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    I am with Jack on this one Stray doesn't do much for me

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    New central characters Staaaph We already like the central characters no need for further central characters

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    Rating 40 stars There were a couple of changes in this book compared to the other 6 books in the series I have read so far The first one being that there was a little bit of a time overlap between this book and the last 2 books In books 5 and 6 Victoria was in India This books starts with her leaving to go to India so we already know a few things that are going to happen The rest of the series happened in chronological order and it didn't back track The backtracking also happened again later in the story The second big difference is that this was the first book in which Victoria was the lead At most she has been a secondary character in the rest of the series with her sometimes being just a supporting character This story revolves around her time in India and her taking in the young vampire Zoey that Alex found and helped in the last book I keep finding little things that don't make sense in the story A lot of times over the span of a series when I notice those issues they tend to get on my nerves as the series goes on I haven't found that to be the case in this series; maybe because this series is about characters and relationships than overall world building and plot? I do think it will be a little cathartic for me to describe the things I have noticed even if they don't bug me that much Some of the things that didn't make sense to me 1 Victoria is over 400 years old and yet she looks like she is 30 We find out in this book that her family that was killed by a vampire was her father and mother not her husband and children that I assumed What was the life expectancy in the 1600's? 35? 40? How was she not married with teenage children at that point in her life? 2 The vampire community What the hell is going on there? They meet in India to talk about the state of the supernatural community but I still don't get why they are in charge Who pays for all this? Do they just pay for everything themselves out of the goodness or their hearts? Vampires running things is not a new concept but that is when there are covens involved Every vampire seems to be alone Victoria even says that they are mainly solitary creatures There appears to be some organization at the top but then we find new vampires all over the place in this story that don't know what they are doing Isn't there some kind of training program or something? How do new vampires learn how to survive without a coven? There is all this talk about protecting the secret but isn't the biggest threat to their secrecy having a young vampire that doesn't know anything? How do new vampires make money if they can only work at night? 3 Victoria's choices I don't understand her sometimes She throws around money like it is nothing I know she is rich but not Bill Gates rich She spends so much money just to protect people that probably shouldn't be protected At the beginning of the book she is hunting a vampire who is going around hurting mortals She spends weeks tailing him hiring private investigators then another 10000 dollars to clear out the hotel floor he is staying at all so she can talk to him and give him a warning? You don't get to be rich by doing stupid shit and that is stupid And I will say it again why is it her job? Who gave her that job? If she was doing it to protect her territory I might be able to see that but that doesn't appear to be the case otherwise she would have just told him to leave and not come back Then at the drop of a hat she can snap and hurt someone she broke the arm of a security guard just for doing his job he didn't even attach her or anything I sort of liked Zoey and Victoria's friendship and how Victoria was showing her the ropes but then something happened and Zoey did something stupid which made me not like her I don't really like stupid people view spoiler Victoria is taking things slow with Zoey and not trying to freak her out about the rest of the supernatural community She accidently meets Kevin and finds out about witches and that Kevin created a daylight potion for Victoria Zoey gets up in Victoria's face about how she is keeping secrets and was she ever going to tell her about the daylight potion or just keep her in the dark about it What a bitch Victoria put her up in her house fed her bought her clothes protected her and taught her and yet she is upset Victoria hasn't done for her? Then she finds out where Steve was staying the vampire that attacked her and killed her friend So she decides to steal Victoria's car blood and credit cards to go try and kill him even though she is in Maryland and Steve is in Illinois So without any plan at all she takes off on a drive She ends up having to sleep under the Jeep during the day because I guess she forgot sunlight will kill her? Then when she gets there she thinks she will be able to take down the other vampire even though she has no idea how to fight or what to do She does know a stake in the heart will incapacitate another vampire but of course she didn't bring one Then when Jack saves her at Victoria's reuest and gives her a chance to get her revenge she can't do it? Even when Jack explains that this vampire will go out and kill other innocent people like her friend she still can't do it? Then when Jack killed Steve Zoey was incredulous At that point I pretty much hated her hide spoiler

