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Lipstick Traces A Secret History of the Twentieth Century

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Lude Lipstick Traces tells a story as disruptive and compelling as the century itself Hip meta. What a basta Under My Skin itself Hip meta. What a basta

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This is a secret history of modern times told by way of what conventional history tries to exc. What I learn

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Phorical and allusive Gail Caldwell Boston Sunday Globe Full color illustrations and halftones. Dense and in

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    I met Greil Marcus one weekday afternoon when I was supposed to be at work; I was leafing through sale books in the basement of Politics and Prose here in DC and he was at a table surrounded by copies of his newest book on Dylan getting ready to give a reading I said hi and picked up a copy without asking and flipped through it and told him Love and Theft might be the best record of Dylan's career Marcus didn't seem to be particularly interested in talking with me so I put his book back down right in front of him and my greasy thumb left a big print on the shiny cover near Dylan's face that Marcus seemed to take note of with displeasure True story

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    This isn't just a book about the history of punk peeps this traces the spirit of negation of scandalized moral indignation back into the French Revolution through surrealism and Dada and the Situationists As academically rigorous as it is stylishly written it is an absolute must if you are a music lover in any way a true classic of the oft pilloried category of Cultural Studies it crosses disciplinary boundaries in the most intellectually fertile way imaginable yet jettisons none of the rigor of traditional scholarship and reads like it was written by a novelist influenced by Hunter S Thompson and say Joseph Heller in that it is propelled forward by a driving irrepressible energy even as it lingers on the smallest of evocative details such as why Jonathan Richman's One two three four five six at the beginning of his classic song Roadrunner a paean to the imaginative power of rock n roll on the radio changed the world forever

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    What I learned from this book is that Griel Marcus is a Sex Pistols fanboy who placed way too much importance on this band and didn't even think to look beyond the illusion of Johnny Rotten and Co to authentic 'situationist' inspired moments of punk The SI sections of this book are interesting and as a history of the Sex Pistols this book is vaguely interesting but really the book is a lot of over hyped crap

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    Marcus not only gets most of it WRONG he seems intent on politicizing the expressly apolitical early p rock My opinion of this book has always been colored by the fact that this guy is a clown a fucking PRO SITU ROCK CRITIC someone that Debord would've punched in the fucking face I know this cause I corresponded with Guy and he agreed this pot boiler is laughable as did Jamie Reid No one should take this thing seriously Fuck it off and read the original texts Don't let this POP CULTURE DUDE can't be much of a shill for the spectacle mis inform your opinions A real revisionist piece of shit written for self aggrandizementCULTURAL WORKERS ARE THE WORST KIND OF BUREAUCRATS

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    What a bastard Greil Marcus sucked me in with 70s punk trivia and turned out to be an introductory text on Dadaism Situationist International and the May '68 riots that shaped contemporary FranceBut if this book as anything to say it shaped punk too By bookending philosophy with punk histories it convinced me that listening to protest music was not enough; it uncovered a philosophy that demonstrates the true danger and disruptive joy that should have informed the instruments and ears of everyone under the punk tag Assuming of course that all punks were academic at heartThe book is definitely rewarding but given its spirit tends to gleefully confound the reader just as its focus organization once didThe uestion is being not a punk but mere punk listener 20 years too late how do I take my new understanding of SI '68 and continue their good work in business casual and the grocery?

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    This book is so many things 1 a non linear history of the avant garde 2 a broad critiue of the everyday life of midlate capitalist society 3 an account of punk anarchy and the historicalcultural roots of such phenomena 4 a work of art perhaps?This book is not for everyone however It is at times a frustrating incoherent read an experiment in historical scholarship Malcom McLaren himself states that Marcus' book was a crazy wild at times almost inarticulate attempt to do something that nobody else had done beforeDespite this book is a beautiful piece of art and can serve as a great reference For anyone interested in Punk Situationism and the Avant Garde

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    Dense and intellectual but worth the effort See how popular culture subverts and exploits all shocking revolutionary movements until they become mainstream and no longer threatening Win valuable prizes on the way

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    As a scholarly work this is some post modern mush brained twaddle DudeJohn of LeydenJohn LydonWhoa Take a rip from the history bongIt seems to be a gateway drug to Situationism May '68 etc for a lot of folks which is of value

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    A COSMETIC UNDERGROUNDThe emphasis Marcus places upon personalities ultimately nullifies any sense of individuality which his subjects might possess The links drawn between free spirit heretics and members of the Lettriste Situationist and PUNK movements are forged without acknowledgement of the fact that the former lived in feudal communities while the latter were attempting to effect change within industrialised societies Since the mental sets and social networks of individuals living under capitalism are fundamentally different to those shared by members of a feudal community comparisons between the two are speciousThe device used to link these diverse individuals and movements is the metaphor of the medium; Johnny Rotten is a passive creator whose body is taken over by what Marcus describes as 'the voice' but which we might just as well call the muse or God – because it's a higher authority In his description of the last Sex Pistols concert Marcus portrays Johnny Rotten as a puppet whose actions are controlled by an occult forceAs in other moments on the same stage on the same night as in so many moments on the singles the Sex Pistols put out over the previous year he seemed not to know what he was saying He seemed not to be himself whoever that was once he was less singing a song than being sung by itWith the concept of 'the voice' a hidden authority which disorganises the world Marcus abandons any need for a rational explanation of the events he describes Such a mode of discourse has in common with the simple faith of a priest than the considered reflections of a critic or historian; it is a creed which with its refusal of difference does a gross disservice both to the post war avant garde and the PUNK music Marcus claims to loveRead the full review here

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    Brilliant This imperative Benjamin Buchloh endorsed piece of cultural history examines re defines and formulates the entire history of punk movement from its inception centuries ago with various revolutionary anarchists all the way up to Malcolm McLaren and yes the sex pistols He understands Guy Debords fundamental contributions to punk through the inception of the Situationists during the Paris May 68 revolts and covers everything an educated kid like you needs to know to call yourself party of any fucken subculture yeahWe don’t want a world where the guarantee of not dyingof starvation brings the risk of dying of boredom

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