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And a Czech revolution seething in the city below History myth and political reality merge in an apocalyptic climax as the rebel. Got me hooked after page one and couldn't stop until the end Love Meyrink's dreamy style and his perfectly paced phantastic narratives Ghost like characters moving about a turn of century Prague in a highly suspenseful plot involving historical elements In this case fall of the empirerevolutions and Eastern philosophymysticism And this in Meyrink's beautiful Prague German Definitely recommend

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S urged on by a drum covered in human skin storm the castle to crown a poor violinist Emperor of the World in St Vitus' Cathedra. A satire of the Austro Hungarian aristocracy with some very funny scenes On the whole it is a dark gory fantasy of a revolution without fulfillment Written in 1917 it is almost prescient in its depiction of mob violence false leaders and opportunists Set in Prague it is well written and reveals a deep knowledge of the spirit of the city When I say well written I have to mean here well translated

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Walpurgisnacht uses Prague as the setting for a clash between German officialdom immured in the ancient castle above the Moldau. thinkingthinkingWhile ultimately not as chilling as Meyrink's The Green Face I think this might be the most political of all of the Meyrink novels I've read so far It is also typical Meyrink with tons of esoteric arcane symbolism and divided consciousness; but I really have to give this one some thought before saying I actually think I enjoyed this book than The Green Face though when all is said and done The author of the introduction to this book Ingrid O Fisher is also spot on when she says that it is important to understand the European situation in which it was written While I feel that way about most books re the importance of having some knowledge of not only historical but literary contexts of the time here it is a bit crucial soon By the way anyone who thinks they can skate through this small novel uickly is just wrong Just so you know