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Daptation in 2004 Although the work of dramatists such as Sarah Kane and Mark Ravenhill initially attracted the most critical and academic att.

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Ention Patrick Marber's Closer had long West End and Broadway runs The play has since gone on to repeat this success in over 30 other countrie.

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Closer emerged as one of the most successful plays of the 1990s and one with a continuing afterlife through the academy award nominated film a.

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Graham D^^SaundersProfessor Graham Saunders PhDDepartment of Drama and Theatre ArtsAllardyce Nicoll Chair in Drama University of BirminghamJoined the Drama and Theatre Arts department in January 2016 after teaching at the University of Reading since 2005 in the department of Film Theatre and Television Also has taught at the universities of Coventry Lancaster and the University of the West

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