Sicily and Sardinia it's an absolute gemI particularly like the way you can explore by interest Wine Food Adventure or History or by place with some general tips about travelling like a local rather than a tourist and some blank pages for notes and planning I particularly enjoyed everyone's best piece of advice for their local town city or district; where to take the best photos; how to meet locals and make friends; and things that locals find rude or strange very helpfulThe local people interviewed include tour guides artists Airbnb hosts business owners and bloggers of different ages and nationalities so it's great to learn about them and their different perspectives on this fabulous countryHaving been to and written guides on 8 different countries with on the way I highly recommend following Gigi on Twitter gigigriffis and signing up for her blogNB This is completely my own review as all my reviews are without having had any contact with or commission from the author

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Want to experience Italy as only a local couldThis guide’s for youFilled with 100 interviews with people who live work and adventure all over Italy this book will give you• Directions to that pizza place that's always packed with locals and r Wonderful idea by a friend Will get the Switzerland next

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Gigi Griffis is a world traveling entrepreneur and writer with a special love for inspiring stories new places and living in the moment In May 2012 she sold her stuff and took to the road with a growing business and a pint sized poochShe's the author of 10 books including the 100 Locals series of travel guides She's also a co author on Fodor's Cancun 2018 and a contributor to various essay

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