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Spinoza Philosophie pratiue

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Ng of Spinoza by Deleuze lends itself to a radical ecological ethic As Robert Hurley says in his introduction Deleuze opens us to the idea that the elements of the different individuals we compose may be nonhuman within us One wonders finally whether Man might be defined as a territory a set of boundaries a limit on existenceGilles Deleuze known for his inuiries into desire language politics and power finds a kinship between Spinoza and Nietzsche He writes Spinoza did not believe in hope or even in courage; he believed only in joy. Loving this Brief but super introduction too by Robert Hurley He warns that the bokk may be 'difficult' and advises the reader to read lightly I didn't find ithard I found it delightful and rich Coming from Gilles it was easy

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Spinoza's theoretical philosophy is one of the most radical attempts to construct a pure ontology with a single infinite substance and all beings as the modes of being his substance This book which presents Spinoza's main ideas in dictionary form has as its subject the opposition between ethics and morality and the link between ethical and ontological propositions His ethics is an ethology rather than a moral science Attention has been drawn to Spinoza by deep ecologists such as Arne Naess the Norwegian philosopher; and this readi. lmao what if god is just nature haha only joking unless

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And in vision he than any other gave me the feeling of a gust of air from behind each time I read him of a witch's broom that he makes one mountGilles Deleuze 1925 1995 was a French philosopher whose writings influenced many philosophical disciplines such as literary theory post structuralism and postmodernism He also taught philosophy at the University of Paris at VicennesRobert Hurley was a translator for many French philosophers including Michael Foucault History of Sexuality Gilles Deleuze and George Bataille Theory of Religi. I cried at 937 pm on December 31st 2017 in a small bar in the middle of the Bible Belt Surrounded by University of West Georgia undergrad Greek life students watching football waiting for the year they waited for some difference for new relationships for new days Meanwhile I cried feeling I was already anew Chapter 2 and 5 were clarity and serious solidarity to my first reading of Spinoza There is not much in the world that seems to have a harmony with my vision of this universes' ontology than Spinoza's Ethics And there isn't a brief interpretation than this to justify that Spinoza is present in the modern mind of the academic and in need of being grasped by the modern theist than this work I've never read something wholesome than Deleuze's idea of Spinoza's life and workThis one is for anyone searching2018 take my lead

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Deleuze is a key figure in postmodern French philosophy Considering himself an empiricist and a vitalist his body of work which rests upon concepts such as multiplicity constructivism difference and desire stands at a substantial remove from the main traditions of 20th century Continental thought His thought locates him as an influential figure in present day considerations of society crea

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