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    The Damned and Cursed series continues to go from strength to strength This latest instalment continues that trend and helps move this series to a top position on my must read series list After the other books I shouldn't have worried but I found I was uite anxious about this book To date Victoria has been my least favourite central character in this series I've never grown attached to her as I have to the other characters and I didn't expect that I would like this novel as much as I did It turns out that this novel is just what this character needed and I loved reading every minute of this story in which she is finally the primary protagonistThe novel starts as Victoria goes to India to deal with some vampire politics This is a story that was part told in previous novels and it was interesting to see those other stories interacting with this one as the timelines are brought into sync The second part of this story is deals directly with the aftermath of Demons LLC as Victoria helps introduce Zoey a baby vampire to her new existenceI have to admit that Zoey doesn't add much to the story or the series in my mind I didn't really feel like she fit in with the rest of Victoria's inner circle and I am struggling to see what she brings to the team However what she did do was give us a chance to expand on an aspect of Victoria's character It allowed us to see how much Victoria does always try to do good even if her results don't always match up with her intentions I did wonder wether the protagonists from previous books would play a part in this book or if Mr Bullion would concentrate solely on Victoria On the one hand I really hoped to see them again especially Jack but on the other I felt that bringing them into the story would only take the attention away from Victoria Well they did show up and though they weren't as much as a distraction as I expected they did kind of steal the show Kevin just has so much potential to do awesome things and Jack is simply one of my favourite characters of all time Overall I think that this novel achieves what it set out to do It was a fun and fast paced read that really expanded Victoria's character in a positive way Mr Bullion has increased Victoria's level of likability in my eyes at least to a level close to the other protagonists in the series It just makes me grow even invested in these already great stories If you like this series then of course read this book you'll love it If you haven't tried it yet then go back and read Demon Spawn You won't be disappointed

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    WootLoved the story and characters Things start getting serious and intense with our favorite supernaturals Zoey's is a great add to the group and and I can't wait to see how all the dynamics grow A few edit errors I can overlook because I needed my Damned Cursed fix

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    DamnI just finished reading book 7 in the Damned and Cursed series and am bereft Please can we have some I especially love that at some points the books had me shouting out loud as well as cringing inwardly at some of the inappropriate things Jack says and does A vampire with compassion a demon with a conscience and a witch with a sense of humour as well as Jack What could I want? Book 8 would be fabulous Great writing Thanks Fi

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    Fun read Interesting challenge for the main character

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    Another great romp through life with the Damned and Cursed gang Glenn Bullion has got great talent when creating his characters The depth and consistency with each one really goes a long way to a great story This time we spend time with Victoria and her new charge Zoey which Alex had rescued from a careless vampire attack We learn about Zoey who will be forever 18 Alongside Zoey and Victoria bonding Jack Kursed makes his appearance with his caustic humour and lack of care for those other than his daughter Tiffany and Victoria Kevin a witch who is being hunted by a group of Vampires and is part of Victoria's inner circle of friends with a brief mention of married couple Alex and Cindy also Leese who is Kevin's girlfriend Victoria helps save Kevin from a team of witch hunters by asking and sending Jack to his aid who also toes Zoey along after her excursion Zoey then goes in to warn Kevin whilst Jack is off doing what Jack does bestWith a smile My thoughts? I personally really like Glenn's style of writing His characters are interesting and fun in their lets get this done with out too many bodies or in Jack's case the bodies the merrier The storyline is good and reveals itself steadily over the course of the book Though I do feel a bit of beefing up of the storyline wouldn't hurt Overall he's done a great job and deserves 5 stars I look forward to book 8 You really must read the other 6 books to get a good feel for how each character develops in their individual stories I'm now interested in how Glenn will bring Zoey on in her own adventures Glenn Bullion is definitely an author to watch out for

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    Well you did it again made me stay up reading till 4am with yet another spectacular book Just when I was about to put it down to sleep my boy Jack showed up I had to finish it thenI remember when I first heard that this one would be from Victoria's POV I was left wondering if it could hold up to some of the other favorites in the seriesAnd wow I don't think Mr Bullion can do any wrong any just keep writing and I will keep sending you moneyI didn't think much of Zoey at the start but by the end you can see the character growth and I do like her and Victoria together the wise old vamp and a newborn still stumbling It's good to see how others from outside of this group see them as well from Zoey the newborn vamp not knowing aboutwell anything outside of vampires to Patrick who fears what could become of some of her inner circle should push ever come to shove I loved his line near the end as wellboth he and Victoria looking at the same thing but seeing two very different scenarios in their mindAlso having Jack in any story makes it that much better Anytime he's in a scene it's just that much funLooking forward to form the Damned and Cursed series keep up the good work man

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    Great addition to the seriesI haven't read all of Glenn Bullion's books I have read all the books in the Damned and Cursed series They have been top notch enjoyable reading experiences With the lead characters changing from book to book I can't decide on my favorite character in the series I highly recommend this series if you find any of the books interesting It helps to read them in order but I think I started with book 3 and was not lost when reading Just when I thought this series was finished Glenn Bullion adds another I couldn't be happier to purchase it I look forward to in the future I wish Mr Bullion good life and health so I can be selfish and continue to read his writing in this series

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