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E most significant year in the life of the personified former planet Pluto; strange happenings in the Black Forest; mermaid dreams and sacrificial r.

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Nautical and astronomical themes abound in this collection of five short tales the long lost journals of famed exploreradventurer Chance Oxblood; th.

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Ites to a Grendel; and the tribulations of a recovering alcoholic gone model building novice A 48 page comic book UPC 094922298140 Diamond SEP090983.

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    Like a plate of delicious appetizers Grant Reynolds' Comic Diorama packs a lot of flavor into a mere 48 pages Collecting five short stories this mini comic covers a broad range of subjects each rendered in exuisitely detailed pen and ink Some stories are humorous some are just plain weird but each one is very intriguing This book was a little teaser that left me wanting FAVORITESPluto A wry nearly wordless examination of what the titular deity does with his days once he's no longer considered a planetBlack Forest Hymn A bizarre look at the lives of some strange forest creaturesWhere The River Meets The Sea A recovering alcoholic struggles to fill his newfound free time

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    Loved the art and the stories Especially the panel of Pluto on a bicycle

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