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    This was absolutely wonderful Guy keeps impressing me with each new book I get to live through This one is a truly mesmerizing character driven tale I loved the way two stories were presented to us the development of young Luis and the struggles or ancient Dante being so different and yet the same Home planet lore must be one of my favorite things I find in 40k literature as much as I appreciate a good old battle scene This was well thought out atmospheric almost real I appreciated the great amount of insight on the ways a boy becomes an Angel I loved the dynamic between the protagonist and his loyal euerry it really did touch my heart I had only one slight issue with this book Sometimes it felt like things were being explained far too much A couple of times I found myself thinking Come on Guy I get it This is what it means This is why he did that thing It's been obvious at least two paragraphs ago But I am definitely nitpicking because I loved it overall and I recommend it to every 40k fan no matter how you feel about the sons of Sanguinius After this story Dante very well might join a short list of my most beloved Space Marines and this says a lot Now I'm going to start The Devastation of Baal I NEED MORE

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    I had been waiting with bated breath for the release of this book finally a full length novel about the leader of my favorite Adeptus Astartes Chapter the Blood Angels I am happy to report this book did not disappoint in the least Dante is a character that has been around for a very long time in the background lore of Warhammer 40k but was unfortunately not terribly detailed aside from a nebulous depiction as a moral paragon in grimdark universe Guy Haley proved to be very much up to the challenge of breathing life into this legend and making Dante both sympathetic and refreshingly flawed Haley also goes into great detail about the workings of the Blood Angels very pleasing for me as a reader because so many lore nerd uestions are given satisfying answers While I was a fan of the older James Swallow written Blood Angels books I feel that Haley's descriptive but less flowery writing style may do them greater justiceI would recommend this book to any 40k fan and to fans of the Blood Angels in particular of course Knowledge of the expanded lore is not reuired for entry because Haley does an excellent job of detailing the background universe in a way that would bring any reader up to speed uickly I give this book 5 stars out of 5 with no reservations My Blood Angels are in capable hands

