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Areers in vaudeville records radio movies television and club appearances The book contains a complete discography of their released unreleased and solo recordings including recording dates record numbers and accompaniment Also included are a filmography and documentation of their radio and television appearance

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The Andrews Sisters the legendary singing trio from the 1930s 1940s and 1950s are the most successful female singing group in history and were the world’s top selling group until the Beatles arrived Of the 605 songs they recorded 113 made The Billboard’s weekly top 30 They also made 18 movies appeared regula

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Rly on radio and television and entertained three generations of GIsBased on extensive library research unpublished letters and interviews with family friends and colleagues H Arlo Nimmo’s book documents not only the lives of Patty Maxene and LaVerne Andrews but also the popular culture spanned by their long c The Accidental Giant popular culture spanned by their long c