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    15 stars Review to come

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    This is a very enjoyable read I bought a copy for my friend's daughter and she LOVED it There are strong smart female characters the book is well paced and well written and most importantly its FUN to read I am an adult and I had a great time reading it I would absolutely recommend it if you need a gift for someone in elementary middle school It's a fun humorous read with lots of good takeaways for younger readers

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    This is a Goodreads book I really enjoyed reading this book I can see how young readers would be caught up in the actionThe vocabulary is such that young readers will have no trouble following all parts of the adventure no matter how fantastic it seemsA vivid imagination lets you visualize exactly what Darcy and Steve are seeing and feelingMy grandson will love this book and keep it for his future childrenI hope there are Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve books

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    What made me like this book is that it has small doses of everything It was funny had adventure romance lots of action and I liked the interplay between Steve and his sister And shouldn't everybody have a president that is telling everybody to shut up and who cooks your food when you are back from a successful mission?

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    I won this book from Goodreads Giveaways Thank youMy 8 year old son is DEVOURING this book We'll definitely be looking forward to the next book in the series

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    Potential SpoilersThis is a terrific adventure story with a sense of whimsy and fantasy Nominally written for kids the humor and action are genuinely good for all agesThe kids in the story are believable They may go to special schools where they train to be Ninjas or Secret Agents but they have regular life concerns Ninja Steve is following in his older sister’s footsteps The instructors at his school seem to compare them constantly and Steve feels this is unfair especially when his sister practices advanced techniues on himThere was a burst of smoke and when it cleared Nora was standing right in front of him with her hands on her hips “Ha That was a new spell I invented How was it?” “Awful” She clapped “Yes That is the spell of eight sneezes” “Is it a level two spell? Or is that a level three?” Steve asked “Level one is illusion level two is physical effect and level three is harm” Nora said “I guess it’s a level two point five maybe a threedepending on how hard the victim sneezes” Steve nodded That was a powerful spell to command It was even distracting than the other spell she had invented the spell of three burps At least if he was burping Steve could fight back Being four years younger than Nora he is at a real disadvantage in training and skill development he only sees the results and feels like he will never measure up to the standard she set And fighting back just manages to get them both grounded With Steve and Nora Goodman has created a realistic pair of siblings They know each other's weaknesses they know how to push each other's buttons but at the same time they obviously care about each other After going on a mission together Nora and Steve share a moment most siblings would understand“You were tough out there” Nora said when he got back to where she was “You’ve got nothing to feel bad about” Underneath all of the teasing practice attacks and spell casting they care about each other They are familyAgent Darcy is an only child being educated in an all girls school Her parents who worked for the Bureau of Sneakery have disappeared This is actually a common occurrence for parents who work for the Bureau She is not competing with the record of an older sibling at the school; she is competing with herself She feels that she has to be absolutely perfect at all times to honor the memory of her parents The first time she fails at a practice mission she feels that they will expel her immediately“Jeez you look like you’re burning up” Serena said And then her eyes went wide “Ohmigod this is the first test you’ve ever failed isn’t it?” Serena was right “II” Darcy stammered She felt the tears stinging the corners of her eyes Thirteen years old and now only now had she failed a test The first academic failure of her entire life The pile of successes of A’s and perfect papers and smiles from her teachers at the Bureau of Sneakery those had all been wiped away A single word obliterated every good feeling she’d ever had replaced all of those triumphs with defeat The “f” word Fail Of course one failure does not mean expulsion It is a learning experience just like every other test at the school But the fact that she cries in front of Serena who Darcy considers her number one completion at the school makes it all the difficult to bearThe mission is what draws these four characters together—doing battle with mole men hunting the ghost tiger from the title of the novel and learning about the mysterious man in the grey mask Overall the action is fast paced the kids believable and the mystery both interesting and fun to solve

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    I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway I have a 8 year old and she loved this book A book that combines ninjas and spies I was excited Ninja Steve's family is comprised of Ninjas They walk on the ceiling flip and spin through the air at will wear black all of the time And the agents they are as strict and agent centered as is to be expected Told from alternating point of views A girl named Darcy and a boy named Steve and they come together and end up having to fight a tiger