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    auribus teneo lupum Holding the wolf by the ears or how to do justice to poor sods of Blood Angels LegionGuy Haley one of the now oldest BL authors He has done justice to a lot of poor sods of W40KAoS in his career line of a BL author From brave tankers of Astra Militarum in their time of being old Imperial Guard to the new incarnation to Space Hulk clearance duty This time through via his pen for the first time we discover the history of the glorious Blood Angels Commander Dante and his many centuries serving the Imperium Carpe noctem Guy Haley seizing the night again with his amazing flick of Blade Runner meet Aliens meet SMB novel And it was long past time that author of his caliber do justice to poor sods of Blood Angels LegionChapter Blood Angels are one of the most famous LegionsChapters in W40K history which strangely has the minimal amount of written stuff for them So it was long past time for someone to fix that mistake And thus Dante was born Despite being one of the greatest figureheads in Warhammer40k Dante is the first time the BA chapter master of legendary status has been given a proper written treatment from Black Library At long last Guy Haley has corrected that oversightPlot and character As the synopsis says even among the hallowed ranks of Space Marine Chapter Masters Commander Dante of the Blood Angels is a legend With over a thousand years of service he has defended both the Imperium and his cursed brothers with every breath This is his storyDante is Chapter Master of one of the noblest but most troubled Chapters of Space Marines in the Imperium the Blood Angels From the time of his birth in the rad scarred wastes of Baal Secundus he was destined for glory and strife From his apotheosis to Scout to the hive cities of Armageddon and the alien menace of the Cryptus system Dante has waged war against all the enemies of the Imperium He has witnessed the divine and struggled against the darkness within all sons of Sanguinius Longer lived than any other Chapter Master this is his chronicle his great and storied legend And thus the story is structured into 2 narrative lines One of the young Dante baalist human colonist on his childhood to a neophyte and Dante as a commander of the mighty BA chapter after massacre at Cryptus system which is depicted profoundly in 'Shield of Baal' campaign book from GW and novel from Joshua Reynolds Combining interesting and uniue to Guy Haley writing style author weaves a story which began as a story with a Blade RunnerAliens vibe Gareth Armstrong as always did great justice to that part in an 9 hour run of 'Dante' audio then a young Luis is tutored by his Father on the universe and it's disparity Being a story of a character building up to his legendary status novel do good to show the humility and sincerity of a small boy who always have been a 'true human' person We saw the 'real' him the boy who was destined for greatness We saw his fears his achievements his friendship and most of all his 'humility' Maybe I'am wrong but I do believe that Guy Haley write simply 'human' characters the best It is not a story of a superhero 'creation' it is a story of human evolution into one By this author is also able to show and explore the Baalite society life How the poor fearful tribes exist in Baal system Also he continued to create an epic character by showing his 'older' true self after the debacle at Cryptus system He is fearful of his choices tired hollowed and most of all exhausted Exhausted of leading exhausted of failures exhausted of deaths exhausted by the Universe he is struggling against and most of all exhausted of his self struggle versus Black Rage and Red Thirst His agonising choices that led to the death of systems and to the extinction of the trillions of human souls lay heavily on his conscience and honour How he live with that how he struggle against all the dark Galaxy throw against him how he overcome the odds physical and mental That's what 'older' Dante narrative is about And Guy Haley wrote it admirably and brilliantlyProse and cons This is a dark story a 'character building' novel thus it is written in 2 different ways One to show the naivetyhumilityrespecthonor of the cheerful youth to the grim and inspiring image of an old Dante the one who went through his trials and agonies and emerged triumphant again Prose gives us good dialogs imagination is always running wild action scene are good from the 'bolter porn' view But most of all Guy Haley always do best 'descriptive' context to everything he writes His depiction of Chapter human planets environments the void are brilliant Going with all that author was able to show the deepest exploration Blood Angels’ flaw and the ways they tried to control both of them And one of the most glories moments of all is the revelations Dante sees for himself Revelations that with the 'Gathering Storm' setting running would have had a bitter repercussions for the fans if author himself hadn't told that they are just a fiction of his own imagination Direct uote of Guy Haley prophecy to come It is written by Sanguinius himself during the Siege of Imperial Palace and read by Dante during his crisis of faith and despair The hunger came for my father The puppets of the Dark Gods clashed with the hunger for the pleasure of killing him There was a warrior in gold before the throne surrounded by my father's Custodians and other heroes who mighty through they were paled next to the lords of our days There they fought and there they died The vision ended as the devourer of flesh and the devourers of souls closed in on my lord and creator There was despair only despair and despair But before I woke something I sensed stirring in the warp and the touch of my father His mind made anew and the knowledge that all might be well As I am fated to so did this golden warrior lay down his life to protect my father The precious seconds he bought with his blood could change everything or they could change nothing I do not know who this golden warrior was He appeared similar to my Herald and saw my own face depicted upon his mask but he was not me and he wore a form off armour I do not know As for the cons there are several First a little bit to much of Sanguinor and religious zeal If to take Sanguinor appearances to Dante at different moments of his life and the point He did said that to Chaplaincy it is strange BA leadership did not make him a figurehead much earlier Second period between neophyte and Chapter Master is too sketchy and patched up with 'mediocre' bolter porn stuff Through it has a little bit of foreshadowing for BA war at Armageddon Third at times in 990 s of M40K author overdo Dante despair and self doubt It is too much even by pessimistic standards But usually the story moves uickly from that point Score For the great story and grim darkness of the W40K universe and Blood Angels Chapter in it's best this novel deserve the best praise I could give it But at the same time due to the several cons and 'being an character creation' story I will give it 4 out of 5 stars Strangely the best part is the one about young Luis Sometimes it even does not look like a Warhammer 40000 novel In a universe of grim darkness destruction on Galactic scale and suffering in epic proportions that is a jewel BA fans was waiting for with lot of hints of worse to come It is a story that gives us a bridge between the end of the 'Shield of Baal' campaign and Massive tyranid Leviathan arrival into Baal system Which we would have as our pleasure to read this lovely autumn in Guy Haley The Devastation of Baal I don't know about you but I definitely gonna read Well done Guy Haley

