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A five year old girl – they are all that stands between the world’s continued existence and ultimate destructionOn Earth a cabal of powerful men have discovered a link to Vereld in secret Nazi archives N

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Ow they are preparing to take over a whole new world and suck it dryBut worse is yet to come as an aeons old infinitely dangerous entity struggles to break free of its prison in the darkness beyond the stars Nikhil entity struggles to break free of its prison in the darkness beyond the stars

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On Vereld a dark god rises from the grave to plunge the world into chaos and ruin Named Redeemers by an autistic savant’s prophecy Anili Jon and Orrin soon discover that – apart from an ancient mage and

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    In Godhead Book I of the Aldariad Volume 1 Greg McLeod weaves a fantasy tale that merges with the real world in a magnificent gripping saga Seemingly disparate stories are begun and then abruptly stop; only to be picked up again as the threads linking the two dimensions are drawn together In Diggers Row in the American West in 2001 a boy named Billy disappears before his friend’s eyes while they’re out hunting Then we are transported to Vereld a world grown complacent over time with no apparent threat to make maintenance of the fortifications against enemy invaders seem a necessity We meet Rather a healer – although he terms himself hedge wizard than mage – who is summoned to the house of a peasant couple to attend to their autistic boy Something is terribly wrong The boy a savant has covered the walls in his bedroom with prophetic sayings Rather is able to translate and having an eidetic memory remember them Then all hell breaks loose The reader is swept into a loathsome maelstrom of black magic as a grim and awful dark god awakens and starts to get his grip on a world totally unprepared for the onslaught There are many sorcerers willing to invest their powers in the creation of hybrid monstrous creatures to fight in a battle that draws on black and white magic As the story unfolds we are introduced to three Redeemers – Anili Jon and Orrin whose stories merge so that they can fulfil their part of the prophecy and save humanity The story moves from Billy’s disappearance which elicits the interest of the US security forces and other unscrupulous parties anxious to commercially exploit this new dimension’s resources – to events in Vereld that link the two dimensions to the Nazi interest in Jon’s great uncle’s castle that holds a great secret and finally unites the three people who can stem the impending tide of destructionI absolutely loved this book It’s hard to find the words to encompass the scope of this bold and brilliant tapestry Although there are strong hints of the influence of Tolkien this story is uniuely the author’s own Greg McLeod is a true ‘Wordlord’ in that he can describe a scene so beautifully and yet so succinctly that the reader imagines themselves transported there be it a battle a moment of uiet beauty or introspection or the unfolding of a character’s development I was captivated by this tale and although the abrupt changes in the story as a new scenario is introduced take some getting used to the author deftly draws the reader back and reignites their attention I loved the side characters who got eual attention in their portrayals as much as the main characters The seven Unborn misshapen and frightening to behold but tender compassionate and gentle were wonderful There is such a vast cast of characters that one is hard pressed to pick out particular names They are all well developed and serve their purpose from Baran the soldier tasked with protecting Anili to Torgrim the wizard mentoring Jon to the forest folk who saved Orrin from captivity I also enjoyed the uotes that prefaced each chapter in which a reader may glean about coming events as well as information about how the magicality of Vereld works Greg McLeod has created a compelling tale of good versus evil with a uniue and yet realistic fantasy world populated with characters that rise to fulfil their destiny for the greater good no matter what the cost This story has everything for the fantasy fan as well as the reader who enjoys a deep well constructed plot believable and appealing characters and imaginative and credible world building

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    This review was originally published on Kurt's FrontierSynopsisThe story opens with two friends hunting and one disappears On the world of Vereld a dark god is rising A prophesy names three redeemers that stand between life and destruction of two worlds On Earth powerful men have discovered the link to Vereld and seek to conuer it Across Vereld and Earth powers are moving their pieces into placeReviewThe story Greg McLeod is attempting to write is an interesting one He has all the elements in place interesting characters exciting action memorable dialog It comes very close to becoming an engrossing story Unfortunately it’s very depth seems to be its undoing There are many elements to this story such as a physician who carries an autistic savant’s prophecy gates to another world dark servants hunting a female heir even a female demon who appears ready to switch sides Godhead’s overwhelming weakness is there are too many subplots Just as one part of the story is coming together the reader is jerked out of one place and put in another It doesn’t start to pull together until the end and I fear many readers would have lost patience long before thenThat being said I would be interested to see how Greg McLeod treats Book II of the Aldariad Now that all the pieces are on the board it may hold together better and his obvious talent may be able to shine through

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    All over the Vereld the forces of the Dark Side are gathering preparing to bring the entire world under the rule of a terrifying god risen from the grave On earth a cabal of powerful and ruthless man has discovered the secret of the Gates singularities that connect the two worlds Anili Jon and Orrin named Redeemers by an autistic boy's prophecy must stand against the coming darkness and try to save both worlds from a fate to terrible to contemplateGodhead is a masterfully told tale Starting out with a handful seemingly disparate threads McLeod gradually draws them together into a relentlessly tightening weave of formidable scope a depth that is sustained by superb writing and beautifully drawn characters as well as by a profound understanding and sympathy for the human condition Thus Godhead is a fine example of why the discussion over literary vs genre fiction is obsoleteI read this book breathless all through the night reluctant to leave the people who had become so dear to me I want them to live on and I wish to hear of them I will eagerly await the next installment where I hope to see them fulfill their destiny overcome all obstacles vanuish their enemies and finally be free

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