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    Originally posted on on If you can’t tell by the summary this is an incredibly fun self aware book Are Ninjas and secret agents silly and full of clichés? Of course But does Grant Goodman know that and pock fun at those clichés? Heck yes There are so many ways Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve could’ve gone wrong but I’m glad to say that this is an enjoyable book from start to finish and a great one time readAs I said Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve is an extremely fun book that knows it is working with material that has been hundreds of time in pop culture This is great because Goodman uses these clichés to his advantage by playing off of them and turning them into jokes These jokes add to the tone and help the story to work as a lighthearted adventure From the first page the reader know what type of story this is going to be because both Steve and Darcy’s point of views are filled with jokes and lighthearted banter between characters Then as the plot picks up it becomes of an adventure novel filled with action fun and jokes The lighthearted tone continues into the action packed areas of the novel however some tense and surprising moments still sneak in The ending does a great job of setting up for a seuel while still wrapping up the events of this book I was expecting Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve to be a standalone so I was a little surprised when it set up for a seuel but it was done wellThe world in Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve was surprisingly explored throughout the novel I wasn’t expecting much world building from a 200 page novel and while there wasn’t high fantasy levels of world building the reader definitely learned a lot about the culture of both ninjas and secret agents and how their life works This allows the reader to be able to accept ridiculous and silly scenarios now that they know the rules these societies operate underOverall Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve inTiger Trouble was a great break from all the super serious books that I’ve been reading lately Its self awareness allowed it to play with tropes of both ninjas and secret agents to turn those tropes and clichés into jokes The humor is on point the adventure is fun and the world is silly but explained Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve is a god book for kids especially in grades fourth through sixth but can be enjoyed by people of all agesKeep ReadingMeagan

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    Today We DidNinja Steve lives in Ninjastoria where everyone wears masks and ghosts are real He is an average student that keeps getting compared to his genius older sister Apart from his swordsmanship he really isn’t living up to her standards In another land Agent Darcy is a student at the Bureau of Sneakery where she is one of the top students When Agent Darcy and her rival Agent Serena are sent on a student exchange to Ninjastoria they have to work together to complete their mission They pull Ninja Steve and his best friend Samurai Sam into their game getting them all into serious trouble Will they be able to make things right?A book that combines ninjas and spies of course my expectations were high and I have not been disappointed Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve in Tiger Trouble is funny action packed and engaging The story was easy to read flowing nicely between the two perspectives of Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve I read the whole book in one day as I couldn’t sleep without knowing what happened so I got up and finished reading it The action seuences were exciting and I enjoyed learning about the world that has been created for the story The Maze of Mirrors sounds horrible but I wouldn’t mind a Field of Tall Purple Grass as long as there are no snakes of course I also enjoyed the puns throughout the story gave me plenty of gigglesI really liked Ninja Steve and Agent Darcy Even though they are still young Darcy and Steve are able to show maturity and dedication in their professions when reuired They are kind loyal and willing to help others At first I didn’t like Ninja Nora or Agent Serena much but they grew on me through the story Serena and Nora are uite similar both are very clever and good at their jobs but with that comes a lot of arrogance Serena taunts Darcy and Nora is rather mean to Steve at times but when trouble arrives both girls show fierce loyalty towards their companionsThis book is suitable for middle primary school to lower high school students I believe it is only the first in an upcoming series following Ninja Steve’s and Agent Darcy’s adventures I am looking forward to another trip to Ninjastoria soon I received this book from the author who asked me for an honest review of this book I did not receive any other remuneration and the review is composed entirely of my own opinions

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    An action packed story filled with rules good guys bad guys learning the ropes team work and also learning to trust the people you didn't think you could I enjoyed this book and I'm looking forward to reading the next book I got this for free in a Goodreads Giveaway

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Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve inTiger Trouble

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Ng this way Darcy is convinced that no one will ever assign her a real mission Ninja Steve’s city Ninjastoria is the home of sword fights throwing stars and Tae Kwon Donuts Unlike his genius older sister twelve year old Steve isn’t the best ninja student He’d rather be swinging a sword instead of taking notes in class Steve however is about to learn that bein I won this bo

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SECRET MISSIONS SPIN KICKS SINISTER GHOSTS Thirteen year old Agent Darcy is one of the top students at the Bureau of Sneakery where there are three rules every agent must follow never make friends with an outsider never speak of the Bureau and never reveal your real name Lately Darcy has hit a rough patch her rival Agent Serena keeps outdoing her If things keep goi This is a ver

Summary » E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Grant Goodman

G a true ninja means far than being able to use a sword When Darcy is sent to Ninjastoria as an exchange student it will turn both of their lives upside down and raise all kinds of uestions What do the mecha moles want Who is the man in the gray mask What do ninjas eat for lunch And why are there tiger stripes all over the cover of this book Time to read and find o Today We DidN

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About the Author: Grant Goodman

Middle grade author Grant Goodman draws inspiration from what drove his imagination as a kid a love of comics cartoons and video gamesGrant’s magic formula is to take little pieces of what inspires him and then weave them together to make something that’s all his own His Agent Darcy & Ninja Steve series is a combination of his first job as a martial arts instructor the heartfelt friendships