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    Do you swear to protect the weak and smite down their oppressors to resist the thirst and the rage so long as you are able?I do so swearI suppose this is one of the several purely 'biographical' stories in the entire Black Library history and that's what drew me in from the start even though obviously there must be many other tales about one of the oldest of Imperium's commanders waiting to be shared While in this novel Dante is often portrayed at what is surely the very height of his long splendid career when he prepares to counter the direst threat to his Chapter's homeworld a sufficiently large part of the book is devoted instead to his earliest years as the brave Baalite boy intent on making it as a warrior of the fabled Adeptus AstartesFor me the chronicle of rigorous trials and tribulations of young Dante's journey through the arid salt plains and rad polluted ridges for his chance to behold the near mythical Angels' domain and then the first years after his inductment into their glorious ranks were the very best episodes in the whole story Because they all serve to show that entering one of the Imperium's greatest warrior brotherhoods is never about one's background wealth or privilege No it was his own virtues dedication and perseverance that allowed an ordinary desert boy to attain after many many war filled years the greatest rank in a Chapter of the mankind's finest defenders And that's why I instantly liked this novel by one of my favourite BL authors After all the Space Marines are forged not just from the strongest of candidates but from the most virtuous devout and selflessAmong the rest of the First Founding chapters Blood Angels have always been renowned for their talents in fine arts Thus one of the subjectively best scenes in the novel shows the newly reborn Dante and his comrades first learn about this particular aspect of their Primarch's legacy I'd say it was one of Sanguinius's greatest lessons that pursuing various arts should help a Blood Angel retain his own humanity and serve as a living inspiration for the common mortals while at the same time try to keep subdued the Chapter's darker unsavoury sidePS Alas much as I like it that beautifully made books are in such high demand when the limited edition of 'Dante' was published I still knew nothing about Warhammer and even less of the Black Library

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    Well folks I finished up Dante a little while back and completely forgot to do a review So here goesI really enjoyed Guy Haley’s new Blood Angels novel focusing on Lord Commander Dante the oldest non dreadnought Space Marine Chapter Master in the Imperium and found his origin story to be both extremely exciting and immensely compelling While some of the Blood Angels recruitment is covered in James Swallow’s old Blood Angels omnibuses here we get to really see the humble beginnings to arguably one of the most important and concrete characters the entire Adeptus Astartes has to offer In fact I found the entire journey to Angel’s Fallrecruitment part of the story to be the strongest in terms of actual story writing From the talks with his father on the salt flats to nail biting flight to become an Angel the story was intense heartfelt and you couldn’t help but root for little LuisFrom there we are given snippets of Dante’s life as a Space Marine Ranging anywhere from his time in the scouts up to the trials and rituals to becoming a captain though I do wish we got to see exactly how the Blood Angels electpromote a new Chapter MasterThe flip side of this story is of the “current events” that the Blood Angels and Dante have gone throughaccomplished and provides an excellent contrast to the young doubtful hero It takes place at the close of the Shield of Baal Campaign that Games Workshop released some time ago involving the Tyranids falling onto the Shieldworlds of Baal There are some major events and plans put forth in this part of the story and it really did an excellent job of tying this story from the distant past Dante’s Childhoodascension to the near future Abaddon’s Black Legion breaking through the Gate Baal’s Shieldworlds being broken and can only lead to what I expect to be one of the most exciting times for the 41st42nd Millennium that us readers will likely ever get to experienceOverall I think Mr Haley did a fantastic job of telling these two stories and tying them together While Warhammer 40000 is chocked FULL of larger than life characters there are very few in this setting that hold a candle to Lord Commander Dante of the Blood Angels and I really can’t wait to see where his story goes from here

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    Despite being one of the great heroes in Warhammer 40000 Guy Haley’s novel Dante is the first time the Blood Angels chapter master has been the subject of a Black Library book Correcting that oversight in spectacular fashion Haley weaves two narratives together to tell both an origin story and a contemporary tale which picks up at the end of the Shield of Baal arc A stepping stone in the Blood Angels’ arc between Shield of Baal and whatever fate awaits them in Haley’s upcoming The Devastation of Baal Haley has managed to somehow combine elements of that earlier story a nuanced and powerful character study an incredibly vivid depiction of Baal and the Blood Angels and an effective lead in to what’s coming next all in a single coherent piece OutstandingRead the full review at

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    I hesitate to give it 5 stars on the basis that it is a lead in to the Devastation of Baal eventnovel and the present day timeline ended a bit abruptly because of it I was also a little disappointed that Dante's ascension to de facto Chapter Master wasn't shown Aside from that this book was spot on and expanded the Blood Angels greatly For the first time I actually care about Dante

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    For a while I’ve found space marines to be the least interesting faction in Warhammer 40k They are uite often reduced to big men with guns and swords that bash up the rest of the galaxy There’s a lot of ‘my brother’ and their chapter specific lore is uite dense for a newcomer This meant that while I’ve enjoyed space marine heavy books like Dark Imperium and The Horus Heresy series they have rarely been for the space marine y bits Dark Imperium for the Death Guard and Nurgle and The Horus Heresy for this ever expanding conflict that shows the fall of the Primarchs Both have interesting characters but never has a space marine story grabbed me and made me pay attention And then there was Dante which completely changed my opinion of space marines especially the Blood AngelsDante is the story of the man who would go on to become the Chapter Master of the Blood Angels and one of the oldest most revered Astartes of all time We follow his journey from boyhood and flash forward to the present as he rallies his chapter and other sons of Sanguinius to fight off the Tyranid horde invading their home planets Swapping between the two timelines works excellently as it shows the distance and years Dante has travelled This makes the struggles he goes through in his youth all the important as you see each adding towards the man he will becomeSo far so glowing but before I go on I want to get my criticism out of the way Firstly we start this book with the Blood Angels working with the Necrons which is very confusing There is a short story Word of the Silent King that explains why this truce happened but none of that is explained in this book This means that the start of the story is a bit off putting as you aren’t given context for the events that are happening However it isn’t a major part of the book and doesn’t last very long so make sure to push past this sectionFor the full review please visit Bits Pieces

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    Half a story of how Dante began his journey through the trials of the Blood Angels half a story that eventually connects to another story called The Devastation of BaalHaving never before read a book from Guy Haley I kinda saw the whole purchase as a shot in the dark But good god in the warp this book was something else Totally recommend it to both someone new to the universe of 40K and to us veterans

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    Bookworm SpeaksDanteby Guy HaleyAcuired Black LibrarySeries Blood AngelsHar 304 PagesPublisher Games Workshop March 21 2017Language EnglishSubject FictionThe Story The untold origin story of Chapter Master Dante of the Blood Angels one of the Imperium's greatest heroesDante is Chapter Master of one of the noblest but most troubled Chapters of Space Marines in the Imperium the Blood Angels From the time of his birth in the rad scarred wastes of Baal Secundus he was destined for glory and strife From his apotheosis to Scout to the hive cities of Armageddon and the alien menace of the Cryptas system Dante has waged war against all the enemies of the Imperium He has witnessed the divine and struggled against the darkness within all sons of Sanguinius Longer lived than any other Chapter Master this is his chronicle his great and storied legend The Review For starters the Lore Geek has to put something to rest This book pretty much settles a small debate that has been drifting through the Warhammer 40k fandom for sometime That being Lord Commander Dante first name if he even has one It was thought to be ‘Cervan’ but that name appears nowhere in this book It appears his name was actually Luis So that’s done The structure of this book is actually a fairly common archetype in Warhammer 40K Fiction It depicts the story of one particular Space Marine and his journey from normal human child to a hero of the Adeptus Astartes This is familiar ground to any disciple of the Black Library Thankfully the story of Luis is actually one of the best parts of the book The world building in this book is top notch and readers of post apocalyptic fiction would be wise to add this book to their collections The reason for this is that Baal and its moons really are post apocalyptic settings with the worlds previous civilizations been destroyed in a nuclear war many millennia ago In previous stories Baal was usually on described as a desert and not much else Over the course of Luis’ journey we are treated to a living breathing and outright dangerous world We feel every step of the journey and the author does this by describing his pain his doubts and his struggles against the hostile landscape of his homeworld When Luis becomes Dante the reader feels as relieved as he does To be a Blood Angel is to be a contradiction They care deeply for the defense of Imperial Citizens but want to drink their blood and feast on their flesh They value beauty in both body and surroundings but they are constantly on verge of going to into a bezerker rage that will turn them into monsters Lord Commander Dante is the epitome of this and he knows this He knows that the Blood Angels and countless souls up and down the Imperium of ManHe feels the weight of his long years upon him and the author paints wonderful word pictures conveying this to us One passage in particular tells the reader that he desires to become a museum piece He wants be obsolete have no reason to fight He will never give up never surrender He will fight for the Imperium Still he wonders if it will mean anything in the end Dante is on the verge of losing his hope he feels that the end is near For every one planet he manages to save two burn Dante is supposed to be the great and glorious leader of the Blood Angels and High Hero of the Imperium and he constantly feel the Red Thirst and the Black Rage grinning at him from the corner of his mind just waiting for the chance to utterly consume him like all Blood Angels in the end The struggles that trouble Dante are unlike anything anyone ever experienced and yet they are what makes the character so human His despair is something that we have all gone through in one way or another where the obstacles and seemingly endless grind makes us wonder if the journey is even worth it In spite of all his inner doubts and struggles Dante still retains his humanity are there are several instances that perfectly exemplify this fact No spoilers but there is a scene near the ending with Dante and his human servant whom we have seen multiple interactions with It is a rather small moment yet it rekindles hope within Dante Up until that point there has been a overarching theme that Dante has been visited multiple times by the Sanuinor an ancient spirit said to contain the spirit of the Blood Angels Primarch Sanuinius This plot threat is very interesting make no mistake but it is not an ancient spirit who makes Dante hope again it is an old man who brings him tea That is what make’s Warhammer 40k such an enchanting setting It is a galaxy filled with war machines the size of skyscrapers wars that engulf worlds and malevolent beings with the power of gods and yet even the most lowly person has role to play One man can still make a difference Such was the story of the man who served Dante Such is the story of DanteFinal Verdict When Bookworm finished this book he thought his brain was going to melt There is just so much here This is an ultimately melancholy book Dante’s path has been one of sacrifice and pain with little time for friends and yet Dante stands triumphant above all He is a hero of the Imperium and nothing will stand in his way A Rare Ranking ofFive Blood Angels Crests out of FiveGet Yourself A Copytheculturewormblogspotcom

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Dante Der ewige Engel Warhammer 40k

Summary Dante Der ewige Engel Warhammer 40k

Commander Dante ist der Herr der Blood Angels eines Ordens auf dessen Erhabenheit der finstere Schatten der Vergangenheit liegt Seit seiner Geburt in der radioaktiv verseuchten Wüste von Baal Secundus war ihm ein Leben voller r. auribus teneo lupum Holding the wolf by the ears or how to do justice to poor sods of B Campus Cravings or how to do justice to poor sods A Friend in Need of B

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Inde des Imperiums gekämpft Er ist ebenso Zeuge des Göttlichen geworden wie auch der Finsternis die allen Söhnen des Sanguinius innewohnt Er ist älter als jeder andere Ordensmeister der Space Marines und dies ist seine Chron. For a while I’ve found space marines to be the least interesting faction in Warhammer

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Uhmreicher Kämpfe vorherbestimmt Von seiner Aufnahme in die Scoutkompanie des Ordens über die Makropolstädte von Armageddon bis hin zu den Raumschlachten im Cryptos System hat Dante im Laufe seines langen Lebens gegen alle Fe. Well folks I finished up Dante a little while back and completely forgot to do a review